A Fake Hack is any ‘download’, ‘tool’, ‘mod’ or ‘generator’ that is not working, a scam, knowingly posted as an outdated cheat or a non-functional file or otherwise impossible to install, download or use. – Please consult our articles on Verification Scams and Generators if you are dealing with these. This article will be focusing on fakes that are not criminal scams, but rather highly misleading, fake or dangerous downloads.

fake hack download broken fail

There are many such Fake Hack Downloads out there: Some of them will mainly advertise possible features using possible means of game hacking, such as mods, game hacking tools or injection hacks, others might advertise impossible cheats such as money mods and hacks for online games. – What they have in common is that they knowingly do not deliver on what is promised by either providing files that do not work, malware, key loggers, adware, outdated mods and hacks or nothing at all.

How do Fake Hacks work?

As opposed to blatant scams, these fake hack sites, often huge app upload/download sites are not using human verification of any of those shady methods to make money, rather they provide actual downloads to get people to see and click their ads, but the downloads do not work, are outdated and the game hack features often entirely impossible to achieve in the type of game they are advertised for [1]. For more information on what hacks exactly are possible in what games, check out our article on game hacking. You will get a short summary below.

These fake hack ‘scams’ will often hide the actual download links below dozens of ads, force you to like a page using social buttons, have you click through to different pages and finally you will get a download link that either will not work (very often, they come up with the silliest excuses) or will get you something that does not work or far worse. Outdated, dummy files or detected hacks and mods are a best case scenario.

fake game hack impossible

Varieties of Fake Hacks

In order of how common they are, here is a list of the most prolific varieties of fake game hacks and a short description of what makes them unique.

  • Outdated Game Hacks/Mods advertised with impossible features.
  • Outdated Game Hacks/Mods advertised correctly apart from the ‘detected’ part.
  • Broken Download Links, only ads.
  • No Real Download Links at all, only ads.
  • Download Link is fine, but Download is deleted.
  • Dummy Files that do literally nothing, neither anything good, nor anything bad.
  • Social Locker, then Broken Download Link and all other varieties of that.
  • Detected Game Hacks / Mods
  • Malware / Adware / Key Loggers, which is basically the worst case scenario and you do not want to install this on any rooted mobile device or PC.
  • Any of the above plus the site won’t let you return to Google or your Search Engine.

detected banned ban game hack mod

What Hacks are Possible and Impossible?

This is the short version, for a more detailed view check out our article on game hacking. There is the Tl;DR that should be enough for you to tell impossible game hack features and options for possible ones.

  • Every kind of game hack is possible in offline games that do not require an internet connection in order to play.
  • In online games that require an internet connection, the variety of possible cheats is much smaller and less powerful.
  • Any important game value, such as money, health, items, free purchases, unlocks stats and usually damage, is impossible to hack in 99.999% of online games.

Keep in mind though that that only because a ‘game hack’ advertises options and cheats that are possible for the specific game, this does not mean that it is legitimate and working. It can still be a complete scam and fake. The only thing that means is that it requires further investigation to determine if it is fake or real.

impossible game hack

How many Fake Game Hacks are there?

Fake hacks for games, especially mobile games, are extremely prolific. At this point 98%+ of what you will find in any search engine when looking for ‘game + hack’, especially on mobile, is fake, a scam or worse. – If you refine your search, this may get better and for PC games is not quite as bad as it is for Android and iOS mobile games. However, if you know what’s good for you, then you are better off finding a legitimate website and sticking with it, rather than going looking for new game hacks, unless you really know your stuff.

outdated not working game hack mod

How can I find legitimate and working Game Hacks?

HackerBot.net specializes in helping gamers find legitimate, safe and working hacks, mods, bots and other cheating software for all gaming platforms from Android, iOS, PC to Consoles and beyond. You can use our Tool for Finding and Downloading Legitimate Game Hacks here. And you can find a Guide on How To Use It here. Our tools are kept up to date and we personally test the services that get to be listed in our tools for safety, quality of products, ease of use and other criteria. Downloading, installing and using game hacks will still be a process depending on the device, but you will actually get the real dead and not dream hacks that simply do not and cannot ever exist.

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