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A PUBG New State Hack is any app, software, APK / iOS Mod, tool, modification, method or other means for players of PUBGNS to gain unfair advantages, cheat and get more free NC (New State Cash), free BP, free Battle Pass, skins, free in-app Purchases and other goodies with no root and no jailbrake required. – While there are many working cheating methods available to all players, generators and hacks for unlimited free NC (gems), BP (money), Chicken medals, cosmetic unlocks, loot boxes / crates, free premium pass, free in app-purchases and skins do not exist and are always fake.

pubg new state hack

PUBG New State Hack

As in other battle royale mobile shooters, such as PUBG Moible, there are many viable methods of game hacking available to PUBG New State players as well: There are Mods, modded game clients, such as APK Mods and iOS modified apps, there are Aimbots for automated aiming and headshots, improved aim assist for easy kills, ESP and Wallhacks for seeing loot and enemies through walls, there are Exploits that can potentially get you impossible cheat features, such as unlimited free NC and Money, for a limited time, there are scripts for automated heals, looting and other actions, Bots for farming and many more possible cheats. Overall, players are spoiled for choice when it comes to New State hack download, but they will be more prolific on Android than on iOS, and will in rare cases require no root and no jailbrake, but most of the time admin access will be required for installation of the apps.

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Automatic aim, auto aim, improved aim assist, headshot hack, aim Bot, this particular cheat is known by many names, but its function and purpose are constant: An Aimbot for PUBG New State will allow players to automatically aim and lock on to enemy players, automatically shoot (triggerbot) or let the player shoot, it can generally be turned on and off, may be able to shoot vehicles and may be configured to go for headshot kills only or body shots to make cheating activities less obvious. Overall, Aimbots are included in a lot of quality APK Mods and modded apps for New State, are a great way to win more rounds, farm more free NC / BP, get more chicken medals, better stats, more kills and as offense is the best defense, also to stay alive till the end of the round and win that chicken dinner!

pubg new state aimbot


Very similar to aim Bots, wallahcks are also using graphics data to locate enemies, loot, vehicles and other important items on the map, then use colored boxes, skeletons, chams, overlays or other methods to highlight them, allowing players to basically see through walls. – This game hacking method is not only safer due to being harder to detect, report and Ban, but also more fun, allows for finding better loot, care packages, players, vehicles  and other goodies more quickly and all that without eliminating the sense of skill and achievement of aiming and shooting yourself, as would be the case in using aim assist mods or auto aiming Bots. Overall, less toxic than other cheats, more fun, just as effective, offering great advantages in the case of ESP and radar hacks, better survival, more loots: Highly recommended.

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As already quickly pointed out, all online resource generators for PUBG New State are fake. – There are no working Generators for free NC, unlimited BP, free skins, free premium pass plus, skin unlocks, season pass points, chicken medals, free in-game Purchases, crates, loot boxes or cosmetic unlocks. – This is due to server-side processing of all your account save data, which is stored on the KRAFTON game servers, which are computers you cannot modify, edit, manipulate or hack in any way using any king of online of offline tools. Any game hacking tools is only able to hack data on the device it is installed on: Meaning an app on your Android or iOS phone can only modify data on your phone. In this case the data is not on your phone, which means it cannot be hacked by any tools, Generators or such like. Technically, hacking game servers is possible, but that would not only be so difficult, to not be worth it, but also highly illegal and no one in their right mind wants to go to prison for some virtual mobile game cash fun bucks.

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Mods & Mod Menus

Modding is by far the most easy, accessible, popular and sought-after way to hack PUBG New State on Android and iOS mobile gaming systems alike: Mods are game files, usually APKs or iOS app files, that have been modified, rather reverse-engineered and then reprogrammed, to run the game with Game Hack features hardcoded right into the game itself, making using external tools and apps unnecessary. – While the download and installation process and getting New State mods to work in not entirely trivial, requiring users to follow simple instructions, the process is far easier than the alternative game cheating methods, which is why modding is as popular as it is. Mod menus are premium-level mods created by the best programmers and engineers in the business, coming with improved features, faster updates, better support, more overpowered options, easier installation procedure and of course the in-game menu that allows users and players to customize the cheating features and toggle individual option on or off.

pubg new state mod menu

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APK Mods

While plenty of updated iOS modded game clients exist, Android is by far the most popular platform for both game cheaters and developers alike, because of how accessible the OS is, the existence of Emulators and many other factors. Apk Mods (and OBBs) are therefore by far the most popular downloads people will look for when trying to gain unfair advantages in PUBG New State. While hacked APK files can technically be installed with no root, the installation process will often require the user to not only install the app, but also replace .OBB files and other system files, which only some devices will allow without a root or jailbrake. – Here we recommend using and Emulator instead, as to protect your own physical android device.

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Glitches are bugs in the New State game app or servers that can be used to gain unfair advantages, such as duplicating items, invisibility, God Mode, glitching into building or under the map, unlimited ammo, damage hacks, unlimited free NC (new state cash), BP, chicken medals and other cheating options that would usually be impossible by any means. However, while Exploits and especially server-sided bugs can make features possible that are extremely powerful and usually inaccessible, this is only ever the case for a limited time, as the PUBG developers will certainly patch, hotfix and eliminate any underlying game-breaking bugs as soon as they become aware of them. – So overall, exploiting is potentially the most effective, but hardest to find and use cheat in the game, but also extremely accessible to newbies, as usually using any Exploits will not require any root or any jailbrake whatsoever.

pubg new state exploit glitch

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Mod Money

At risk of sounding like a broken record: Money cheats are not possible using any mods either, again due to Server processing. – However, this little inconvenient fact is not stopping thousands of shady APK download sites, questionable app stores; download portals of ill-repute from advertising all their PUBG New State downloads with Money Mod, or Unlimited Money or unlimited free UC, free Purchases and other misleading and impossible features. – It should go without saying that downloading any of these files or ‘mods’ is not in anyone interest, as the files are certainly not going to contain the promised features and functions, will likely be entirely fake, maybe even Malware. – If you do not heed our warnings and simply must try one of these downloads, we ask that you please do so on an Emulator as to keep your actual physical mobile gaming device clean and safe.

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Emulators – Mouse & Keyboard

No one can argue that mouse and keyboard are the best controls for competitive shooter, such as PUBG New State and other battle royale games, which is why the use of Emulators to enable PC controls is probably the most underrated, most fun and one of the most powerful hacks available in New State. – Imagine not only having the most accurate control method, but aim assist on top of that as well and what you end up with may as well be an Aimbot, for how extremely powerful it is and having the distinct advantage that it is a lot harder to detect than actual auto aiming headshot hacks. – Of course the PUBG developers are not new to the mobile gaming market and have implemented advanced methods for blocking Emulators from using the game app by default. However, this can and will be circumvented by Apk Mods and other modified game files sooner or later. As currently there are no legitimate iOS Emulators, the only way to easily enable mouse and keyboard controls or controllers will be using Android Emulators along with Apk Mods for PUBG New State on PC or Mac OS.

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Game Hacking Tools

Not very beginner friendly, game hacking tools are for advanced users with some experience memory editing and modding mobile games already. – They can do what all other client-side chats can do, but will not require any updates, making looking for the latest updated and working version of your New State PUBG Mod unnecessary. However, using game editing tools, such as GameGuardian for Android, GameGem for iOS or Cheat Engine for PC Emulators will require patience and willingness to learn or follow in-depth tutorials and guides in order to succeed. There are also automated scripts, such as LUA scripts, that can act as game trainers and automate the modding process and act as Mod Menus, but they are really no different from mods in that they will need to be updated every time the game app receives a patch, hotfix of new update.


Overall, while most the the hacks for PUBG New State out there on the internet are fake and free UC and free BP and purchases are impossible, working and legitimate downloads do exist for Android and iOS alike, but Android is the best platform for cheating in the game as it offers emulators that are able to enable keyboard and mouse controls on top of the usual Aimbots, Wallhacks, radar hacks, ESPs and other related 3rd person shooter cheats you would expect from a battle royale mobile game.

As always we recommend using hacks with caution and respect for the game, its players and developers. Cheaters that do not follow these guidelines will inevitably get reported and their account banned, as KRAFTON and other PUBG developers working on New State are extremely effective at banning game cheaters. – We also recommend using HackerBot in order to find working and legitimate downloads from trusted and long-standing sources with clean track records in order to stay safe.