AFK Journey
Tips and Tricks

An AFK Journey Cheat is any tool, app or method that allows players to gain advantages in the game on iOS, Android and PC alike. - While different kinds of hacks exist, unlimited diamonds, gold / money and summons do not exist.

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There are multiple ways for players of AFK Journes to gain an edge in the game: The most popular method is the use of modified game clients in the form of APK and IPS app packages that are relatively easy to install and use. Another popular method is to use tools and patchers to manually modify game app data and files. Bots can be used to automatically farm the game to unlock characters, upgrade gear and collect free rewards. Lastly, exploits and glitches are extremely rare but potentially the most powerful cheat available in the game if they are used before getting hotfixed.

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Mods and Menus

By far the most popular cheating method used in the game are APK mods and iOS modified game apps: These are versions of the original AFK Journey game app that have been decompiled, reverse-engineered by professional software developers, then modified and rebuilt into mobile apps that can easily be downloaded and installed instead of the original stock app on both iOS and Android.

Mod menus are versions of these tweaked game apps that come with an in-game menu that allows players to customize and toggle the included features to play the game exactly the way they like it.

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Automated farming can be extremely powerful in grindy gacha games like AFK Journey: These automated farming bots are able to automatically log into the game, play the campaign, farm gold, experience, materials, daily rewards, events, quests and even PvP arenas. Because cheats for unlimited diamonds and money are not possible, bots are by far the most powerful universally working method of maxing out one’s account over time. This method often gets overlooked, because an automated script is usually more challenging to set up than a simple mod, but is in many respects more effective at getting you the heroes and characters you want and the best gear in the game over time.

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Unlimited Diamonds and Gold / Money

As already mentioned, it is impossible to modify an accounts gold or diamond value using any tools or modifications. - This is due to AFK Journey being an online multiplayer game and any players save game and account data being stores online on the game servers. These servers cannot be modified by anyone but the game developers. Any software that promises you impossible features like infinite coins, gems or god mode is sadly not legitimate. The closest thing you can get to such a hack is to use automated farming bots to collect free resources over time or to spend money, which is the method that is always available and supports the game in the process.

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In rare cases new updates may create bugs in the AFK Journey game app or the game servers that can be used to ‘break the game’. Using such bugs to gain advantages is called exploiting or using glitches. - While such exploits can be extremely powerful, making otherwise impossible options possible for a time, they are generally quite short-lived, as they almost always get patched as soon as the developers become aware of the bugs. However, considering how powerful glitches can be it pays to keep an eye on the bug report forums and any channels that may cover such bugs to use them before they are inevitably fixed.