Anti-Cheating Software for Online Shooters
In Short: Anti-Cheat Software are programs that are either run on the game server (server-side anti-cheat) or on your PC (client-side anti-cheat) and that are supposed to detect any kind of cheating. None of both methods are 100% effective and can be circumvented by either using private (paid) cheats or being very careful.

How Client-Side Anti-Cheating Software Works
One of the most known client-anti-cheats is Punk buster. Client-Cheat Detection Software always has to be installed on the users PC and will constantly scan your game process, as you play the shooter. What these kinds of programs basically do is to search for a certain blacklisted code in a game process on your computer. Since most hacks do need to inject code into the game client process, this method is highly effective if the anti-cheat developers can get their hands on the hack itself. – Which is why free hacks posted on big cheating sites often get banned within days. Now the problem about this kind of cheating detection is that any private or paid hack is almost immune to it, since paid hack developers are more than able to just change the code around at any time and create hundreds of different variations in order to keep the hack undetected. Keeping up with these changes is often too much work go get rid of a too small number of cheaters, which is why most anti-cheat developers do not even try to ban paid hacks.

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How Server-Side Anti-Cheating Software Works
Server-Side Anti-Cheats are a very new development in the online gaming industry. The most well-known piece of software up to date is called FairFight was first used around the beginning of 2014. Now as the name says, this kind of cheat detection is run on the game server (if there is one) and not on the end users PC. Now what a Server-Side Anti-Cheat will do is that it will analyze player statistics. – What statistics? Well to be honest we simply do not know. Since the software is run on the server, it is very hard to tell. It will probably depend on the game. However, it is very likely that statistics will be used that are measurable in every shooter: Kill/Death Ratios, Accuracy (!), Kills or Points/Minute ect. Then these statistics will most likely be compared to everyone else on a global or server scale and the program then probably either flags you or does not. Then what most likely will happen is that either a human will review your account or that you will be banned after a certain amount of flags over a certain amount of time (or similar). Again, this is all speculation and solely based on our experience and experience reported by people on the internet. Some games will even configure their anti-cheat to ban people after just one suspicious activity, others are more lenient.

How to Not get Detected by Anti-Cheat
Generally, just play with respect for other players and the game you are playing. – Don’t try to dominate a whole server, but try to have fun helping others with your superior “skills”. Don’t hack to PNW, hack to have fun, skip grind and help. Other than that you should not use any free software that might be outdated. If you use free hacks, always make 100% sure that it is still undetected at the time you are trying to use it. Also if your aimbot gives you the option to make it seem more human, then use that functionality. Always respect the anti-cheats. Technology gets more sophisticated and the detection methods will continue to evolve. But so will the hacks, I guess.

What Anti-Cheat is my Shooter using?
That is what you are going to find out yourself. Using Google usually helps. A lot of games are starting using a client-AC and then are adding server-AC later on if cheating seems to be a problem. Also not all games are transparent about what server-side ACs they are using, since they don’t necessarily want to tip off hackers.

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