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A BGMI Hack is any tool, Mod, app, APK, method or other means of cheating and gaining unfair advantages for players of BattleGrounds Mobile India, get more free UC (Unknown Cash / Gems), free BP (Battle Points / money), free skins, free in-game purchases and other goodies. – While there are many legitimate working cheats for both Android and iOS requiring no root and no jailbrake, generators and online tools for unlimited free UC, infinite BP and free skins do not exist and are always fake.

bgmi game hack

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BGMI Game Hacks

There are several ways of hacking Battlegrounds Mobile India including modded apps, such as apk Mods for Android and iIO game Mods, game hacking tools, Exploits, scripts, glitches, but the most popular method by far is the use of Apk Mods. Possible features include auto aiming Aimbots, Wallhacks (ESP) for seeing enemies and loot through walls, no recoil and no spread and radar cheats. Overall, the choice, especially for Android players, but also iOS players of BGMI when it comes to cheating, is absolutely huge and working mods can be found at pretty much any time, some requiring no root and no jailbrake either. APK mods for BGMI are by far the most popular cheating methods overall.

bgmi mod apk modded app

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auto aim, improved aim assist, headshot hack, aim Bot, this method of cheating is known by many names, but one thing remains the same: Auto aiming is probably the most overpowered feature any cheater can use in BGMI, since it allows a player not only to stay alive longer by killing anyone in their proximity, but also get better loot, more kills, more free BP and UC, unlock season pass items more quickly and win more chicken dinners. Aimbots will either come as part of a Mod Menu, script trainer, as Mod feature in a APK or iOS Mod and will be either shooting automatically, or allow the player to shoot manually, only aim locking targets.

battlegrounds mobile india aimbot


Just like Aimbots, Wallhacks take advantage of the fact that the game Client knows all the locations of all the players, items, lootable containers and vehicles in the vicinity to display information to the user, allowing them to see through walls using colored boxes, 2D radar minimaps and vie detection alerts to alert player when they are being aimed at. Overall, ESP cheats or wall hacks are more fun to use than auto aiming software, still requiring a player to aim and shoot, but giving them a huge tactical and informational advantage over other players. Wallhacks are certainly by far the most fun and rewarding cheating feature to use in Battlegrounds Mobile India (GBMI).

battle grounds mobile india mod menu

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As we have already established, all online resource generators for BGMI are 100% fake. There are no generators for free UC / Unknown Cash, unlimited BP / Money / Battle Points, free Season Royale Pass, free Skin unlocks, legendary emotes and costumes, free crates, free in-app purchases or anything similar due to server-side processing of that data. All your account data and your savegame are stored online on the KRAFTON game servers hosting Battleground Mobile India and cannot be modified, manipulated using any tools, much less online website generators. – No game cheat has ever been executed over an online website and never will. Any legit game cheat for BGMI will always require the user / player to download a file, which of course does not mean that all downloads must necessarily be legit, working and updated.

bgmi wallhack esp walls

Mods & Mod Menus

By far the most accessible, easy and efficient way to hack BGMI on Android and iOS alike are mods, moddes game files that have been reverse-engineered and modified to offer cheat features right out of the box, such as Apk Mods for Android. – Not only is this method extremely easy when compared to the alternative game hacking methods and tools, but it is also the most available kind of download you can find for Battlegrounds Mobile India by far, especially for Android APKs, as this is by far the dominant mobile gaming system in India specifically. Mod menus are premium quality mods made by the best engineers and programmers in the industry, offering the most and best features, the latest Game Hacks, quick updates, good support, an easier installation and update process than regular mods and of course an in-game menu to toggle individual features on and off.

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APK Mods

Modded .apk files (and OBBs) are the preferred way for cheaters to do their thing in BGMI, as Android is the dominant platform in India by far, Mod APK files can be used on Emulators, have the greatest community of modders and developers as opposed to iOS and are generally quite easy to download and install, provided one follows the installation instructions correctly. While in theory modded APKs can be installed with no root required, the installation process often requires the user to replace system files, which is not always possible on all phones without root access. While not trivial at all, the most accessible and beginner-friendly way of getting around the rules and gaining some unfair advantages in Battelground Mobile India for sure.

bgmi exploit glitch hack


Glitches and Exploits are of course bugs in the BGMI game app that can be used or ‘exploited’ to gain advantages, potentially making cheats that are usually impossible, such as free UC, unlimited BP, free skins, free in-game purchases, free season pass and free crates possible for a short time, until the developers become aware of the issue and patch / hotfix the underlying bugs as they always do. – Usually these bugs are extremely hard to discover, but since BGMI is basically an alt version or PUG mobile and PUG Lite, such exploit are even harder to find, as these games have been around and have been fixed for a long time. So while it is still possible for game breaking bugs to appear in Battleground Mobile India, it is quite unlikely. However, glitches can lead to some very overpowered hacks, such as item Duplication, invisibility, teleporting, glitching under the map for a God Mode, Unlimited Money, getting unreleased skins and much more. Also a perfect newbie cheat, as no root and no jailbrake are usually required, not tool or mods either.

bgmi headshot kill hack

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Mod Money

Just like generators, all money mods are fake too. UC and BP cannot be manipulated using any offline or online tools or modifications to the game app, since the data is stored server-side on the BGMI / PUBG game servers owned by KRAFTON. However, this fact does not dissuade hundreds of shady APK download sites, app sharing websites of ill-repute and other fishy actors from advertising their mods and downloads with the ‘mod money’ or ‘unlimited money’ or ‘unlimited UC’ feature. – As always we recommend against downloading mods that are claiming features that are not possible in reality, as they are most likely entirely fake or might even contain malware. If you must try some of these download for some unfathomable reason, please do so on an Emulator.

Emulators - Mouse & Keyboard

Another great way of cheating in competitive shooters and battle royale games on Android and iOS mobile is the use of Emulators: While this is not technically a BGMI hack as such, it does allow players to use mouse and keyboard to control the game, making them a lot better at aiming, dodging, moving and getting kills, driving and doing basically anything in general, as PCs simply have superior, quicker and more accurate controls by default. Many mobile shooters try to block Emulators from running the game APK, but mods can easily change that. Overall, this is one of the most fun tricks to use in PGMI and PUBG Mobile, as it is not necessarily a detectable / bannable hack, but almost as powerful as an Aimbot, making it as close to the perfect trick to use period.

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Game Hacking Tools

Not the easiest way to achieve your goals, game hacking tools have the distinct advantage of not requiring updated with every new patch for BGMI that is released and pushed to the play or appstore. Techniques, guides and tutorials used may stay up-to date and current for a long time, surviving many patches. However, using memory editors, such as GameGuardian for Android, GameGem for iOS or similar Cheat Engine-like apps can be quire complex when compared to the alternatives. Unless you are able, motivated and willing to learn and collect a lot of experience experimenting around with these tools, then this is not the means of cheating in BGMI that you want to use. This method is most definitively not recommended for newbie cheaters and beginner game hackers.


While there are many fakes, if you are looking for BGMI hack that is working and up to date, as well as undetected, your chances are very good on Android and slightly less certain on iOS. Aimbots, wallhacks and radar hacks, as well as Emulator support are probably the most overpowered options to look for. However, randomly searching the web for downloads will probably not get you what you are looking for, which is why you should use our HackerBot search in order to find working and legitimate hack downloads from trusted and clean sources that have been providing quality downloads for many years instead. Still cheating apps should always be used with respect and care to avoid account bans / not get banned.

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