‘Aimbot’ is the term used to describe any cheating software or game hack that allows a user to automatically aim and in some cases auto shoot (triggerbot) in shooter games. – Because of its extreme efficiency at racking up tons of kills in online multiplayer shooters, where it is most commonly used, it is one of the most controversial game hacking methods out there. However, it is also one of the few cheating methods that are easiest to detect and ban in existence.


The term ‘aimboit’ is amalgam of ‘robot’ and ‘aiming’ meaning automated aiming, aiming robot, auto aim ect. The ‘triggerbot’ triggers a shot or multiple shots once the automated aiming process is complete and usually is integrated into the term aimbot. Aim assist cheats are also quite popular and they are different in that they are usually a more extreme version of the already integrated aim assist that many FPS and online shooter games on mobile and consoles feature these days.

How Aimbots work

A real full-fledged aimbot is an extremely advanced cheating program that uses both game hacking techniques and automation or ‘botsoftware in order to find enemies/targets by reading the game memory and finding certain objects in the game world, then locks a player’s aim onto the target using user input, finally shooting the target. – It is in essence a combination of a wallhack / VAC / ESP and a game bot all combined in one.

While the aiming automation is pretty straight forward, the way an aimbot finds targets to shoot is not as simple: Since a part of any online game, namely the game world around you, has to be processed on your gaming device in order to display the game to you, this graphic memory can be scanned for certain objects, even if they are hidden behind walls, which allows the aimbot to acquire targets outside of the field of view and shoot them the frame they become hittable/visible. This will stay possible until games start processing graphics server-side, which would be extremely expensive and would come with lots of lag / latency. In fact the latency issue is a fatal one in this regard as latency is absolutely vital in competitive shooters and the speed of light cannot be surpassed. So aimbots are here to stay.

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Are there Aimbots for single player games?

Single player games really do not need any aimbots, since creating them and keeping them working is a lot of work and a lot of invested resources and single player games already allow for all kinds of powerful game hacks, such as god mode, unlimited money, ammo, speedhacks ect. So while it would certainly be possible to create aimbots for offline single player games, there is no demand for them as there are much cheaper and more powerful manes of cheating in offline games. – Since online multiplayer shooters do not allow for very powerful hacks, such as god modes, due to server-side processing, and are more competitive on top of that, that is where aimbots have found their home.

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What Features do Aimbots commonly include?

There is a lot of features that some aimbots will include. The amount of features, especially masking features will usually be a good indicator of the quality of a product. Here are some of the commonly included features, all of them are usually togglable and configurable:

  • Aimbot itself (auto aiming funcationaliy)
  • Triggerbot (auto shooting on or off, allowing you to just lock onto targets and shooting yourself if needed.)
  • Silent Aim (masks the aiming movement, gun fires in the ‘wrong direction’ but still hits, you don’t need to aim, but will hit the target)
  • Limiters for aiming angle, aiming speed, delay before shooting, aiming smoothness ect (this is to mask the aimbot use and make it less easily detectable by people watching you, make the aiming process seem more natural, human and insuspicious)
  • Only headshot, body shot, any shot, limb shot ect.
  • Firing / aiming through walls.
  • Predictive aiming considering projectile speed, target speed and direction, bullet drop ect.(This of course only works if the target does not change direction or velocity.)
  • Configurable buttons / keys for aiming and aim + trigger function
  • In game menu for configuring the aimbot, activating and deactivating individual options and limiters.

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Aimbots and Bans

As with all cheats there will always be individuals that use them to farm faster and use them respectfully and there are also always those that abuse them to try and dominate other players. While a good aimbot user can barely be told apart from a good player, a toxic game hacker using aimbots is going to be very obvious and usually will get reported and banned quite quickly. So while aimbots are infamous because of the people abusing them, these people will usually lose their accounts to bans extremely quickly, losing all their progress, and having to buy the game again, costing them a lot of money.

So overall, the fact that aimbots are extremely powerful is perfectly balanced out by the fact that abuse is easily detected and offenders banned from the game quickly. Modern server-side statistics analysis anti-cheat software is even able to automatically banning aimbots by simply analyzing their play statistics.

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Are there any Free Aimbots?

As already mentioned, aimbots are some of the most complex game hacks in existence and at the same time one of the most abused, which is why it is extremely unlikely to find legitimate free aimbots anywhere online. Not only does it not make much sense to put in all the work to develop a free aimbot, due to the popularity and power of the software, a free version would get banned pretty much immediately on release, forcing the developer to update the software to make it undetected once more. So while it is theoretically possible to find free downloads for aimbots, it is extremely unlikely and usually atuo aim and aim bot software will be a premium download or included in the premium version of a mod, hack or other game cheating tool.

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What is Aim Assist?

Aim assist is a game feature for shooters on consoles, mobile games and other gaming systems that do not allow for extremely accurate aim such as you would find using a mouse on PC. It is in essence a crutch for an inaccurate aiming input system and will make your crosshairs snap to the target once your aim is ‘close enough’ (radius around the target). On top of aim assist, such games will usually also feature extremely large hitboxes that are bigger than the player model itself. Game hackers are using this functionality in game hacking and mods to cheat by increasing the distance from the target at which the ‘snap to target’ or aimbot is activated. With other words: A lot of modern games have integrated aimbots that can be exploited and modified to become full-fledged aimbots / auto aiming hacks.

How to tell if someone is using an Aimbot

  • Crosshair snaps to target instantly. (Dead giveaway.)
  • Unnatural aiming movements: too direct, too straight, too stable, snappy, never overshooting target, insane recoil control)
  • Only headshots. (Dead giveaway.)
  • Instantly shoots as soon as an enemy is visible. (Because the aimbot snaps on instantly and the triggerbot shoots.)
  • Weird gun movement as if snapping from target to target. (Because they are.)
  • Average player suddenly develops god-like pro player aiming skills within a day. (Because they bought an aimbot.)
  • Instantly shoots after crosshair reaches target. (Triggerbot with no delay.)
  • Crosshairs are locked onto target and are following a point on target perfectly and instantly. (Aimbot is locked on and trigger is not pulled.)
  • Any of the features of wallhacks, because they usually go hand in hand. Almost always in fact.
  • Any of the aimbot features can be observed to differing degrees depending on the presence and configuration of anti-detection features such as aim slow, human-like movements, shooting delay ect.

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