First Person Shooter (FPS) Aimbots / Autoaim Software
In Short:
Aimbots (or Aim Bots) are programs that either aim for you or aim and shoot for you in a Shooter, Online FPS or other game that uses aiming mechanics. They are considered a client-side hack, since most aimbots are code that is injected into the game client. Aim bots are exclusively used in multiplayer online games.





How Aimbots Work
Aimbots are based on a fundamental flaw in online shooters: Since your computer has to display the gameplay to you, it needs to render the whole map and every player in it. After all every FS has long-range weapons that need to work as well, so the whole map needs to be rendered at least partially. Now the rendered objects also include enemy players, allowing us to find them and aim at them. This is mostly done through character model components that can easily be located, such as heads, torsos ect. How long will aimbots continue to work? Well as long as the game is rendered client-side this will continue working. And the technology to process graphics server-side is still multiple decades in the future. In addition to that graphics are getting better too, prolonging the process even more. We do not expect that aimbots will stop working in the next 30 years. – However there are other ways to prevent their use to a certain extent.


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Are Aimbots Detectable / Bannable?
Yes the use of aimbots is detectable, if you are using software that is out of date and that will get your account banned in most cases. However, the anti-cheat software needs to know the exact code you are using and if you are using paid hacks and pay developers to keep your hack undetected, you will pretty much never run into problems, unless you are using the hack irresponsibly. Newer anti-cheat software will also analyze your player statistics, which is why we here at HackerBot recommend that you use aimbots carefully in order to not only minimize the risk or reports and not hurt the game, but also to not get detected by server-side anti-cheat. If your aimbot gives you options to se aiming speed and shooting delay, please use it to keep a low profile. Being good is ok, being at the top is ok, but dominating a whole server and annoying people is bad.


The Usual Features of an Aim Bot
A paid aimbot of decent quality will usually include the following features: Setting the bot to either just aim or aim and shoot, Limiting the aim speed, Limiting the distance from crosshair for the autoaim, Setting a delay between aiming and shooting, Aiming at closer/farther targets first, correcting for bullet drop, correcting for ping, correcting for movement. Some aimbots offer even more customization options, but this is probably what you can expect from software that is of decent quality. Shooting through walls for example is something that only very few aimbots offer, since it is very obvious cheating and therefore really hurts the longevity of a hack. Most aimbots auto aim at targets with line of sight and through most bushes, but not walls or other massive objects. Most good aimbots also allow you to configure where you want to shoot enemies. Obviously the head is what you do not always want to go for, since again: Its obvious cheating.


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How Not to Get Banned when Using Aimbots
This depends a lot on exactly what kind of cheating software you are using and what anti-cheat the game you are playing uses. Generally however, these are the most important things to look out for: Don’t shoot through walls to kill. Don’t try to dominate a server. Try to not be the best on a server by much. Keep your accuracy rating low. Limit your aiming speed and set a delay before shooting. Don not go for headshots only. If there is a killcam, let no one see that you are aimbotting. Using this kind of cheat correctly is really challenging and will get harder as anti-cheats get more sophisticated, but that is something you will have to deal with, if you want to cheat is online shooters. There is simply no way around it. – Especially, as longs as some of you aimbot users keep abusing the cheat to dominate games.


Why there are not all that many Free Aimbots
This is answered quite easily: Aimbots need to be updated every time the game gets an update or the code is blacklisted by anti-cheat. If a hack is public, usually there will be a lot of people using it and using it without care, since its free and they have no reason to respect any investment they made. – This leads to the hack being detected and banned quickly. If you also consider that the developer is providing the product for free and does not get paid to keep it up to date, then you will understand why finding working free aimbots for any shooter is really hard. Generally, we recommend that you subscribe to a paid hack, since that way you do not risk your account and are able to use the cheat reliably. However, if you really don not want to pay, then you will have to take the risk. But don’t come to our forum to cry about your account getting banned. Free hacks are used by lots of people and will usually be banned quite soon.


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