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A Project Makeover Cheat is any tool, app or method or exploit that allows players to gain an advantage in the game on Android and iOS. While there is a variety of hacks for this game, unlimited gems, cash, lives, moves, boosters and coins are simply not possible.

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Project Makeover tools come in various forms, primarily through modded APKs, iOS apps, and game modding tools. These cheats can offer unlimited moves, speed multipliers, automated matching and booster creation, god mode with infinite lives, level skips, larger bomb radii, extra boosters before stages and more. The available features depend on the tool type, your operating system (Android or iOS), server-side processing capabilities and the current version of Project Makeover you're using. However, obtaining free gems, coins or cash remains impossible as this data is securely stored online and can't be modified.

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Mods & Menus

Mods reign supreme as the top cheating method for both Android and iOS mobile gaming. These modified versions of original game files, downloaded from the App or Play Store, come pre-loaded with advanced features. While installing mods isn't just a simple download-and-play process—sometimes requiring rooted or jailbroken devices or emulators—they are still far easier to use than other modification tools. Project Makeover modded game clients exist for both platforms but are more accessible on Android, which also supports easily-rooted emulators for admin access.

Mod Menus are premium mods that come with in-game menus that allow you to customize your trainer options, toggle options and sometimes even auto update the mod once a new build is available. They are usually only fully unlocked for premium members, but can be found as free downloads at times.

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Scripts & Bots

In most match-3 games, spotting and making matches takes time. Creating boosters by aligning 4 pieces in a square for a small bomb, 4 pieces horizontally or vertically for fireworks, or 5 pieces in T, L, or straight formations for bigger bombs and rainbows can be challenging without strategy. However, advanced AI apps in Project Makeover excel at this. These tools swiftly identify the best matches and create boosters efficiently. They either play the game for you or highlight potential moves so you can make smarter decisions. This helps preserve lives, clear stages effortlessly, earn more free boosters, and elevate your gameplay significantly.

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Unlimited Gems, Coins and Cash

You can't edit or generate free gems, coins, or unlock all cosmetics in Project Makeover. Any tool claiming to do so is a scam designed to trick you into completing offers, downloading apps, or buying subscriptions without delivering anything. These "Human Verification Scams" promise much but give nothing. No website can provide free items for any mobile game; that's not how game modding works. Real hacks involve downloading and running mods or tools directly on your device.