Downloading game cheats is risky. This guide will teach you how to use game hacks and cheats safely. – Setting everything up will take some time and money so we recommend that you bookmark this page and return when you have the time. Here is the short guide:

cheat safely

  1. Downloading cheats, especially free ones, comes with risks. It is vital that you use a good Antivirus on any device where you run game hacks.
  2. To be able to dispute game bans in online games and to hide your identity it is recommended to use a good VPN. – We recommend CyberGhost or Private Internet Access (same company).
  3. Another necessity is to use secondary accounts for the purpose of cheating or testing cheats to protect your main game accounts from bans.
  4. To further protect your physical device and identity, we recommend using virtual machines and emulators wherever possible. Alternatively, you can use an older phone, console or computer to test cheats without risk for your main device.
  5. If you are looking to use game hacking tools it is important to use trusted software and clean downloads. – CheatWare is recommended for cheating tools.
  6. If you are going to download game hacks, mods or cheats it is vital to only download from clean and legitimate sites offering original software. - We created HackFinder for finding safe downloads.
  7. Only if you use all of these measures, you will be 100% safe when trying new cheats that you have never used before.



Using a good antivirus program for any device is 100% necessary. – There are many fake game cheats out there that will try to infect your gaming device. In fact, there are more fake cheats than legitimate ones. So if you should decide to try and run any such software on any device you care about without protection, you are asking for trouble.

use vpn


Virtual Private Networks (or VPNs) allow you to hide your IP address in online games, protecting your identity and also allowing you to dispute game bans and banned accounts, as you can claim that someone else accessed your account. If your game required the internet to play, this is highly recommended. – We recommend CyberGhost VPN or Private Internet Access (same company) when considering buying a VPN service with a proven no logs policy and measures against IP leaking.

multiple alt accounts

Secondary or Alt Accounts

Another important measure to avoid getting banned or hacked besides using a VPN is to use secondary accounts or alt accounts on any gaming store or the game itself. This is done to protect your main account from being banned. So it is vital to have a 2nd account for the appstore, playstore, steam ect.

virtual machines emulators

Emulators / Virtual Machines / Secondary Devices

What emulators, VMs and secondary devices allow you to do is test cheats on a device you do not care about. – This is arguably the most important measure to eliminate the risks that come with using game hacks. You get infected? Simply reset your VM or emulator.

game modding tools patchers

Trusted Game Hacking Tools

There are several working, legitimate and safe tools that can be used to modify games on Android, iOS, Windows PC and other gaming systems. However, as with the game cheats themselves there are also many fakes out there and many downloads pretending to be legitimate. We recommend using CheatWare for downloading tools, as it is a safe source.

safe download

Safe Game Hack Websites

Finding working and safe software is the final and hardest step, as there are far more fakes and malicious downloads out there than safe and working ones. – If you browse the web for cheats to use in any particular game you will encounter outdated downloads, malware, generator scams and many other forms of dangerous or untrustworthy software. This is why we created HackFinder, which is a search engine that will only search websites that are relatively safe and known for only allowing legitimate software on their properties. It is also vital to follow the safe use guide to further protect yourself.