“When he realized that he was going to lose, he just committed Sudoku.”
“LOL what a sharefur dispray, go Harakiri!”
“Stop feeding please. This game is about getting kills, not Sudoku.”

committing sudoku seppuku harakiri gamesSudoku and what it means
“Sudoku” is the playful version of the ancient Japanese Samurai tradition of “Seppuku” or “Harakiri” which is the act of killing oneself honorably with one’s own sword (katana) usually by stabbing oneself in the stomach. – This was a very slow and painful death that was regarded as being more honorable than to live without honor. While the ancient tradition was abandoned in hundreds of years ago, it still lives on in today’s gaming communities.

Sudoku in gaming terms has more than one meaning: To “Sudoku” is to commit in game suicide to save time or face. It can also mean to kill time stemming from the game called “Sudoku” which is regarded by most young people as a giant waste of one’s time. So for example it someone is fighting for lost cause (game, match ect) they are committing Sudoku. Or if someone would rather jump on one own grenade than give the enemy a kill that is regarded as Sudoku as well.

Temporicide is a synonym of Sudoku in gaming terms and it stands for “the killing of time” that can be in a positive sense as in leisure or in the negative sense as in wasting one’s time. One might argue that gaming is temporicide and gaming are one and the same, but that is an ongoing discussions between hardcore gamers That I don’t necessarily want to get into. One thing is for sure though: Leading clan leaders, raid leaders and EVE Online Company managers are discussing it right now in a very dark room that has not seen the light of day for years.

This article is for educational purposes only and we do not approve of any kind of Sudoku: Especially the numbers square game, because it is so boring that you might just waste seconds of your life trying to complete even 3 lines. Suicinding in games will annoy your teammates, so don’t do that either, especially in League of Legends… unless you are Teemo. Also don’t suicide in real life! – That is bad. Don’t do it! And especially not with a katana to the stomach; they will get you to the hospital and fixed up before you even start to die. – So don’t!

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