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Is cheating in games legal / against the law?

Game Cheating / Hacking / Modding in online and offline games on any system or console is 100% legal everywhere on this planet. Terms of Service are not law, nor actually enforceable contracts, since virtually no one actually reads them. You are allowed to modify software and hack it, as long as you are not making money selling someone else’s product or directly causing them financial harm by unfairly competing in their market with them, which is not something that will happen to you, if you are just casually cheating to win games.

Law does vary depending on local jurisdiction, but so far no court has ever ruled cheating in a video game to be illegal anywhere on this planet. And as long as common sense is a thing, that is not going to happen in the future either.

what cheats are possible?

In single player (offline) games: Everything, God Modes, Money Hacks, Savegame editing ect.
In online (multiplayer) games: Aimbots, Wallhacks, Teleporting, Macros, Farming Bots, Packet Editing, Modded ControllersNot possible in online games: Money Hacks, God Modes, Character / Inventory Editing ect.

Important account values cannot be hacked in 99.9% of online games. Only values that are processed on your machine/phone/computer/console can be modified. These are the limitations of cheating in online multiplayer games.


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cube2 important Other Important Information about Game Hacking, Bots and Cheats


important online Beware of Fake Hacks, Generators and Tools for Online Games

Online it is pretty easy to claim to be and have anything. Guys can pretend to be girls, scammers can pretend to have hacks that do impossible things. You know how it goes. – So it pays to be aware of what kind of hacks are possible, especially in Online Games:
- It is impossible to get unlimited free money / currency in online games
- It is impossible to get free ingame purchases in online games
- 100% of all “free gem generators” are survey scams, viruses, adware and similar shady deals.
- “Online hacks” in the form of websites for online and offline games do not exist.

Online games store all your account information in the game servers. These servers cannot be hacked. And if they were hacked, it would be fixed within hours… and certainly if someone managed to hack them, the last thing they would do is create some kind of generator to let people sue it for free.

Use your brain: If it sounds stupid, is impossible, sounds too good to be true, if it asks you for “human verification surveys”, if it is on the internet where anyone can claim anything, then it is a SCAM.



important online Banned Game Accounts in Online Games

Any online game account can be banned at any time and for any reason. Developers and Publishers of online games have the right to ban you from their services without having to provide any reason. However, usually they only do so with good reason, since they are not in the business of rejecting free money, but the business of selling games.


Top Reasons why game accounts can get banned:

  1. Hacking / Botting (you got detected or reported!)
  2. Account Trading
  3. Exploiting (using bugs to cheat)
  4. Hacked Accounts (your account got hacked and used for spam ect)
  5. Banned without Reason (you got falsely reported, or banned by mistake)


Is it possible to get my account back / unbanned?
It all depends on the game, the rules you may have broken, the situation ect. But generally you are A) innocent or B) Guilty of something. If A) you simply contact support, but much more likely you will have to go with B) and come up with a good story. The easiest defense is to change your IP using a VPN and claim that your account was accessed / used by an imposter. Read our full guide on how to get back your permabanned game accounts.

video link How to get back banned accounts (full guide)


cube2 The Best Systems / Platforms for Game Hacking / Botting are:

  1. Windows
  2. Android
  3. macOS
  4. iOS
  5. Consoles




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