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A Pixel Gun Hack is any modification, app, software, tool or method allowing players to gain unfair advantages, cheat and get more free Gems, Coins and skins more quickly on Android and iOS. – While there is a huge variety of hacks available, such as Aimbots and ESP Wallhacks, hacks and generators for unlimited free coins and gems do not exist and are always fake.

pixel gun 3d hack

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Pixel Gun 3D Aimbots

Auto aiming apps or “aimbots” are tools that automatically aim your guns and weapons at players or NPCs and are also able to automatically shoot for you, making kills easy, eliminating the need for manual aiming ect. An Aimbot app for Pixel Gun 3D on Android or iOS will either work by you holding down a button to trigger the auto aim, or it will act like an extreme aim assist and automatically snap your crosshair to the next enemy. Advanced PG Aimbots will be able to aim through walls as well which can be useful on wall breaking weapons such as the prototype, anti-hero, laser minigun, charge rifle ect. Overall aimbotting is a very effective way of cheating and farming levels, trophies Coins and Gems. However, use Pixel Gun Aimbot software with respect for other players, or you will inevitably get reported and make sure that the app you are using is undetected before downloading anything.

pixel gun aimbot

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Pixel Gun Wallhacks

Wallhacks work just like auto aiming software by scanning the game for the coordiantes of other players and other objects, but instead of auto aiming this kind of hack will show you the positions of players, grenades, item pickups, crates, NPCs, zombies ect. While not quite as powerful as artificial aiming programs, this kind of cheat does keep the game more interesting as you still have to have some skill to aim and get kills. Still being able to see everything on the map and easily find players or hide is incredibly powerful as well. Also wall hacks or ESP cheats are a lot more safe to use, since they are very hard for other players to notice in any way. Wallhacks are usually either injected into the game and require a rooted phone or are modded into a game file which means that It can be done without rooting your phone and installing a custom app as well.

pixel gun wallhack

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Pixel Gun Hacked / Modded Servers and Lobbies

Thanks to p2p matchmaking it is actually possible to create modded or hacked servers in Pixel Gun 3D on Android and iOS. This is done by using a rooted mobile phone as a host, then editing all kinds of values within the host memory or using a straight out hacked game Client (APK / IPA) to host the game. However, be careful when installing any kind of app that you do not trust 100% on your rooted device, as it can infect it and take it over. We recommend always using an Emulator for first time use of any kind of cheating app.

Hacked servers can host up to 251 players, get you a working God Mode, almost unlimited kills (can be edited), easy coin (money) farming, invisibility, gun spawning and changing, changing of armor and skins and a lot more. However, these cheats are only in effect as long as you are playing in the modded lobby. As soon as you leave, the game retrieves your actual account data from the game servers and you are back to normal, except for the money and XP you farmed on the Server.


pixel gun 3d mods

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Pixel Gun Hacked APK and IPA Files and Value Editors

Manually hacking your game using value editing and modded game clients can allow you to achieve some minor and major cheats in Pixel Gun 3D depending of if you are hosting a lobby or not. You can find in-depth tutorials on how to hack any game app running on your phone in our tutorials section and you can find legitimate sources of hacked APKs in our subscriber section.

When looking to Download a Pixel Gun Hack, be careful to make sure that what is offered to you is actually possible. Keep in mind that coins and gems cannot be hacked directly in any way and do not trust people that want to get you to fill in surveys, as 100% of them are scammers. Actual hacked game clients will help you to farm the best weapons, in the game quickly and rank up, farm gold coins quickly ect, but fake ones can actually hack your account. So be careful before downloading and PG3D cheats.

Pixel Gun 3D on PC Emulator

As you can imagine, playing Pixel Gun 3D on PC using a mouse and keyboard to aim and shoot, move and jump is a lot more accurate and in itself almost as powerful as any other cheat. The way to do this and get the advantage of PC controls is easy:

  1. Download an Emulator for (iOS / Android)
  2. Install your game, connect your appstore / google account
  3. Start the game
  4. Play PG3D using mouse and keyboard