Multiboxing in MMOs & MMORPGs
In Short:
Multiboxing is the use of software in order to run multiple characters at once, often in one group and duplicating the movements of one “main character” to multiple “slave characters”. This practice results in a group of characters that are highly effective at farming, leveling and even PvP, which are all controlled by one single player. This kind of “cheat” is not explicitly forbidden in most MMORPGs, but highly frowned upon by most game communities.


How Multi-Boxing and Dual-Boxing Works
There are multiple ways to make multiboxing work: There is a way that is purely the duplication of control input aided by certain mod, and there is the method aided by bots. The most popular way of multiboxing is by using software to duplicate all control input: We use a main character that we control ourselves and duplicate all the movement and attack commands we give it and send them to our slave characters, resulting in all characters performing exactly the same actions at the same time. – This can either be done by running multiple instances of the game client on one single PC, or spreading the setup over more computers. If the characters fall out of sync, mods and special commands can usually be used to resync the characters, usually by teleporting all slave characters to the main characters. If the multi boxing process is aided by bots, then the slave characters are usually programmed to follow the main characters, heal and butt each other and debuff / attack the target that the main character attacks. The software used to achieve this “cheat” varies from game to game and on the preferences of the user. For most games it is entirely possible to come up with one’s own setup using multiboxig software from all over the internet. However, in order to get a more effective setup, you might want to get a customized one from a professional. Obviously multiboxing can pretty much be scaled infinitely. The only limit is really what the game server and your PC(s)can handle. I have seen people multiboxing 80, 100 and even more accounts. However, the more accounts you multibox simultaneously, the greater the risk.


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What Potential Lies in Multiboxing?
The potential of multiboxing is pretty great for most online games (MMORPGs), since leveling up and grinding for loot is a lot more effective in a group. Mobs die a lot faster, everyone gets the XP and everyone gets some loot in most games. Also multiboxing allows you to solo pretty much any dungeon, mob or boss that you want, if done right. Usually people will use their multiboxing alts to stack a lot of heals, making most content very easy to handle. The composition of your alts is really what matters and how you stack your buffs, heals and debuffs. If you optimize this for a while, you will notice that multiboxing is probably the closest you will ever get to a God Mode in any MMORPG. A huge group of healers, mixed with some DPS and Tanks with buffs can pretty much face tank anything that does not one shot them instantly. So yes, the potential is pretty great. However, getting this may accounts leveled is a lot of work and might prove to be a waste of time, if you are not being careful. Even though most games do not specifically prohibit multiboxing or the use of alts, many game admins and moderators will still ban you or your minions in a heartbeat and they have the right to do so. While technically it might not e cheating in many MMO games, it still gives you a huge and unfair advantage over other players, especially if it is aided by botting scripts.


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Is Multiboxing against the ToS/Game Rules? Will I get Banned?
It depends on the game. The general rule is: Free to Play – Don’t do it. Monthly Subscription – The devs don’t mind. The obvious reason behind this is that if you are paying a developer a subscription for 10$ for every alt and month, they will be easily persuaded to turn a blind eye. It’s almost pay to cheat is a way, though I have to say that I would be doing it no differently. If someone wants to pay the subscription 20 times, then I would gladly take that money and allow him to farm effectively. So many subscription based MMORPGs are ruining a “as long as the account is controlled by a human, it’s OK” kind of policy. Free to play games however, that largely depend on the slow leveling progress and the solutions they sell for that inconvenience, will ban you in the blink of an eye for mutliboxing. But then there is really no way of generalizing this. It’s just the general tendency that I have been observing in the last years when it comes to the games I played. So my advice: Do your research on the policy your game runs when it comes to multi-boxing and then make your decisions based on that. – There are whole multiboxing communities out there, that will be able to answer all of your questions.


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How to Avoid Getting Reported when Multiboxing
Well it’s not that complicated: Keep a low profile. Keep your number of alts low and if you want to move out with 6+ characters, then do not under any circumstances venture around the open world where other players see you. Do not put the same gear on all your alts. Try to stick win instanced quests / dungeons or raids where no other players can see you. Also vary up the names or your alts. Especially if you are trying to multibox in games that are not free to play, you will want to protect your investment. However, in free to play games the chance to get banned for this “offense” is a lot higher, since the developers are not making any money off of your alts. Generally, the only save multiboxing is “Dual-Boxing” (the use of only 1 alt), since most people will not notice it right away. However, if there are 2,3 or 10 people copying your movements, then that is quite obvious and people will tend to report you quickly. Also if at all possible, try to get a tunneling service in order to not have the same IP address on all your alts. Bot aided alts can be a lot less suspicious too, since they do not copy your exact movements. As always with cheating in online games: The greater the scale and the more aggressive you cheat, the more likely it is that you will get banned.

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