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Is it possible to cheat in Lords Mobile?
Yes, there is a huge variety of cheats that can be used: Hacked game files (APKs / IPAs) to auto collect rewards, auto help guild mates for rewards, Calculators and tools to calculate attack results, bots to automate research and production uptime of your barracks, auto farm hero stages, spend all your hearts (stamina), auto upgrade hero gear and so on. Unlimited Gems for Lords Mobile or infinite resources however is not a cheat that is currently possible, outside of very rare exploits. Cheating is possible on both iOS, Android and Emulators on PC.

Lords Mobile Hacks and Hacked Game files (APK / IPA)
Hacks come in different ways: The most popular kind of hack for Lords Mobile is to use modded game files, such as APKs for Android or IPAs for iOS to enable cheats without having to use any advanced tools that would require a rooted device. Modded game files allow for auto collecting rewards, chests, automatically helping all guild members for guild coins, auto research, building and speedhacks.

Where Lords Mobile hacks are limited is your account data. Trainers for unlimited gems, gold, wood and other resources or items / troops are impossible to make, as this is an online multiplayer city builder game, which means that your account data including your VIP level, gems, heroes, hearts and so on are stored on the game servers belonging to IGG.com and cannot possibly be changed using any tools. The only ones who could potentially give you gems would be the actual game administrators.

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Lords Mobile Bots
Bots are arguably the best and most powerful method of getting more resources, research, troops and gems in the game. A bot is in essence a program or app that is run either on your mobile phone or on your PC and will either automatically play the game by sending data directly to the game servers or by actually opening the game on your phone/tablet or emulator and play it manually. So a bot will be able to perform simple and more complicated tasks, such as auto researching, auto attacking, auto scouting, auto helping in the guild, auto hero stage completion, fight battles with your heroes and use their special abilities, produce troops, attack players, support guild rallies and a lot more. In essence a good Lords Mobile bot will be able to farm resources, gems, materials for crafting, experience and even VIP points over time without you even having to play the game yourself at all.

Bots can be run through your actual phone (iOS or Android), or an emulator or can be made yourself by setting up a macro recorder and editor in order to bot the game manually through any kind of emulator able to run Lords Mobile.

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How to set up your own Lords Mobile bot on an Emulator:

  1. Get yourself an emulator (Android / iOS) for your PC or Mac.
  2. Start the emulator, log into your apple/google account and download Lords Mobile.
  3. Start the game and start from the main screen.
  4. Get yourself a macro recorder with added macro editing functionality.
  5. Start recording your keyboard and mouse inputs and perform an action such as farming hero stages.
  6. Loop back to the main screen from where you started and stop the recording.
  7. Now save the script and replay it as a loop.
  8. Congratulations, you now have a simple Lords Mobile bot.
  9. Use the macro editor to get your bot unstuck and optimize your script.


Is cheating in Lords Mobile legal?
Cheating in any game, including online mobile games is completely and 100% legal everywhere. However, do not expect people to be proud of you for it. Literally, the worst thing that can happen to you cheating in online games is that your account can get banned by the developers (IGG) from playing the game. To avoid this, make sure that the cheating apps you download are 100% up to date and undetected at all times.

Are Lords Mobile Gem / VIP level 15 Generators legit / for real?
No, sadly they are not. Adding or generating gems for LO online is just as possible as generating yourself a real life waifu (it’s not possible). So whenever someone offers you a kind of cheat that cannot be achieved due to sever side processing of the gems and resources / heroes ect, it pays not to trust these people, as they are trying to trick you into filling in survey offers (human verification) or downloading malware. Either way you will waste money and time and end up downloading fakes or nothing at all, or even worse something that harms your devices.