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Artificial intelligence is here to stay and has changed many areas of life including game cheats: AI aimbots are a fairly new invention that uses AI technology and machine learning to train bots to aim and shoot automatically ushering in a new era in game hacking. These AI aimbot apps are trained on specific games and use visual recognition and user-input generation to perform their tasks, making them much less detectable than traditional aimbots. - What are aimbots?

How do AI Aimbots work?

Just like other artificial intelligence applications, AI aimbots are trained on data: They use primarily game play footage along with logs of user inputs to ‘learn’ how to aim and shoot automatically. - Over many training cycles the AI received reinforcements and ends up being able to automatically aim and shoot.

Since player models of friendly and enemy players look quite different from game to game, as this time AI aimbots are not very effective as universal auto aiming software and have to be trained for specific games, which is why they will often come with multiple training models, allowing users to switch from the model of one game to another. - With other words the aiming profile for a game like Valorant will not work for a game like Counter Strike 2. The bot needs a specific training model for a specific game.

ai aimbot

Differences between an Aimbot and an AI Aimbot

The term "aimbot" typically refers to a software tool used in first-person shooter games that allows players to automatically aim at enemies, making it easier to hit targets. An aimbot can be a simple program that snaps the player's aim to the nearest target, or it can be more sophisticated, including features like smooth aiming and target leading to appear more natural and avoid detection.

An "AI aimbot" on the other hand, implies that the aimbot utilizes some form of artificial intelligence or machine learning to improve its functionality. This could mean several things:

  1. Adaptation: An AI aimbot might be able to learn from the player's behavior and adapt to their style, making its assistance more seamless and less detectable.
  2. Prediction: By using AI, the aim bot could predict enemy movements more effectively, leading to more accurate targeting, especially for moving targets.
  3. Human-like Behavior: An AI aimbot might be able to mimic human aiming behavior more closely, including imperfections, to avoid detection by anti-cheat systems.
  4. Environmental Understanding: AI could help the aim bot understand the game environment better, taking into account factors like walls, obstacles, or other environmental elements that could affect aiming.
  5. Target Selection: Instead of simply targeting the nearest enemy, an AI aimbot could make more strategic decisions about which enemy to target based on their threat level, their position, or the player's current strategy.
  6. Learning and Improvement: An AI system can continuously learn from game scenarios and improve its performance over time, potentially becoming more effective the more it is used.
  7. Customization: AI could allow for more advanced customization options tailored to the player's preferences or the specific game being played.
  8. Detection: AI aimbots do not directly interface with the game and do not modify game memory, instead generating user inputs like a real player by visual input, making them much harder to detect.
  9. Less Updates: In theory AI aiming apps will need to be updated less often, since they do not directly interface with the game application or the game memory. However, as they use visual recognition to aim and shoot, they will need extensive reworks if a game gets any visual updates or new characters with unique visuals or skins are added.

While traditional aimbots are often considered cheating and can result in bans or other penalties if detected, the use of AI in aimbots could potentially make them even more effective and harder to detect. However, AI aimbots may not be quite as accurate as the originals, as they are trained on real game play data and human players are far from perfect.

ai aimbot


Here are the upsides of AI aiming software:

  1. They are more universal and require less updates.
  2. They are less detectable, as they do not need to directly interact or modify the game or the game memory.
  3. They look more human, as they are trained or real human player game play and user inputs.
  4. They have the potential to be much cheaper, as not as much high-skilled and unique work goes into updating them.


Here are the most pressing downsides of using AI aimbots:

  1. They are not as effective or accurate as traditional auto aiming apps.
  2. Traditional auto aim can be just as undetectable if you are willing to buy a premium download.
  3. As AI cheating becomes more popular, server-side AI software will be created to ban AI cheaters. AI wars of sorts.

ai aimbot

Are AI Aimbots the Future?

Yes and no. AI cheats are certainly the future as they can be very useful little helpers in many games. However, AI aimbots while they have huge potential to revolutionize the way people cheat in video games, they have their downsides: Their aim will not be perfect as is the case in many traditional aimbots, since they are trained on real player data, and they need a lot of training data in order to create them, which means that they will probably only exist for the most mainstream of mainstream games.

So while AI auto aiming software certainly has the potential to be a less detectable and cheaper version of traditional aiming software, they have yet to prove that they are as effective as the originals. Only time will tell if AI is the future of automated aiming in your favorite online shooters.

ai aimbot

Gaming Monitors with AI Features

Another step towards being entirely undetectable by client-side software is the rise of PC gaming monitors with AI features: These monitors can automatically scan your screen and relay the information to custom software (and AI models) that are then allowed to show additional information on a players screen. - This is an extremely interesting development in terms of cheating, as no software running on a monitor can be detected by a game in any way, as they are not running on the same device. This will make creating AI wallhacks and aimbots as well as a huge variety of ESP scripts and warning messages a lot easier for game cheaters in the future.

While a monitor is as of now unable to automatically aim, as it has no way to generate user inputs, people will make a way sooner or later. Also monitors are potentially able to highlight enemies, allowing players to more easily aim and shoot themselves.

ai aimbot

Where can I download AI Aimbots?

If you are looking for legitimate cheats to download, then is the place to be: Use our Start HackerBot feature to search for the cheats, including auto aiming software, that you are looking for. We scan only the trusted and legitimate game cheating sites for any software you wish to download and give you a list of the results that best match your search.

How to detect AI Aimbots

As already explained, AI auto aiming programs are exceedingly difficult to detect, if they are trained and programmed correctly. The aim movements will not differ much from a human player. However, they can still be detected by these clear signs:

  1. A players aim skill is not on the level of his movement and general game skills.
  2. A players aim skill much better than is map-awareness and tactical skill.
  3. The aim movements are different from a players other movements in speed, purpose and accuracy.
  4. If an AI bot for the purpose of aiming is programmed badly, you may also look for the general signs of normal aimbots.


Overall, ai aimbots are here to stay: They are more universal than traditional auto aiming software, do not need to be updated as often, are potentially less detectable, but come with their own potential downsides. If you find a working AI aiming models for a game you like, give it a try and download it and see how it stacks up to the original. In my experience they are quite effective, less expensive, but if you have the money the normal aimbots will do a slightly better job, as they directly interface with the game and are more accurate.