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Fakes and Scams are extremely prolific when looking for Game Hacks online. The worst offenders by far are Human Verification Scams and Fake hacks / mods. These scams will usually claim impossible cheats to try and trick people into giving their login information, buying subscriptions, investing time, downloading apps, downloading malware, giving credit card information ect. These scams are mainly aimed at kids and gullible people that do not understand how game cheating works. Online generators, free offers and online hacks do not exist for any game.

Usually these scams will claim to generate free game currency, give you other free goodies and currencies or free stuff, then require you to complete an offer or ‘human verification’ in order to receive the free stuff. – At the end of the process you will have invested time, completed offers or downloaded apps and you will receive nothing. This is fraud and the people doing this are criminals.

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What is a Human Verification Scam?

The scammer will create a website that will claim to be a ‘generator’ or ‘game hack’, offering you something that sounds really good, too good to be true, such as free currencies and resources in online games, free gift codes, free money of all kinds ect. The scam is not just limited to gaming.

Users will find the fake generator / hack website through online videos, search engines ect. The scam website will then do anything from fancy animations, fake alerts, fake comments, surprisingly professional design and so on to convince the user that it is in fact legitimate, which it is not.

The users is then asked to ‘complete a human verification’ to finalize the ‘hack or transfer process’. However, instead of using proven Captcha services to weed out bots, they use shady advertising providers and content locker services that pay publishers for completed offers, downloads, bought apps, app downloads, completed surveys ect. The ‘human verification’ is in truth the way the scammers monetizes the defrauded party. At the end of the process the defrauded party gets nothing, since online generators and hacks are impossible and do simply not exist.

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What is a Fake Game Hack Scams?

Generally there is very little difference to the Human Verification Scams, except that fake hacks can be downloads, either entirely fake, entirely impossible hack or mod downloads, they might make money using ads exclusively and not using ‘human verification’ offers, content lockers or similar scam services.

They will offer either outdated downloads, malware downloads, fake non-dangerous files, advertise cheats that are not possible using any downloads, such as money mods and hacks for online games and so on. These sites are more focused on getting a lot of traffic to their ads, rather than being straight criminals that scam their victims. While human verification scams are always fraud and criminal, fake hack scams can be simply misleading and sleazy, but also have the potential to be highly illegal in the case of virus, adware and malware downloads. – For this reason one should never download any files from an unknown website and always do research on the website and its reputation before downloading and installing any files, especially on rooted mobile device.

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How to recognize Fake Generator and Fake Hack Scams

  • ‘Generator’ is a word almost exclusively used in titles of scam websites when it comes to any kind of game hack, free stuff, gift codes ect.
  • They will usually ask for you user name and features a generate button.
  • They will have overly fancy animations all around. This is probably because these scams are mainly aimed at children. The design is usually quite professional, but has too many animations.
  • The ‘generation’ or ‘hack’ process will never result in anything. Sadly to figure this out you have to get scammed first, but it is another clear way to tell that it is in fact a scam.
  • Fake Generators and Fake Hack Downloads will feature impossible cheats. To discern possible and impossible cheats, one needs to understand how game hacking works. You can learn about it here.
  • Very often you will get to the scam generator website though very shady looking pins, spam posts, links or other shady landing pages found in search engines or video descriptions.
  • They will claim thing that only a person with unlimited resources, the developers of a game, owner of a service or God himself could offer, but would never actually offer. So with other words: They offer impossible or at the least infinitely improbable things.
  • Some of these websites will also use social lockers on top of content lockers to force users to like their scam on social media sites, tricking Google and other search engines into ranking them higher.

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Why are Generator Scams and Fake Hacks Dangerous?

Most of them will waste your time, maybe make you download some shady apps, but some of them will have you download malware, spend money on the apps they advertise, spend money to complete other offers, log your username and password (phishing) or worse. – The people running these sites are blatant criminals targeting children and there is really not much most of them won’t do to make money. They will usually keep their websites clean of malware, but as soon as you download something, you can potentially be in big trouble.

What Game Hacks are Possible and What Hacks / Offers are Scams?

You can find in-depth explanations at the links below, but in general this is a rule that will apply to 99.999% of all cases when it comes to game hacks, generators and free stuff offers:

  • There are no online website game hacks, generators or free stuff tools.
  • In offline games (no internet required) it is possible to hack anything using game hacking tools and mods that must be downloaded.
  • In online games (internet connection required) some cheats are possible using downloadable cheating software, but free currency, purchases, unlimited money, health ect are not possible in online games.

human verification

Who is running Human Verification Scams and Free Gift Code Scams / Fake Game Hack Scams?

The people running these scam sites are of course quite good at hiding their identities, but it can be assumed that most of them will be living in places like India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Africa or Asia, where scams are very common and are not being prosecuted pretty much at all.

So far it seems that no one is aware of this kind of scam that affects millions every day. Search engines do not seem to care to do anything about it, continuing to show the scams and pages promoting them. Neither do the authorities care or the media to talk or do anything about this, as they probably do not even understand the problem. Until someone realizes that hundreds of millions of kids are getting scammed every year and starts taking action, the business of scamming kids will be continuing to flourish.

How much do Human Verification Scammers earn?

Depending on the service they use (content lockers, surveys, downloads ect) they will earn anywhere between 0.10 $ to 20.00 $ from a single offer completion. Multiply that by hundreds of millions of kids getting scammed every year, some of them multiple times and you get a partial understanding of the dozens of millions that are being made by people scamming kids this way. It is a huge industry of scammers and all means are allowed in the quest to defraud the most vulnerable and gullible among us.

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How these Scams are advertised

Advertising is done using any means necessary, but a very popular way is spam uploading faked videos using after effects to fake resource generation to YouTube and other video platforms. Scammers also love applying all kinds of spam, such as Pinterest spam, uploading spam PDFs to .edu .gov and other very highly trusted websites, all kinds of parasite spam on authority websites and it is also extremely likely that the scam spammers are making use of infected devices they gained from having their users download malware to rooted phones and other devices in their marketing efforts, making it much easier for them to be found in Google and other search engines, gaining more views, like and other signals.

Why is not anything being done about these Scams?

Why not much is being done to combat the problem of fake generator scams, fake free offers and fake game hacks is that most people do simply not understand the concept; also there are too many scammers out there in too many countries where they cannot be prosecuted. If one scammer is taken down, 7 others take his place in minutes. There is simply no way to get rid of them. Unless tech companies figure out how to filter them out, which is extremely unlikely as they can adjust their content and websites at any time, the problem will continue to exist.

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