White Hat vs Gey Hat vs Black Hat Game Cheaters

White Hat Game Hacking is to use game hacks to do good and not evil. - To help people and exercise restraint to only use game cheats in situations where it is morally justifiable or helpful to everyone involved. HackerBot.net invented this concept and we urge our users to follow the rules of engagement outlined here.

white hat game hacker

White Hat Game Hacker

A true white hat game hacker uses game cheats only to counteract injustice, to do good and help others before themselves. No one gets annoyed and people and games are enriched and helped instead. HackerBot.net advocates for white hat use of game cheats. A true white hat game cheater only uses their ‘powers’ to...

  1. They counter black hat game hackers, making sure to only use the cheats of the black hat, rather than innocent players.
  2. They counter unfair situations, such as skilled players teaming up, PUB-stomping and spawn camping players in shooters.
  3. They help other players in co-op games, making sure to not ruin their fun in the process. For example carrying your team in a co-op horde game.
  4. They use game hacks to help others and enrich a game and community.
  5. They do not use game hacks for selfish purposes, unless absolutely no other players or the developers of the game are potentially negatively affected.
  6. They counter toxic and immoral practices, such as pay to win purchases in games by avoiding those predatory methods.
  7. They avenge those who have been wronged, but do not avenge themselves. You are a cheater and you deserve it.
  8. They act selflessly first and selfishly secondarily when it does not interfere with selflessness.

A true white hat only uses his ‘powers’ in situations where it is morally good or justifiable to do so or where no other players are affected in any way. They only use their powers very rarely when a situation presents itself. They exercise restraint when personally wronged or insulted. - It is another white hats jot to deal justice.

grey hat game cheater

Gray Hat Game Cheaters

A gray hat game hacker cares about others and wants to do good, but also cares about themselves. They take care to minimize their negative impact, but may act extremely selfishly while doing so. A gay hat may use their ‘powers’ in the following ways:

  • They act selfishly, but try to limit any negative impacts on the game and it’s players.
  • They show empathy, but are not primarily acting selflessly.
  • They may or may not help others when possible or convenient.
  • They avenge themselves when insulted or wronged in any way.
  • They may limit their use of cheats for moral reasons or to avoid detection or reports or both.
  • They are generally and game cheater that does not qualify for being a black hat or a white hat game cheater.

black hat game cheater

Black Hat Game Hackers

A black hat game hacker only cares about their own goals and may even enjoy dominating or trolling others. They are the main reason why game hacking is a hated among gamers as it is. They act with tonal disregard for the games they play or the players they are playing with. - A black hat will generally use their ‘powers’ in the following ways:

  • They generally display a lack of empathy, ranging from very little compassion to no compassion at all.
  • Some of them enjoy dominating, trolling, annoying and ‘PWNing’ others using cheats.
  • They generally act only selfishly with little to no regard for the games they play of the people they play with.
  • They are generally what normal gamers assume all game hackers to be, as they are by far the most noticeable kind of game cheater out there.
  • Some of them are blatant and obvious about cheating, the more sneaky ones try to ride the thin line of using game hacks as much as possible and avoiding bans and reports.

HackerBot.net believes in using cheats only selflessly and to do good and help the players we play with and the games we play. We understand if people want to sue cheats to compete in pay to win games that directly sell cheats to people that are willing to play through microtransactions. We also condone cheating in situations where no one is annoyed or affected in any way.