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PUBG Mobile Cheats

A PUBG Mobile Cheat is any app or technique that allows players to get an advantage in the game on Android and iOS alike. – While many different methods exist, unlimited Unknown Cash (UC) and Battle Poins (BP) do not exist.

Possible PUBG Mobile Options

According to my personal experience and research, these are the features that are possible in the game:

Feature Possible Avaliable
Unlimited MoneyImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited BPImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited UCImpossible*Unavailable
No RecoilLikelyUnknown
No SpreadLikelyUnknown
Infinite AmmoPotentiallyUnknown
Skin UnlockPotentiallyUnknown
BotsPossibleDo It Yourself
APK ModsPossibleAvailable
iOS ModsPossibleRare
Physics CheatsLikelyUnknown

PUBG Mobile is an online game, which means that important data is processed server-side, making some options impossible. *Impossible means not possible outside of very rare game bugs.


There are 3 main ways that people use to gain significant advantages in PUBG Mobile: Modified game apps, tools that allow players to modify the game memory and automation bots and scripts that automatically aim or play the game automatically for you. All these 3 strategies are against the terms of use of the game and can get a player account banned permanently. We recommend playing the game fairly and not resorting to unfair methods. By far the most popular technique used by pro players is the use of Android APK Mods menus, as tools are most easily available on the Android mobile platform.

seeing through walls in pubg mobile


The ultimate way to gain an edge in PUBG Mobile is through APK mods for Android and IPA mods for iOS. These modified game clients can be easily downloaded and installed on your device, giving you access to exclusive hacks and cheats. To keep up with updates, new mods must be downloaded for continued success. Modding is an advanced process or reverse-engineering the app, applying low-level computer languages and only the most experienced programmers are up to the task.

automatically aim in pubgm

Mod Menus

Unlock the power of cheating in PUBG Mobile with mod menus. These special mods give you control over every cheating option. In an-game menu lets you toggle and customize all included featurres at will. Mod menus are the go-to choice for players looking for an easy and effective way to dominate the game. Download now for access to the best hacks available online.



Using a wallhack in PUBG Mobile lets players see enemies, items, and important game elements through walls with colored overlays. This gives them an edge in looting, avoiding players, and surviving longer to earn more XP, rewards, BP, UC, and loot crates for skins. Typically found as a modded APK or iOS app mod, the code is altered to reveal enemies and items by default. This is possible due to client-side storage of map and coordinate information, allowing developers to extract the exact location of any player or item on the map.



Aimbots, also known as auto aiming mods, are powerful tools that automatically aim and shoot for you in PUBG Mobile. These hacks are rare but highly effective, giving players an unfair advantage by increasing aim assist or creating custom aiming scripts. With aimbots, you can easily rack up kills and stay alive effortlessly. These scripts work much the same as ESP cheats, except that they create aiming vectors using the extracted location information.

pubgm multihack menu

Exploits and Glitches

Exploits in PUBG Mobile are rare but incredibly powerful cheats. By exploiting bugs, game mechanics, and glitches, players can gain a significant advantage. These exploits are short-lived as the underlying bugs are usually fixed quickly. However, they offer unlimited potential - from achieving god mode by glitching under maps to getting unlimited ammo or in-game currency. Item duplication is another common exploit found in games. Developers will patch these exploits eventually, so quick action is necessary to take advantage of them while you can.

cheat options menu