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A Mobile Legends Hack is any tool, software, technique or other means of gaining unfair advantages in the game. – While there is a huge variety of cheating apps available for Mobile Legends, heats for unlimited free Diamonds (Gems), Gold / Money, Tickets and BP (Battle Points) / Skins do not exist and are always fake.

Possible Mobile Legends Cheats

According to my personal experience and research, these are the cheats that are possible in Mobile Legends:

Cheat Possible Avaliable
Unlimited MoneyImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited DiamondsImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited TicketsImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited Battle PointsImpossible*Unavailable
APK ModsPossibleAvailable
iOS ModsPossibleRare
Map HacksPotentiallyUnknown
Skin UnlockLikelyUnknown
Free ShopImpossible*Unavailable

Mobile Legends is an online game, which means that important data is processed server-side, making some cheats impossible. *Impossible means not possible outside of very rare Mobile Legends exploits.

Mobile Legends Hacks

There is a huge variety of cheating methods for Mobile Legends out there for cheaters: The most simple and most popular way of cheating in this game is the use of mods: Modded game clients or game files that have been modified to include cheating functions, the use of game hacking tools and memory editors is far more complex, but comes with a nonexistent need to look for updates with every game update, the use of bots and scripts to auto aim and use abilities, auto farm, auto DPS and auto last hit is also very popular in mobile MOBAs, exploits can make impossible cheats, such as unlimited money, free diamonds and free skins possible temporarily and of course there are more ways and client-side game modding methods that can be used in Mobile Legends as well. - Possible features may include anything from auto farming, wallhacks, auto dodge, auto kill, auto last hit, speedhacks, gank warning, no fog of war and so on depending on what hacks are possible to be used in Mobile Legends at a particular time.

mobile legends cheater hacker tool

Mods and Mod APKs

Modding or rather the use of modded game clients or ‘mods’ is the most prolific and popular method of cheating in Mobile Legends and for good reason: While the installation process specifically is not entirely trivial in some cases, requiring users to follow simple instructions to get the file working correctly, downloading, installing and using mods is still much, much easier to do than the alternative game hacking methods applicable in Mobile Legends. Mods are able to offer all the features that tools can offer, even the potential for implementing automation, bots and scripts, the only downside is that a Mobile Legends modded APK or iOS Mod for iOS and Android respectively will always need to be updated one the Mobile Legends game Client receives an update, hotfix, patch or a new version of the Client is pushed through the app store / playstore. – While technically running a Mod requires no root and no jailbrake, it is the installation process that may require users to replace or edit system files, which is a procedure that requires admin access in the case of many mobile devices.

mobile legends script mod download

Mod Menus

The ‘mod menu’ is the Porsche of Mobile Legends Mods, the crème de la crème, the premium version. While normal modded clients will simply change aspects of the game silently, mod menus offer an in-game menu that not only shows all the included features, but allows the user to toggle individual trainer options, customize them and some even offer auto update functionality, making the update process far less tedious than normal Mods. Overall, mod menus are more expensive than their normal counterparts, only having limited versions available for free download, but are well worth the money if you want the convenience and better features.

mobile legends mod android ios

Scripts & Bots

As in most MOBA games one of the greatest limitations for many players when it comes to getting better at ranked games and raising to the top of Grandmaster, Epic and Legend Tier is mechanics. Scripts and macros for Mobile Legends can help players to augment their reaction times and mechanics by programming automated actions, such as automated dodging of abilities, automated last hitting, automated harassing of lane opponents, automatically using battle spells to kill opponents, to save your life, escape ect. – The only problem about using bots and scripts to augment your ability is that a bot cannot think creatively. A bot will simply do what it was programmed to do without questioning if the action it is about to perform is adequate for the situation, whether or not there are more productive ways of dealing with a situation ect. A bot will do what it is programmed to do and it will do so extremely quickly, which is the #1 upside of using scripts.

A automated kill script for example will know exactly how much damage your skills will do to an enemy, will know if the enemy is close enough to land the skill combo that kills and is able to automatically pull the trigger and unleash all the skills and spells / attacks necessary to kill. Scripts are the most powerful kind of tool available to cheaters in Mobile Legends, but are extremely hard to find and usually have to be set up through an Android / iOS Emulator using macros.

mobilelegends game hack

Generators & Online Tools

There are a lot of human verification survey Scams out there that will claim to offer you free tools for unlimited free Diamonds, Skins, free Chests, Legend Rank ELO, all Maxed Emblem sets, unlimited BP / Battle Points, God Mode, XP, unlimited Tickets and so on. However, all these tools, Mobile Legends resource Generators, hacks and offers are fake. All you will get is a broken link, a file that does not work or even Malware.

Such hacks are sadly all impossible due to client-side processing of all your account data including currencies. The only thing that is actually possible is a client-side skin hacks, which basically means that you will be able to get any skin using a mod, but other players will not be able to see the skin. – This is because all the important game information is stored on the Moonton game servers that can only be modified by the game or the developers and cannot be hacked, modded or otherwise exploited in any way as any game modding tool is only able to access your own gaming device (Android or iOS phone) and not any game servers, as you have no admin access there. This is the case for any online game, MOBA and most mobile games that require an internet connection, unless you are using a private Server and those do not currently exist for Mobile Legneds.

mobile legends multihack menu

Game Hacking Tools for Mobile Legends

Are you looking for a cheat that does not need to be updated with every patch and hotfix, not afraid to learn and not afraid of challenges? – Why not simply create your own hacks using game hacking tools for Android and iOS devices? Ok, it is actually not quite that simple, since you will actually have to follow tutorials or have some very in-depth knowledge on how mobile games and mobile memory works. However, the absolutely not insignificant advantage of memory editors, such as GameGuardian, Cheat Engine or GameGem is that techniques using these game modding tools and memory editing software will usually keep working even after Mobile Legends gets an update, patch or a new build of the game is pushed to the playstore/appstore. You can find tutorials by professional game modders the same way you find mods, bots and other cheats using our finder tool.

However, before you hastily download the first tool that works for your device, you should know that if you do not create an alternate account and ideally use a 2nd device or emulator to try such game hacking techniques before using them on your main account, your chances of getting your Mobile Legends game accoung banned are extremely high. So please take precautions and at least use a 2nd account to try these tools before using them on your actual account that you spend money and time on.

mobile legends aimbot


Some game bugs and weaknesses in the game code can be used, or rather abused by players in order to cheat and gain unfair advantages over other players: This process is called exploiting or glitching. Exploits are an extremely unique method of cheating as they break all the rules of what cheats are usually possible making features like unlimited money, free diamonds, free in-game purchases, free skins, unlimited gold, invincibility, god modes, no cooldowns and similar cheats potentially possible if only for a limited time. Exploits can also usually be used with no root and no jailbrake on both Android and iOS, making them extremely friendly towards new cheaters. – The huge downside of this means of cheating is of course that exploits are extremely rare and temporary in nature as the underlying bugs come into existence in one single patch and are eradicated in one single hotfix as soon as the developers become aware of the game breaking Exploit.

mobilelegends exploit tool download

Possible Game Hack Features

These are possible features that may be included in mod menus for Mobile Legends depending in what the current build of the game allows for:

  • Gank Warning Mod
  • No Fog or War / Wallhacks / Seeh the whole Map
  • Auto Last Hit creeps.
  • Auto Kill Scripts, Auto Harass
  • Smart auto Targeting Function
  • Auto Dodge Scripts, Auto Heal, Auto Buy
  • Speedhacks, Cooldown Mods

The main issue when trying to download working mod menus for Mobile Legends is that any mod for Android or iOS devices needs to be updated with every new build of the actual game. So players have to find a current mod after every singly game update, leaving the previous menu outdated. To find current up to date mods that are safe to use, undetected and working we recommend using this tool and following  the outlined safe-download guidelines.

mobile legends fake hacks

Mod Money

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it is not possible to get unlimited free money hacks in online mobile MOBA games like Mobile Legends due to server-side processing. – However, this fact is not stopping hordes or shady APK downloading websites, questionable app stores, fishy software download portals and similar less-reputable actors from advertising their Mobile Legends files and downloads with the ‘mod money’ feature. – Such downloads should be avoided at all cost for your own safety and the integrity of your Android or iOS mobile device, as they are a the very least not going to deliver on the promised features, called false advertising, and more likely are going to be completely fake or even worse infect your mobile device with adware or malware if your device is rooted or jailbroken. So if you simply must try these mod money downloads promising you impossible hacks for unlimited diamonds / gems, free skins, skin unlocks, free chests, infinite battle points (BP), infinite tickets, damage hacks, god modes, invisibility, no cooldowns, no fog of war, zoom hacks, stat hacks, free items and free in-game purchases, then at least use an emulator as to not get your actual physical mobile device infected. Stay safe.

mobile legends mod menu


Overall, there are more fake hacks, generators and tools than working ones out there, but the legit Mobile Legends hacks do exist and come mostly in the form of mod menus, Apk Mods, bots, with iOS modded apps being slightly harder to find. – Tools for unlimited free diamonds, free skins, chests, Battle Points / money and tickets do not exist due to sever-side processing of that data. Also Emulators can be used to run special modded APKs that allow for mouse and keyboard controls, which are a lot more accurate, quick and efficient, giving players that are able to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang using this control scheme a huge mechanical advantage over other players, allowing them to farm ELO quickly and get to Legend rank more easily. The same goes for automated scripts for last hitting, farming and DPS.

As always we recommend using HackerBot to find working and updated cheats for legitimate and long-standing sources with clean track-records in order to cheat safely and using clean and reliable software created by programmers that care about their customers.