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A Royal Match Cheat is any app, tool or method that allows players to gain advantages and complete levels faster in the game on Android and iOS. While there are many different working hacks out there, unlimited stars, moves, boosters and coins do not exist.

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When it comes to cheating methods in this game there are several methods available to players: Mods in the form of APKs and iOS modified apps are the most popular and simple option chosen by most players. Tools can also be used to manually modify game data and memory. Scripts and bots can be used to automatically play the game and find the most effective matches in this puzzle match-3 game. Lastly patchers, glitches and exploits are more exotic methods of gaining an edge.

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Mods and Menus

In Royal Match the most popular way to beat the game more quickly is the use of modified game clients. These ‘mods’ generally come in the form of modified APK files or iOS .IPA files that have been recompiled, modified and rebuilt into working app packages that can easily be installed instead of the original game app. This is usually done by professional software developers and in quite an involved and complicated process. The downside of using such apps is that they need to be updated often with every patch that the Royal Match game app receives.

Mod menus are premium applications that come with an in-game menu that allow players to customize and toggle individual scripts and trainer options while they are playing the game, allowing them to turn hacks on and off during gameplay. - These downloads are quite rare and often paid, but generally come with better support and faster updates.

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Scripts and AI

With the rise of AI machine learning has started to be applied to solving puzzle games: As with most games artificial intelligence will outperform 99% of human players, making it the perfect tool to solve puzzle games faster. While AI tools for games like Royal Match are still exceedingly rare and will usually require users to take screenshots, the technology is evolving extremely quickly and may soon be able to solve puzzles in real time.

Scripts are already able to highlight potential matches, assisting players by showing them all the possible options and helping them to make the best choice at any time.

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Unlimited Coins, Stars, Moves and Lives

Royal Match requires an online connection to play properly, making it an online single player game. - This means that any currencies and money values as well as health and items are stored on the game servers and cannot be modified using any tools or apps. So upgrading your castle with unlimited stars is only possible by actually playing the game or spending money.

Any tools that offer unlimited resources for Royal Match are sadly fake and will never work. We recommend staying away from such websites, as there is a danger of malware, phishing and similar risks. Anyone offering you features that are not possible, probably does not have your best interests in mind.

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The use of game bugs to break games is one of the oldest ways that players have used to beat games more easily alongside cheat codes: These bugs are flaws in the game or its servers that can be used or ‘exploited’ to gain an advantage, such as additional spars, boosters, coins or lives. However, these bugs are quite rare and hard to find and once found they will be patched as soon as the game developers become aware of them. To use any glitches before they get fixed, keep an eye on bug reports and the relevant game forums.

While it may be tempting to use hacks or cheats in Royal Match, it's important to remember that these can lead to consequences such as being banned from the game. It's best to play fair and enjoy the game as intended.