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Squad Busters Cheats

A Squad Busters Cheat is any tool, app or method that allows players to gain advantages in the game on Android and iOS mobile alike. Where there is a variety of hacks out there, unlimited coins, money, premium season pass, chest tickets and hammers do not exist.

Possible Squad Busters Options

According to my personal experience and research, these are the features that are possible in the game:

Feature Possible Avaliable
Unlimited MoneyImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited Gold CoinsImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited TicketsImpossible*Unavailable
APK ModsPossibleAvailable
iOS ModsPossibleRare
Mod MenusPossibleRare
BotsPossibleDo It Yourself
Auto AimPossibleRare

Squad Busters is an online game, which means that important data is processed server-side, making some options impossible. *Impossible means not possible outside of very rare game bugs.


There are multiple ways to cheat in online multiplayer MOBA games like Squad Busters: The primary method used by players to to modify game code by either using mods or data editing tools. Another method is to use bots to automatically farm the game, open free chests and max out characters. Scripts and tools can be used to play more quickly and automate decisions, such as your starting characters, attacking, dodging, farming and so on. Finally, exploits and glitches can lead to extremely powerful effects, such as potentially unlimited money.

 squad busters edited gems

Mods and Menus

By far the preferred method of gaining an edge in mobile games is the use of modified game clients in the form of APK mods on Android and iOS modified apps on iOS. - These are versions of the original game app that have been decompiled, reverse-engineered, modified and then repackaged into an easily installable game app by professional software engineers and developers.

Mod menus are premium files that usually come with an in-game menu that lets users customize the advanced features and options included in a modded game client, making them the most desirable download for Squad Busters out there.

squad busters free shop


As getting unlimited resources directly is impossible due to server-side processing of save states in the game, bots are the go to method for farming a lot of coins, tickets and characters quickly: An automated farming bot can automatically log into a game account, play the game, make decisions, open free chests, complete the season pass, farm portal energy and free goodies 24 hour a day forever. - Using this kind of automated farming software is arguably the best cheat to use to acquire resources and coins quickly in Squad Busters.


Scripts and macros can be used to automate game actions and for letting the AI make decisions, such as opening chests and merging characters for the most efficient build depending on the map and game modifiers. Scripts can be configured to choose certain builds, seek or avoid PvP combat or to simply farm the map efficiently and collection as much coins and gems as possible. Generally scripts are run on a PC using emulators to play the game and automate actions.

squad busters gold coins

Unlimited Gold Coins, Gems and Chest Tickets

As I already briefly pointed out it is impossible to get unlimited money in Squad Busters using any tools. - This is due to server-side processing of the game state and your account save files. This means that any data tracking your account process, health, money, coins, unlocked characters and similar data is stored on the Supercell game servers and not on your iOS or Android device. The same applies for Windows PC and emulators.

Any tool or app that promises you unlimited coins directly is a scam and must never be trusted. This kind of hack is simply not possible in online games.

squad busters character unlock


Exploiting is the use of bugs in the game, the game code or the game servers to gain advantages. This process is also called ‘glitching’ and the bugs that make such cheats possible are exceedingly rare and usually fixed by the developers as soon as the exploit becomes public knowledge.

To find such bugs, that can make otherwise impossible cheats, such as god modes, unlimited money and gems ect, possible for a limited time, it pays to keep an eye on any forums that discuss game bugs and glitches and use them before they are inevitably patched.

Important Final Notes

  • The use of any glitch or 3rd party tool is against the terms of service of Squad Busters and can get a player account banned or deleted permanently.
  • We recommend playing the game legitimately and fairly, which in many cases results in more fun your all players.
  • Do not use bots and software to play the game for free. Support the developers of the games you like to help keep them alive and well for many years to come.