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A Free Fire MAX Hack is any tool, app or method of gaining unfair advantages over other players in FF MAX on Android and iOS, such as Aimbots or wallhacks, allowing them to get more kills, survive longer, get more free Diamonds, Coins and Unlocks. While there are many powerful cheating methods available, Free Fire MAX hacks for unlimited free diamonds (gems) and infinite free coins (money) do not exist.

Possible Free Fire MAX Cheats

According to my personal experience and research, these are the cheats that are possible in Free Fire MAX:

Cheat Possible Avaliable
Unlimited MoneyImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited DiamondsImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited Gold CoinsImpossible*Unavailable
APK ModsPossibleAvailable
iOS ModsPossibleRare
Infinite AmmoUnlikelyUnknown
No RecoilLikelyUnknown
No SpreadLikelyUnknown
Skins UnlockLikelyUnknown

Free Fire MAX is an online game, which means that important data is processed server-side, making some cheats impossible. *Impossible means not possible outside of very rare Free Fire MAX Exploits.

Free Fire MAX Hack

As in most mobile shooters and battle royale games there is a great variety of cheating methods and options available to game hackers in Free Fire MAX on Android and iOS as well: The most popular options included in most hacks, Mod menus and Mod will be Aimbots and wallhacks, which are the bread and butter cheats for people looking to get more kills, survive longer, get more loot, better loot, farm more free coins, diamonds and other goodies, then other client-side hacks, such as speedhacks, teleporting, damage hacks and similar cheats are not quite as prolific, but still popular, exploits are potentially even more powerful than all the other methods combined, allowing for otherwise impossible features to be activated, the use of scripts, game hacking tools and skin mods may also be an option for games with some experience in modding games and some miscellaneous client-side modifications will pop up from time to time. Overall, mods will be the most popular and advanced auto aim / aimbots will be most effective.

ff max auto aim


Automated aiming, aim bots, modded aim assist or auto aim, there is no doubt that aim cheats are pretty much the #1 most powerful cheat in any mobile shooter, battle royale game, 3rd person shooter period. – This due to the fact that a good ambot for Garena Free Fire MAX will not only help you to get more kills and better loot with those, but by killing other players you will also automatically survive longer, get more chicken dinners, more free skins, Diamonds, Money, unlock your battle pass more quickly and so on. An aimbot will usually work by either augmenting aim assist to snap to any target in line of sight or be togglable either in a Mod Menu or by pressing a button. It can come with a triggerbot that automatically shoots or without it, allowing players to shoot themselves. The great downside of using aim assist cheats in Free Fire MAX is that they are relatively easy to detect and report for other players, requiring them to be used carefully and not abused, used socially and with respect, or to get banned and deserve it.

ff max mod menu android ios

Wallhacks / ESP

Extrasensory Perception (ESP), Wall hacks, VAC, seeing through walls and many other terms are used to describe wallhacking and it is no doubt one of the best and most fun cheats to use in any shooter or battle royale game like Free Fire MAX. Wallhacking is not only harder to detect than using auto aiming apps, but is also good for finding and avoiding fights, finding the best loot quickly after landing on the map, choosing the best landing spots, hiding and camping, finding vehicles, supply drops and other important resources, but most importantly using a wallhack is, while helpful, not extremely overpowered to the point of making the game less fun to play or robbing you of all sense of achievement when using it. – Overall, using ESP cheats is extremely powerful, but still leaves other players a fighting chance to get the drop on you, as you still have to display mechanical skill to survive, making it the more social and fair cheating method and the one least easy to detect out there in Free Fire MAX, which is why we recommend it over aimbotting.

ff max aimbot


Modding is not as much a cheat feature as it is a method of getting cheats to work: Namely by modifying the FF MAX game app, be that a Free Fire Max Mod APK or iOS app, to offer cheating functionality right out of the box, allowing users to relatively easily download and install the mod on their own mobile Android or iOS devices within minutes. – The great advantage of this method is that the user / player of the modded app needs no expertise on game hacking, reverse-engineering or programming of any kind and while the process is certainly more involved than simply pushing a button to get cheats, requiring the user to download the file and follow some simply instructions to complete the installation process, it is by far the easiest and most accessible cheating method for Free Fire MAX out there by a country mile and certainly much easier than modding the game yourself or using game hacking tools to edit game memory. So overall, mods are the most convenient way to get working cheats for Free Fire MAX and while most will require no root and no jailbrake to work, they may require users to change system files during the installation process, which is not something all mobile devices allow without admin access. Consider Emulators if you do not want to mess with your physical mobile gaming device.

free fire max wallhacks

Mod Menus

The most premium and most exclusive kind of mod is the ‘mod menu’, which is a mod developed by the best reverse-engineers and programmers in the space, come with more features, better options, faster and more accessible installation, faster and more reliable updates and other exclusive features. – While most mod menus for Free Fire MAX are locked behind premium subscriptions, the developers often make free limited versions available for download to free users as well. Overall, well worth it you are looking to consistently use hacks in Garena Free Fire MAX and no not want to worry about constantly looking for updated mods for the latest release of the game and want to reliably use the best software for the job.

free fire max aim cheat


The cheating method for Free Fire MAX with the greatest potential, but also the ones that is hardest to find at any given time is the Exploit or Glitch: A method based on ‘exploiting’ or using bugs in the Free Fire MAX game app or game servers in order to cheat and gain unfair advantages, able to change the rules of what cheats are possible by exploiting server-side bugs. Some of the most common and well-known glitches are item duplication bugs, glitching under the map, god mode glitches, invisibility glitches, teleporting, speed glitches and free in-app purchase glitches. The reason why exploits can make otherwise impossible cheats possible for a limited time is because server-side processed data, such as gems, gold, money, coins, skins and similar data can be affected by bugs. – However, the downside of all this awesome potential is that exploits are not only extremely hard to find, but are also always temporary, as they will certainly get hotfixed, patched and eradicated from the game as soon as the developers become aware of any issue.

free fire mods

Resource Generators

As already briefly touched on, all generators and online hack websites for FF MAX are fake and therefore will never work. – As the why they are all fake and how we can state this as a fact without trying all of the tools, Generators and online website hacks: Free Fire MAX is an online game, which means that as opposed to an offline game not all the data is stored client-side, but vital account data, such as your Diamonds, Money / Coins, unlocked skins, battle pass / fire pass, unlocked emotes, crates, loot boxes, health, ammo, equipped weapons, health and similar data is stored on the game servers owned by Garena, known as server-side processing. – These game servers cannot be modified or hacked for all practical purposes, making online resource generators for Free Fire Max impossible. – While in theory it may be possible to hack servers, in practice no one wants to go to prison for some virtual fun bucks in some random online shooter game, as hacking servers is highly illegal and extremely difficult to do anyways.

free fire max aim assist

Game Hacking Tools

Able to do all the things that modded apps are able to do, game hacking tools are extremely hard to use correctly, but do offer a lot more consistency to the users that do learn to master the memory editing and game hacking techniques required to manually mod games like Free Fire MAX, as opposed to mods, tools will generally require no updated or revised techniques and procedures with every updated version of FF MAX that is being pushed to your device. More often than not the same tutorials, techniques and steps can be used to achieve the same results over many updates. However, the process of learning to use tools like GameGuaridan for Android and Game Gem for iOS correctly is extremely demanding, requiring you to be willing to invest time and learn, LUA scripts can automate the game hacking process, turning the tool into a trainer/mod menu with all the upsides and downsides of those but there is no way to use memory editors with no root or no jailbroken device required.

ff max multihack menu

Mod Money

As we have established more than firmly at this point, money cheats for Free Fire MAX are impossible due to server-side processing of that data. – However, this small and insignificant fact is not stopping every shady APK download website, every less reputable iOS app download portal and every weird app store on the planet from advertising their mods with ‘mod money’ and ‘unlimited money’ or ‘unlimited gems / diamonds’, because of course it does not. Reality has never stopped anyone from claiming the impossible. It should go without saying that such downloads must not be trusted and can be potentially harmful, should never be installed on you actual physical Android or iOS device and if you just must try them, because you do not trust my warnings, then at least use an Emulator to take care of your filthy needs to avoid Malware on you actual mobile phone.

ff max modified


As is the case with every mobile game hack, they do exist, but for every legit app, you will find at least 10 fakes and shady non-working ‘generators’, which is why you should only use trusted sources you find on HackerBot. – The possible features are what you can expect in any 3rd person shooter BR game with aimbots being the most powerful option available to players, wallhacks the most fun and safer option. While finding legit downloads is certainly possible for all mobile platforms, Android has a far more active and larger game cheating community, making it much easier to find working mods at any time. While tools can make farming free gold coins and diamonds in FF MAX a lot easier and faster, there is not direct way to get unlimited money using any tools.