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A PUBG New State Cheat is any tool or method for players of PUBGNS to gain unfair advantages on Android and iOS. – While there are many working hacks available to all players, unlimited free NC (gems) and BP (money) do not exist and are always fake.

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As in other battle royale mobile shooters, such as PUBG Moible, there are many viable methods of game modding available to PUBG New State players as well: There are mods, modded game clients, such as APK mods and iOS modified apps, there are Aimbots for automated aiming and headshots, improved aim assist for easy kills, ESP and Wallhacks for seeing loot and enemies through walls, there are Exploits that can potentially get you impossible features, such as unlimited free NC and money, for a limited time, there are scripts for automated heals, looting and other actions, bots for farming and many more possible cheats.

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Known by many names such as auto aim or auto headshot, an Aimbot for PUBG New State is the ultimate tool. It automatically locks onto enemies, shoots with precision, and can be toggled on and off. With this powerful advantage, players can dominate matches, earn more rewards like NC/BP and chicken medals, improve their stats, rack up kills effortlessly, and secure victory with a chicken dinner. Don't just play to survive - use an aimbot to thrive in the game!

new state automated aim lock


Similar to aim bots, wallhacks use graphics data to pinpoint enemies, loot, and vehicles on the map. They highlight these targets with colored boxes or overlays, allowing players to see through walls. This technique is not only harder to detect and Ban but also enhances gameplay by making it easier to find valuable items quickly. Unlike aim assist mods or auto aiming bots, wallhacks maintain the sense of skill and achievement in aiming and shooting. Overall, they offer a less toxic yet effective way to gain advantages in the game. Highly recommended for better survival and more loot opportunities.

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Unlimited NC and BP

It's important to note that all online resource generators for PUBG New State are fake. There are no legitimate ways to get free NC, unlimited BP, skins, premium passes, or in-game purchases. Your account data is stored securely on KRAFTON servers, making it impossible to modify using any tools. Attempting to tamper game servers is not only extremely difficult but also forbidden. It's not worth the risk of getting into serious trouble just for some virtual currency in a mobile game.

new state ESP


Glitches in the New State game app or servers can give players unfair advantages like duplicating items, invisibility, god mode, glitching into buildings or under the map, unlimited ammo, and more. These Exploits are powerful but temporary as developers quickly patch them. exploiting is a challenging yet accessible cheat for both experienced and new players alike.

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APK Mods

While plenty of updated iOS modded game clients exist, Android is by far the most popular platform for both game players and developers alike, because of how accessible the OS is, the existence of Emulators and many other factors. APK mods (and OBBs) are therefore by far the most popular downloads people will look for when trying to gain unfair advantages in PUBG New State. While modded APK files can technically be installed with no root, the installation process will often require the user to not only install the app, but also replace .OBB files and other system files, which only some devices will allow without a root or jailbrake. – Here we recommend using and Emulator instead, as to protect your own physical android device.

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Emulators – Mouse & Keyboard

There's no denying that using a mouse and keyboard for competitive shooters like PUBG New State is the ultimate control setup. Emulators, allowing PC controls on mobile devices, are an underrated and powerful hack in New State. Picture having precise control and aim assist - it's almost like having an aimbot, giving you a significant advantage that's harder to detect than traditional methods. While developers try to block emulator usage, mods will find a way around it eventually. With no legitimate iOS emulators available, Android emulators with APK mods are the go-to for enabling mouse and keyboard controls on PUBG New State for PC or Mac OS.

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