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A Mobile Legends Cheat is any tool, software, technique or other means of gaining unfair advantages in the game. – While there is a huge variety of possible hacks in ML, unlimited Diamonds, Gold / Money, Tickets and BP (Battle Points) do not exist.

Possible Mobile Legends Options

According to my personal experience and research, these are the features that are possible in the game:

Feature Possible Avaliable
Unlimited MoneyImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited DiamondsImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited TicketsImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited Battle PointsImpossible*Unavailable
APK ModsPossibleAvailable
iOS ModsPossibleRare
Map HacksPotentiallyUnknown
Skin UnlockLikelyUnknown
Free ShopImpossible*Unavailable

Mobile Legends is an online game, which means that important data is processed server-side, making some options impossible. *Impossible means not possible outside of very rare game bugs.


Cheating in mopbile MOBAs like Mobile Legends offers a wide range of methods for players looking to gain an unfair advantage. The most popular method is through the use of mods, which are modified game files that allow for advanced functions. Additionally, players can utilize game modification tools and memory editors for more complex mods. Bots and scripts can also be used to automate gameplay actions such as auto aiming, farming, DPS, and last hitting. Exploits can provide temporary advantages like unlimited money, free diamonds, and skins. Other client-side modding methods are available as well with features like auto farming, wallhacks, auto dodge, kill shot warning, speedhacks, gank alerts,and fog of war removal depending on what features are currently possible in Mobile Legends.

mobile legends modified


Cheating in Mobile Legends is most commonly done through modded game clients, or 'mods'. These are versions of the original game app that have been unpacked, reverse-engineered and modified by professional software developers. These mods provide a quick and easy way to gain an advantage in the game. While installation can be slightly complex, it's much simpler than other modding methods. Mods offer features like bots and scripts for automation. The only downside is that modded APKs need updating with new game versions. Some installations may require system file edits but typically don't need rooting or jailbreaking your device.

mobile legends fog of war reveal

Scripts & Bots

In MOBA games like Mobile Legends, improving your rank and reaching the top tiers of Grandmaster, Epic, and Legend heavily relies on mastering mechanics. Scripts and macros can enhance players' reaction times by automating actions such as dodging abilities, last hitting, harassing opponents, using battle spells strategically. However, while bots excel at quick execution, they lack creativity and adaptability. Despite their power in aiding players, finding and setting up scripts through emulators remains a challenging task.

mobile legends features menu

Unlimited Diamonds and Money

Beware of scams promising free Diamonds, Skins, and other in-game perks for Mobile Legends. These offers are fake and often lead to broken links or malware on your device. While client-side skin unlocks may work, true game data is stored securely on Moonton servers and cannot be modified. Private servers for Mobile Legends do not exist currently. Stay safe and play fair!

mobilelegends diamonds


Looking for a download that's always up-to-date, ready to take on challenges? Create your own hacks with game manipulation and patching tools for Android and iOS. Follow tutorials or dive deep into mobile game memory. Memory editors like GameGuardian, Cheat Engine, and GameGem offer lasting techniques even after updates. But be cautious - test on alternate accounts before risking your main one in Mobile Legends.

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Players can gain unfair advantages by exploiting game bugs and weaknesses in the code. This cheat, known as glitching, allows for unlimited money, free diamonds, invincibility, and more. These exploits are temporary but accessible without rooting or jailbreaking on Android and iOS devices. However, developers quickly patch these bugs once discovered.

mobile legends auto aim

Other Possible Features

These are possible features that may be included in mod menus for Mobile Legends depending in what the current build of the game allows for:

  • Gank Warning Mod
  • No Fog or War / Wallhacks / Seeh the whole Map
  • Auto Last Hit creeps.
  • Auto Kill Scripts, Auto Harass
  • Smart auto Targeting Function
  • Auto Dodge Scripts, Auto Heal, Auto Buy
  • Speed Multipliers, Cooldown Mods

The main issue when trying to download working mod menus for Mobile Legends is that any mod for Android or iOS devices needs to be updated with every new build of the actual game. So players have to find a current mod after every singly game update, leaving the previous menu outdated.

mobile legends infinite money