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This is a compilation of questions that I got throughout the last year working on This should clear up at least 70% of all the help requests that I usually get, if people take the time to read it. Most, if not all of these questions could be answered by just watching videos or reading text on, but oh well.


Is hacking/botting in online games legal/allowed?
Yes it is legal in as far as you will never get into trouble with the police for using game hacks or bots. It is nothing that is against any state laws anywhere on this earth. However, it is, in most cases, against the Terms of Service you agreed to when you started playing a game. So if a game developer catches you, they are allowed to ban you from their services. If you are just casually cheating, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

However, if you are the kind of person that runs thousands of bots to farm Gold or other Money Currency in an MMORPG or MMO (99.99% of you are not), then the situation is different. Your actions may lead to the game developer losing a lot of money and you are making a profit off of their game while breaking their ToS systematically. In many countries this is considered “unfair competition” and may lead to you getting sued.

As you see you need to get really crazy in order to get into any legal problems, when using online game cheats. Stay casual and stay careful and you will never run into any kind of problem at all.


Can You give me an Ulimited Money/Health/Gold/Items Hack for Game X?
If you are talking about an online multiplayer game: No. Because that is not possible in any half-way decent online game as I have explained in dozens of videos and articles. These values are processed on the game server and therefore there is no conceivable legal way of changing them. Don’t fall for the people that still “offer” you those… blabla… I literally explain that in every 2nd article I write.


Can you show / review a hack or cheat for Game X? is a website that needs to pay bills. In order to pay bills, we need to make money. In order to make money we need visitors. Visitors like popular games and so we usually go for popular games first, before we cover less popular ones. This is a very cold and mathematic evaluation process and unless we really, really love an unpopular game that is how it works. We are sorry, but that is economy. You have to provide where there is great demand.


Can You Teach Me How to Make Hacks?
I’m not a hacker. I’m an internet marketer and entrepreneur. If you want to learn how to create hacks, then you will have to be a part of a game hacking community and get to know people that have the knowledge. If you are not programming in your job or exceptionally good at learning independently, that is your only way.


Where do I download the HackerBot? is the name of our site; it is not an actual product. This name was chosen because it is catchy, short and describes what the site is about. We do not, have never and never will sell or offer any HackerBots for sale or download. I’m quite sure that robots will not be able to hack independently for a long time. (Thought that would be quite nice.)


I Subscribed. How do I download the Hacks/Bots?
You should have read the product page then. It says “REVIEWS” all over that page you need to go through to subscribe. The only hacks you will find on this site are the ones that users share with each other. – itself does not sell or create any kind of cheating software. Also our Term of Service clearly state that there are no refunds. If you should still choose to dispute a payment, we will have to report you to the IC3 and BBB for Fraud. We are selling information and once you have seen the Information, you don’t need the subscription anymore. While you may be truthful about stating that you thought you are buying hacks, that does not change the fact that you are in a contract with us and that we do not want to be scammed.

[to be continued]

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