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A 8 Ball Pool Hack is any tool, modification, software, Aimbot, script, method or other means of gaining unfair advantages and cheating in the game, allowing players to get more free cash (Gems), unlimited Coins (Money), unlock more cues, get more free powers, free VIP points + pro membership, free in-game Purchases from the shop and other goodies. – While there are many ways of hacking 8BP on Android, Windows PC and iOS alike requiring no root and no jailbrake, resource generators and hacks for unlimited free coins, free cash and unlocks do not exist in 8 Ball Pool and are always fake.

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8 Ball Pool Hacks & Mods

While there are many different cheating mothods out there for 8BP, such as modded apps for Android and iOS, game hacking tools, Bots for automatically farming free pool cash and pool Coins, Exploits that can make the most overpowered and otherwise impossible cheats possible for a short time, by far the most powerful Game Hack for 8 Ball Pool is the Aimbot, also known as aiming Mods or aim hacks, which are scripts that can automatically calculate and simulate all kinds of different shots to find the best and most stylish ones, allowing the user to pick a shot they want the script to execute, allowing them to sink all the balls using the most unlikely of trick shots imaginable. – Of course such obvious Game Hacks are very likely to get you reported for cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct, but due to the physics based mechanics of the game, this automated aiming and ‘shooting’ will always be possible in any pool mobile or PC game and beyond a good reporting system, there is really not much that Miniclip, the developers of the game, can do about that. - 8 Ball Pool APK Mods are currently the most popular cheating method available in 8BP.

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While modding is most prolific and the absolute #1 cheating method on Android and iOS mobile through the use of Mod APK files and iOS modded apps, the technique can also be used for PC as well by modding the game files and Client (html5 / java script) executed on browsers. – However, the primary application of modified game clients and game files is on mobile as it is by far the most user-friendly and most accessible game hacking method on mobile as compared to the alternatives. While installing a Mod on an Android or iOS device is certainly not entirely trivial, requiring players to download files and follow simple instruction written in English, the process is at least 10 times easier than any other legitimate game cheating method you will find that actually works: Of course not including the fake resource Generators and 8 Ball Pool online hacks that do only require you to push a button, but don’t actually work. Overall, the best method available to mobile gamers period.

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Aimbots / Aiming Tools

The most effective hack for 8 Ball Pool is sadly also the most toxic just like in online multiplayer shooter games: Automated aiming software, Aimbots, aim assist, aim hacks, these tools go by many names and will automatically aim and make your shots for you, allowing for extremely impressive bank-trick shots that no human would ever be able to successfully perform. – Sadly there is really no way to prevent this kind of cheat in a physics-based game, as the rules for how the balls act given certain speed, spin, angle of attack have to be consistent just like they are in real world Pool games. Human are limited in their ability to measure angles, process the physical outcome of a shot mathematically, but AI Bots are not. So a Bot can calculate the outcome of any shot using any angle, any speed, any cue, any bank shot at any time perfectly and therefore is basically able to play the game mechanically flawlessly. – However, human players are not without their advantages: While a Bot, such as Cheto hack for 8BP, can execute individual shots perfectly, they suck at planning and strategy. So by carefully planning where the white ball will end up, non-cheating players using no Aimbots for 8 Ball Pool can still easily beat cheaters. We do not recommend using aiming tools for 8BP, as they are easily detected and reported by other players and recommend ESP cheats instead for unlimited aim guidelines, which are a booster feature in the game anyways.

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ESP / VAC / Unlimited Aim Guidelines

Not quite as overpowered as aim cheats, extrasensory perception Mods, visual assistance cheats or visual infinite aim guidelines (showing aim and shot lines) are another very popular way of gaining unfair advantages, but are a lot harder to detect and report, making them a lot safer to use and frankly, a lot more fun as well since you still need a little bit of skill to win with the tool essentially giving you unlimited extended aim guideline boosters, which is something you get as a pay-to-win feature anyways. Some of the more advanced ESP cheats for 8 Ball Pool will not only show extended aim guidelines for the first ball you hit, but also the second and some even for bank shots, allowing for easier trick shots. Overall, the best way to stay safe, not get banned, farm up some Pool Coins / Cash, unlock some rare cues, such as the Black Hole Cue, move to the higher-stakes game rooms more quickly without spending a lot of Money in the shop.

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Resource Generators

As already briefly touched on, all online resource generators for 8 Ball Pool and all online hacks are 100% fake and will never work. – Now as to why this is the case: 8BP is an online game by Miniclip, meaning that a lot of your account data, including your coins, VIP points, cash, powers / power-ups, unlocked cues sunken balls ect are not processed on your Android / iOS / Windows device, but on computers belonging to the developers of the game that you connect to though the internet, known as server-side processing. Now the problem is that any game hacking tool is only able to manipulate data that is on your own device that you control and are able to modify, known as the client-side, making hacks for unlimited free Pool Cash, infinite free Coins / Money, unlocking all cues, unlimited powers and free in-app Purchases impossible for all practical purposes and under normal circumstances. And yes, hacking game servers it technically possible, but extremely hard and more importantly highly illegal and no one wants to go to prison for some virtual coins in some mobile pool game.

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Mod Menus

The crème de la crème of Mods by far, usually only available to premium subscribers, Mod Menus are modded apps for Android and iOS that are made by the best reverse-engineers and programmers in the game cheating industry, come with the most advanced features, more options, faster updates, better compatibility, a streamlines and accessible installation process, support in case of problems, the latest available hacks and of course the famous in-game menu that allows users to toggle individual options on and off and customize the software to their specific liking and needs. Free versions of these 8 Ball Pool Mod Menus are often available as limited or ‘lite’ versions to free users to download for free as well. Overall, the best option if you are playing 8BP on mobile and don’t want the inconvenience of having to seek out the latest version / build mods with every update pushed to the game.

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By far the game hacking method with the greatest potential, potentially making impossible features possible for a limited time, glitches and Exploits are game bugs that can be used to gain significant advantages and sometimes even break the game entirely. – However, the downside of all this overpowered potential is that Exploits are always temporary, getting patched out of the game as soon as the developers become aware of the underlying bugs, and they are also extremely hard to find with trial and error or dumb chance being pretty much the only way to become aware of them. Of course when there is a working Exploit, maybe even a server-side Glitch, it can make otherwise impossible cheats like unlimited 8 Ball Pool cash, infinite coins, free VIP points, free cues, free pro memberships, free in-game Purchases, unlimited booster powers (extended aim guidelines, increased max spin, increased power) and other incredible options possible until the inevitable hotfix drops and the game goes back to normal. Another great advantage of Exploits is that generally no root, nor jailbrake and no tools are required to make them work, making it the perfect method for newbie cheaters to use.

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Game Hacking Tools

Of course as in any game, tools such as memory editors, can be used in 8 Ball Pool as well to activate cheats, hacking the game manually or using automated scripts to do it for you: This way of modifying the game is much more complex and complicated if you do it yourself, but comes with the tremendous upside of generally not requiring updates with every new build, hotfix and version of 8BP being pushed to your mobile or PC device. The most popular tools used here are memory editors that allow users to manipulate game memory and the main ones are GameGuardian for Android, GameGem for iOS and Cheat Engine for PC. But be warned that using these tools yourself without using tutorials and in-depth guides is near impossible, unless you work in the industry and have lots of experience. For beginners it will be most successful to use tutorials, LUA scripts or mods instead.

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Mod Money / Unlimited Coins / Cash

As we never get tired of repeating and have made very clear already, Unlimited Money cheats for 8 Ball Pool are sadly not possible, as awesome as that would be, due to server-side processing of that data. – However, this fact is not stopping hordes of shady APK download sites, weird iOS modding portals and other less-reputable actors and websites from advertising their downloads with the ‘mod money’ feature or ‘unlimited money’, ‘infinite coins’, ‘free cash’ and similar impossible features. Of course we recommend against downloading such mods, as they are at the very least advertising inexistent features, are probably entirely fake and might even contain Malware. So if you do not heed our warnings here and must try one of these downloads for 8 Ball Pool, please use an Emulator to test the app so your actual physical mobile device or PC does not get infected. Stay safe.

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While most of the tools and mods for 8 Ball Pool that you will find simply searching the internet are either fake, outdated or Scams, there are legitimate and working cheats out there if you know where to look for them. Use HackerBot HackFinder to find working mods and hacks from trusted sources. While cheats that give you Unlimited Money, coins and cash are extremely rare (Exploits),and most apps will require a rooted or jailbroken Emulator or device, there are tools out there that can make you extremely effective at the game, allowing you to get billions of coins, lots or awesome 8BP rewards and compete with the best. Aimbots are most effective, but are extremely likely to get you banned if used without proper care and respect for other players, while ESP cheats are less risky and still allow you to have fun while playing the game. Overall, cheating is possible, not as easy as pushing a button can be done on Android, iOS and Windows PC alike and many players do it just like in every other competitive game. Whatever you decide to do, please do it safely, respect your fellow players, support the developers and enjoy the game.