how to use hackerbot

HackerBot works for all Games: Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Consoles and many more. – It allows you to easily download working mods, hacks and cheats for legitimate sources with clean and proven track-records of delivering clean downloads, allowing you to minimize your risk while using cheats and game hacking apps.

How to use HackerBot

  1. Go to HackerBot HackFinder
  2. Enter your game name.
  3. …followed by your OS / platform (Android, iOS, PC, Console ect)…
  4. …followed by the cheat you are looking for (mod, hack, bot, ect)…
  5. …ideally followed by the current build / version of the game (ex. 1.0.2)
  6. Then hit search.
  7. Browse the results and try the one that looks the best.
  8. Check the comments / replies to see if the file is up to date and working and does not get you banned.
  9. Download the file.
  10. Follow the installation instructions in the download thread.
  11. Download HackerBot APK to access the tool more easily!

HackerBot Explained

HackerBot allows you to find and download working cheats by filtering out all the human verification scams, fakes and spam that you will find if you are using normal search engines. – If you cannot find a cheat in HackerBot, it probably does not exist. Only the best sites and providers are searched.

You can try sdwitching OS / platform. Generally Android will have more cheats than iOS and PC will have more cheats than PlayStation and Xbox consoles ect. - Not all games will have working cheats on all platforms at all times. That is the reality of things. The most popular games on the most popular gaming platforms will generally also have the most available and easily accessible cheating software.

Why use HackerBot?

Most game hacks out there on the internet are fake, because it certainly is easier to claim that you have an unlimited money cheat, rather than to actually have one. On top of that most of the most sought-after cheats, such as unlimited gems, god modes and infinite cash cheats are often impossible doe to server-side processing in online games. HackerBot protects you from fakes and scams when looking for cheats, only showing you genuine results and downloads, allowing you to easily download working game hacks and making it one of the best game hacking tools available today.