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A Pixel Gun Hack is any modification or method allowing players to gain unfair advantages in the game on Android, iOS and PC. – While there is a huge variety of cheats available, such as aimbots and ESP wallhacks, unlimited coins and gems do not exist.

pixel gun 3d modified


Aimbots are powerful tools that automatically aim and shoot for you in Pixel Gun 3D on Android or iOS. They make kills easy by eliminating the need for manual aiming. These apps can snap your crosshair to enemies or even aim through walls, giving you an unfair advantage with weapons like the prototype, anti-hero, and laser minigun. While aimbotting is effective for cheating and leveling up quickly, use it responsibly to avoid getting reported. Make sure to download undetected software to stay under the radar.

pixel gun auto aim


Wallhacks function similarly to auto-aim software, scanning the game for player and object coordinates. Instead of aiming for you, this hack reveals the positions of players, grenades, items, crates, NPCs, and zombies. While not as powerful as aimbot programs, ESPs add an exciting element to gameplay by requiring skill in aiming and shooting. The ability to see everything on the map and easily locate enemies or hide is a significant advantage. Additionally, wall mods are safer to use since they are difficult for other players to detect. They can be injected into the game or modded into a game file without rooting your phone or installing custom apps.

pixel gun esp

Modded Servers and Lobbies

Unlock the full potential of Pixel Gun on Android and iOS with p2p matchmaking. By using a rooted mobile phone as a host, you can create modded servers with modded features like god mode, unlimited kills, easy coin farming, invisibility, and more. Be cautious when installing apps on your rooted device to avoid infection. Emulators are recommended for safe app use and testing. These cheats only work in the modded lobby; once you leave, your account data resets to normal. Experience the ultimate gaming experience with modified servers hosting up to 251 players.

pixel gun 3d menu features


Want to dominate in Pixel Gun 3D? Learn how to hack your game for major improved features with value editing and modded clients. Find tutorials on editing any game app and legit Mod APKs in our subscriber section. Be cautious of fake toolspromising coins and gems - only trust actual game clients to level up quickly without risking your account. Don't fall for scams, download PG3D downloads wisely. APK Mods and iOS mods are essentially versions of the original game app that have been unpacked, reverse-engineered, modified and then recompiled into an installable APK or iOS app by professional software engineers.

Emulator for PC Controls

As you can imagine, playing Pixel Gun on PC using a mouse and keyboard to aim and shoot, move and jump is a lot more accurate and in itself almost as powerful as any other cheat. The way to do this and get the advantage of PC controls is easy:

  1. Download an Emulator for (iOS / Android)
  2. Install your game, connect your appstore / google account
  3. Start the game
  4. Play PG3D using mouse and keyboard