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How to Use HackFinder

  1. Complete our Beginners Guide if you are new to game hacking.
  2. Enter the name of your game. Example: ‘PUBG Mobile’
  3. Enter the cheat you want. Example: MOD APK’, ‘BOT’, ‘HACK’, ‘aimbot’ ect.
  4. Ideally, enter the platform, year or current game version (for mobile). Example: ‘Android 2023’
  5. Ideally, your search should look something like this: ‘PUBG Mobile MOD APK Android 0.19.0 2023’ (current version is only necessary for mobile games)
  6. Press search. Download Cheats. Follow safety guidelines.

Example Search
example game hack download

Not finding working cheats?

You are either not ready yet to correctly install cheats for your game or legitimate cheats do not exist for your game (yet). – There are multiple ways around both of those issues most of the time, but you need to learn the basics of game hacking first. We recommend completing our Beginners Guide for game hacking, checking out our Wiki and watching our educational videos to get the necessary knowledge first.

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We also recommend checking out our tutorials to learn the practical techniques used in game cheating and the basic skills required to use and install game cheating software, mods, bots and other software used to hack games.

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HackFinder - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is including a game version necessary? – No, but for many games, online games especially it is very useful to find a cheat for the current version of the game, as old ones will often be outdated or detected.
  • Are the best cheats always #1 in the results? – No, the results are not ordered by quality of cheats, but by how closely they match the search.
  • Does this work for games on Android / iOS / Windows PC / Xbox / PlayStation / Nintendo consoles? – It works for all games where cheats exist.
  • Is it easy to install these cheats? – That depends on the kind of cheat you are downloading. Some are extremely easy to install, other are quite difficult, such as APK mods for example.

HackFinder Tool for Downloading Cheats

HackFinder tool by allows users to find and download cheating software, game hacks and mods from legitimate sources, providers and communities that have stood the test of time and provided clean, safe and working game hacks and cheats for many years. Skip all the fakes and scams you find online and Download the Android App.