Short: A private server either emulates or copes the original servers of a game in order to change rules, get cheats, install mods, change the way the game works ect. Private servers are incredibly hard to get working and usually require a modded game client.


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How does one create a Private Game Server?

  1. If the game developers of the online game are nice enough, they will provide you with the original server-side software, which you can then install on a PC and start connecting clients to. This is the easy way and was the case in early Minecraft for example, where anyone could simply install a program and use their box as a server.
  2. However, most online game developers won’t give out their server-software ever. So what has to be done is that the person looking to create a private game server has to reverse-engineer the server scripts and create his own server or rather server simulator.
    Now while this is certainly possible, it is incredibly time consuming and most private servers that have been reverse-engineered never reach nearly the complexity of the original game.


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Are Private Game Servers even Legal?
To play on yes. To own and set up, advertise and make money with: Usually in most places on earth the answer is NO. Especially once the creator of a private server is directly making money from it, the legal situation turn s sour, because he is basically directly competing with the developers of the online game at that point, using their game client to do so and making money doing it.

That would be kind of like someone stealing your software, rebranding it and selling it at half the price. Especially if the server-side source code was actually stolen, which does happen, one has to expect the original developer to take action.

But as a player simply using a private server, there is nothing questionable at all.


Where can I find Private Servers?
You can find a lot of private servers for the most popular and most simple online games out there using our FreeFinder. The reason why it is only done for the most popular games and the most simple ones is that creating a server emulator for a simple game is much easier and that it is only done if there is sufficient demand, which is currently only really the case for the most popular mobile online games out there and some other games here and there.

The game hacking community obviously jumped right on the private servers train, because it allows for modding and cheating on the game server side. The problem about cheats that you get on a private server in general is that everyone has them, unless it’s your own server and you chose to only give yourself cheats.


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Can rented Game Servers be hacked to get cheats?
A lot of games, such as Battlefield, some Call of Duty games, Minecraft and a lot of shooters allow players and clans to rent their own servers. Now you might think that you can then mod and hack the crap out of these servers, but you would be mistaken.

Rental game servers for online multiplayer games are very limited in terms of what you can do. You do not have root access to the actual box/VPS and therefore can only do what the command console or admin interface allows you to do, which is usually setting game modes, rules, turning on raked or not ect. But the game developers are making sure to only give their server-side software to server rental places that they can trust and know how to keep their code under wraps and the integrity of their ranked mode intact.

So sadly it is usually impossible to get cheats and mods working on rental private servers. You will have to make your own.


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Are Private Servers the only way to get Unlimited Money / Gems / Gold in online games?
Yes and no: Yes in that they are the only way, aside for extremely rare exploits, to get unlimited money, items, xp, gems ect RIGHT NOW. However, farming bots can farm a LOT of gold, gems, items ect over a long period of time without you having to play the game actively.

So yes, private servers are a very powerful way to actually get all the goodies you may want in an online game, but it won’t be as special to have that stuff on a private server where everyone has it, but it is a better way to go than to fall for human verification survey scans that won’t do anything at all.

But in the end, I do still recommend creating your own bot over creating your own private game server for online games.

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