Important: Read this before you even think about contacting game support. Once you tell them something to appeal your game account banning, you have to stick to that story and cannot change it, lest they know you are lying. Plan your support ticket firs and take your time to get it right. You will often only get one shot at this.


1. It was my “Little Brother”: (Success Rate 30%+)

This method boils down to: My little brother / friend played the game. Of course there is no little brother. In my experience in order for this method of getting back a banned account to succeed, you need to make up a good and plausible story. My problem with this technique is that your story has to be way too detailed, but if you pull it off, it does have the best chance of actually working. Ideally you actually have a little brother that can help you, which I do not.

someone hacked me acc recovery

2. I got “Hacked”: (Success Rate 20%+)

This method builds on the fact that for almost every online game out there, there are fake hacks, generators and fake cheats that log your login data to hack your account. What you do here is you change your IP to another IP than the one you used to cheat, exploit or whatever and claim that you didn’t play for a long time and now are banned after having used a fake “free stuff generator” for the game you got banned from.

So far, this is the best method that I use to get account unbanned for RWT, hacks, botting ect. It won’t work every time, but it will work more often than not, if done correctly.

be honest banned account back 

3. Being Honest and Apologetic: (Success Rate 20%+)

While being honest is certainly virtuous, good and better than using a badly thought-through lie or changing ones story, it is only the 2nd best method of getting your game account unbanned that I know of. All you basically do is come clean, tell them everything you did and express your regret, beg for mercy and hope. Works better for accounts that have spent a lot of money on any given game.

This method is easy, but there are games where it will simply not work, because the support people don’t even have the right to unban you, even if they feel sorry for your situation and feel that your regret is real.

ban account game data

4. Unbanning Services (Success Rate 0%-30%)

Personally, I don’t believe in unbanning services: All they do is write the support email for you. But since they don’t have as much information about the activities, the IP, the game community ect, you will be able to write up a far more convincing appeal ticket than they ever could. They don’t have any secret connections or methods, all they do is the same thing you would do if you follow other methods on this page of getting your account reinstated.

john snow knows nothing

5. I didn’t do Anything! (Success Rate <10%)

I don’t know anything. It’s what a lot of people do that have been caught for the first time and don’t know what they are doing. This will not work in 90%+ of cases, because usually when you are getting banned it is because of player reports, evidence, detected unauthorized access, hacks, aimbots ect. Coming clean is literally multiple times better than this very childish method of trying to get back ones account.

i do the sue for acc banned

6. I will sue you! I payed! (Success Rate 0%)

This is just plain stupid: Not only do the Terms of Service of any decent game allow the developers to ban anyone at any time from their service (yes it’s a service, if it is an online game), but also you probably don’t have the money to even file a case against a huge company like a game developer/publisher, unless your dads name is trump and he gives you a small loan of a million dollars. Excuse my humor. Still this will never work. Support will ignore you and your account will never get unbanned.

i got hacked someone else did it

My Experience

I have done all kinds of cheat-y things in all kinds of online games: botting, real world trade, trading accounts, hacking, aimbotting, exploits, organized XP farming, hacked servers ect. I have also worked with friends whose accounts got banned and helped them getting them back. I do know what I am talking about. I had over 20+ accounts banned myself and helped another 10+ people with their bans. And lately, as I perfected my technique of "unbanning", my sucess rate has increased a lot. I will keep you guys posted.

i got hacked someone else did it

Circumventing bans is never easy, but it is possible. You should give it a shot at least instead of instantly giving up, but what path you chose to go is up to you and the consequences as well. Work out a plan with the best chance of success either being honest or coming clean or using other methods. Only after you know your strategy, contact support.