“How was he able to see me? He is using Fullbright!”
“The Day Hack will allow you to have clear vision at nighttime.”
“Sniper + Fullbright is totally OP!”

fullbright hack day hack lightFullbright Hacks / Daytime Hacks / Lighting Hacks etc
Fullbright hacks are known by many names, but what they do is generally exactly the same: Fullbright hacks will manipulate the ingame lighting so that you always have optimal brightness conditions no matter if you are in a cave, are playing at night etc. Fullbright hacks are especially effective in open world shooters, since they make it incredibly easy to spot other players whle staying undetected and hidden in the shadows yourself. Some fullbright hacks will actually inject code into the game client, others just edit some ini configuration files or similar options. Fullbright hacks generally work for every kind of multiplayer and single player game that actually loads the environment around you. However, this does not apply to certain fog of war games, such as most MOBAs, since these do not load the area covered in the fog of war. Fullbright hacks will not work here. Sometimes lighting hacks are also used to counter certain client-side debuffs, such as blindness effects or similar that obstruct your view.

Usually fullbright hacks are most used in games that feature hackable clients. – That means games that are pretty simplistic, such as Minecraft, Terraria and other smaller games that do not feature all that high-end graphics. When trying to sue lighting hacks on high-fidelity games, there usually are a lot of problems that may arise, such as crashed or even corruption of the whole client.

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