How to Cheat in All Games

This is the complete guide on how to hack games. Here you will learn how to cheat safely and avoid bans, malware and scams. However, using game cheats properly, especially in online games, is not easy. You have been warned. (No programming required.)


What do I need to know?

  1. 95% of all cheats online are fake.
  2. Not all cheats are possible in all games.
  3. No all possible cheats are available for all games at every time.
  4. All cheats are possible in offline games. But not wall cheats may be available.
  5. The cheating options in online games are limited by server-side processing. (Generally: No money hacks!)
  6. Cheats are most available on Windows PC and Android. Possible, but rare on iOS. Consoles: almost impossible.
  7. Cheating is risky. If you want a 0% chance of getting banned, turn back. However, I can show you how to avoid 99% of malware.

What you Need

What do I need?

  1. You need a second PC or secondary Phone. (Android, iOS, Windows) This is used to test cheats and isolate your cheating activity from any vital accounts and devices to avoid any risk. - Emulators or virtual machines also work for this purpose.
  2. You need a lot of time and patience. If you expect a 3 minute solution, it does not exist.
  3. (Optional) Unless you are looking to cheat in an offline game, you probably need money. No one programs and maintains quality cheating software for online games for free.

what is possible

Step #1 - Know what Cheats are Possible in Your Game

The first step of trying to hack any game is knowing what cheats are actually possible in your game, which allows you to distinguish potentially legitimate cheats from all the fakes.

  1. Use your favorite search engine and search for ‘HackerBot + Your Game’ and you will find our page on your game that shows a table of what cheats are possible and impossible.
  2. Generally, money cheats will be impossible in online games that require an internet connection to work.
  3. Another rule is that all cheats are possible in games that can be played without an internet connection (offline games).
  4. (Optional) You may also want to check out our article on server-side and client-side processing in games to dive deeper on this subject.

Search and Download Software

Step #2 – Find and Download Cheats

The second step of hacking any game is finding and downloading or creating software from the web. And seeing if cheats for your game exist. HackerBot has a tool that will scan legit cheating sites for the cheats you are looking for.

  1. Use HackerBot to search all legit game hack websites for game cheats that work for your game. There is also an Advanced Search.
  2. Check the comments to see if the download is working and undetected.
  3. Check the sources and posters reputation online to feel more safe.

Create your own Cheats

Step #3 – Create Your Own Cheats

Should up-to-date cheats not currently exist for your game, then you can try to create your own cheats or move on and try to cheat in a more popular game or on a more popular platform. Most cheats are made for the most popular games out there.

  1. Try to use memory editors to hack your game. Tutorial Link.
  2. Try to create an automated farming game bot or macros. Tutorial Link.
  3. Try to use the most popular game hacking tools. Link.
  4. Try to find exploits and glitches for your game. Tutorial Link.
  5. You can also try to create APK mods, macros, edit save games, edit game data, patch game apps and more. You can find all tutorials here.

Test your Game Hacks for Safety

Step #4 – Test The Cheats Safely

The fourth step of hacking any game is testing: This is a very important step to keep your accounts and devices safe.

  1. Download your game hack only on your SECONDARY DEVICE, VIRTUAL MACHINE or EMULATOR.
  2. Use a secondary account if your game requires an account.
  3. Test your cheats, tools, bots or other software in this safe environment that is 100% isolated from your main device(s) and main account(s).
  4. If you get no malware and if the cheat works as advertised and does not result in a ban, you simply switch to your main game account.

Always Update your Software

Step #5 – Keep the Cheats Updated and Improve

The last step is to simply keep your cheats updated. Games these days are updated frequently and these updates can break mods, hacks and other cheating software.

  1. Bookmark the place where you downloaded your cheat.
  2. Bookmark HackerBot to find new legitimate cheats for your game.
  3. Search for premium subscriptions if you downloaded a free game hack, as premium software often comes with better support and is generally safer to use.

white hat

Step #6 – Become a White Hat Game Hacker and use Cheats to do Good

A bonus step that recommends is to try and use cheats to do good and enrich the games you play and their communities. We call this White Hat Game Cheating.

  1. Use cheats selflessly primarily to help others and fight injustice.
  2. Only use cheats selfishly if there is no chance of annoying anyone.
  3. Check out our article on White Hat Game Hacking to learn how to truly use cheats to do good and become a video game superhero.

Game Hacks

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work for online games?

Yes, it does. While online games are much harder to get cheats working in, it is certainly possible. Online game cheats have to be updated more often, unlimited money is generally not possible outside of exploits and many cheats are not available for free. Learn more about cheating in online games.

Are Game Hacks safe to use?

No, generally downloading random ‘game hacks’ from the web is extremely risky. 95% of all cheats found online are fake, scams or may even contain malware. - This is why HackerBot works hard to help players to access safe and reliable cheats. Learn more about the risks of game hacking.

Is game hacking Legal?

Modifying data on your own device to gain advantage in games is generally legal in most jurisdictions. However, it is against the terms of service of many online games, which means that cheaters game accounts can be permanently banned without proof. More about the legality of game hacks.

Can I get Unlimited Money in Online Games?

Generally not, as the money values are stored on the online servers and not on your physical device. However, bots can often be used to farm money in online games. Exploits and glitches are extremely rare, but there have been many instances of players duplicating money and items using those. There are also private servers that can potentially enable unlimited money and of course buying microtransactions is pay to win games. Learn more about bots and exploits and how to find glichtes.