“He is not using a hack, he is using a Java Proxy.”
“He uses hacks on his console using packet editing software.”
“I hear you can change the conversation between your client and the server with packet crafting.”

packet edit proxPacket Editing and How it Allows for Cheating in Games
The word “packet” in this particular context refers to the packets of data that are being sent between the server of a game and the client (or any other application for that matter). In order for any game to work, the game server has to receive data from the client, informing the server of the users action and in return the client (game on your PC/Console) needs to receive data in order to display the actual outcome to the gamer (user). Now it is obvious that being able to edit the data that is being sent between the two is pretty nice if you are looking to cheat in an online game. And that is what gamers learned to do soon after online games became popular. No in order to edit incoming and outgoing data packets, one needs software that is placed between the client and the server (a proxy of sorts) that is able to record, send and edit packets that are going out and in. There are a lot of programs (non-cheating related) for network administrator that have functions like this.

What can Packet Editing Do?
Packet editing is most potent on platforms where you are unable to hack the game client (consoles, mobile ect) and also it does allow you to do certain things that would be very hard to implement using a hack. On the other hand some things are a lot harder to implement editing packets. So it has its up and downsides. Packet editing usually also increases your ping, since you have to proxy all data through your software. Generally packet editing has the potential to do most things that other hacks can, but has some interesting features outside of that as well: Sending certain packets over and over allows you to automate certain functions, such as spamming a chat, without having to actually have the game client running. Also it is still impossible to achieve god modes or unlimited money this way, since there is only a certain toolkit available and there is usually no “enable unlimited health” packet that you can send. The best thing about packet editing however is that you are able to cheat in an online game without editing the game client. – So if your client-side anti-cheat scans the client, it will not find anything suspicious, since the cheat ins between and server and the client and therefore completely undetectable.

So you can use hacks on consoles using packet editing?
Yes and no. While it is technically possible to get some pretty sick hacks working on your console (xbox, playstation, wii ect), It is not really feasible. You would need to use a PC to proxy your traffic anyways: So if you need a PC to hack your console, then why are you not just playing on the PC and using hacks there? Also it would probably take months of recording and researching the data structure to get any kind of cheat working even if there is no encryption. I’m not an expert, but I deem it highly unlikely that it has been done. The best application of this technique in my mind is to achieve very simple hacks withouthaving to mess with the client, making the hack almost undetectable or automating simple commands.

Packet editing is serious business. If you spam certain packets that produce a lot of work on the server, then you are DDoSing and may get persecuted for causing financial harm. It is literally possible to take whole servers down by spamming a sinle packet a few hundred times. So please don’t play with this if you don’t exactly know what you are doing. One single packet will almost never cause damage, so please stick with low numbers of requests when playing around or experiment with your own server.

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