sammyContact: Samuel Steiner (Administrator)
I am an expert in Game Hacking / Cheating. I can tell you what cheats are possible in your game and give you advice on how to find them, how to use them properly and without annoying other players ect. I do this for free, but only for people that use and like HackerBot.net. Important business inquiries go to our mailing address. If I don’t respond quickly, check out our FAQ or post on the forums.

My Contact info has to be unlocked before contacting me.




I will…
…tell you what cheats are possible in your game.
…link you simple tools and tutorials.
…do so as soon as I find time.
…do so for free.
…not deal with entitled people that feel that I owe then something.




Please tell me…
…whether or not your game needs an internet connection to work.
…the name of your game.
…what kind of cheat / hack / tools you are looking for.


Business Contact

Game Developers, PR Management Firms & Publishers: check out our Anti-Cheat Service. You are asked to understand that our site does everything in its capacity to not hurt their business. We are providing informational and educational content and promoting the use of cheats with respect for the games we love and the players playing them. Please read our Terms of Service and our Start Page.

Cheat Developers: that are looking for cooperation: We are happy to include you in our custom search engine for legitimate cheats, if you can demonstrate that your product is legit and clean.

Marketing Requests: If you want to advertise in the site, you need to go through Adsense.


Mailing Address:
LittleSquid GmbH
Kaspar Koppstrasse 22b
6030 Ebikon




ask I cannot find Cheat Y for Game X, Help?
- You can instantly find free cheats from legitimate sources here. (https://hackerbot.net/find/10-freefinder)
- You can find paid cheats from legitimate providers after you sign up here: (https://hackerbot.net/find/329-profinder)


ask Can you hack a specific game for me?
- If there is time, you can contact us and we may be able to link you to a tutorial that may apply to the game you want to cheat in, if it is applicable.
- We do not offer any direct game hacking services of any kind.
- We can also not post video tutorials on how to hack specific games, as they tend to be taken down by game developers and YouTube accounts usually get closed as a direct result of that.


ask Is it possible to have unlimited money / gems / health / whatever in Game X?
- If the game requires internet in order to work, then the answer is 99% NO.
- If the game does not require an internet connection for you to play it, the answer is 99% YES.
-- The way you would do it is by using memory editors, such as Cheat Engine, GameGuardian ect.





LittleSquid GmbH
Kaspar Koppstrasse 22b
6030 Ebikon