“I DCed again, he must be a drop hacker!”
“We all got disconnected. I call Drop Hacks!”
“That guy is definitively using Disconnect Hacks.”

drop hacks disconnect dcDrop or Disconnect Hacks in Online Games
The term “drop hack” is a popular way of referring to a kind of cheat that will make other players in the same instance (match, server ect) disconnect from the game due to a bug. – This then gives the hacker some kind of advantage, since the other players are unable to proceed. Drop hacks are based on some kind of glich, exploit or other kind of bug in the game software of an MMO game. Most drop hacks will generate a huge amount of requests (packet sending) to the server, resulting in a fatal error on the client and disconnecting everyone but the hack user that will have hacked his client to patch that bug. The end result is that everyone in the vicinity or even the same instance or server (depending on the game) is disconnected from the game and needs to restart their client or re-enter the game.

Drop or D/C Hacks are especially harmful to the game experience in very competitive games, such as certain MOBAs and First-Person Shooters. Disconnect Cheats will often stay undetected for a very long time, since players usually blame the disconnect on the game server, which is only partially true. On top of that most drop hacks are being kept private and only available to a very limited group of players, which allows them to not draw any attention and therefore the bug that the hack is based on is very unlikely to ever get patched. The only ways this kind of exploit usually gets patched is if it wither gets public and a lot of people start using it, or a very tech-savvy player finds the bug and reports it to the game developers.

Beware of Fakes
Drop hacks are among the most valuable hacks for any highly competitive game that is not a shooter (card games, mobas ect) and there are literally no free ones available. And even if a free drop hacks should ever get released, it would get patched immediately. So 99.9% of the drop hacks advertised online are either fakes or scams.

Drop Hacks Hurt Games
Drop hacks are some of the few kinds of exploits that can truly hurt the games they are used in, since they ruin the competitive spirit of a game that is otherwise unhackable. So please don’t use this kind of cheat in a game that would usually only be bottable and does not offer any cheating methods beside the use of automation software. The web needs truly competitive games.

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