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A Ludo King Hack or Mod for Android, iOS or Facebook is any tool, app, software download or method that allows a player to win more games, farm more coins and free Diamonds, have more information, better RNG and generally perform better in online and offline matches of Ludo King by using cheats to gain an unfair advantage. – There are no direct hacks for unlimited Diamonds and Coins in Ludo King, unless you are the Host of a match, they are not possible.

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Ludo King Mods & Mod Menus

Modding or the use of Mod APKs and iOS game Mods are the most appealing and most popular way of hacking Ludo King by a country mile, as it is comparatively easy to do, only requiring you to download a file, install the file on a rooted device or Emulator and play the game as usual. – There are even plausible ways to run mods with no root and no jailbreak for Ludo King, which is another reason why most players looking to gain a simply and significant advantage in the game, are choosing mods.

Ludo King Mods are in essence original game packages, such as APK files or IPA apps that have been reverse-engineered and modified or ‘modded’ to run cheats right out of the box. Mod Menus are the same thing, but will offer an in-game menu for enabling and disabling individual cheat options, customize your hacks and sometimes even update the app. While mods can often be found for free download, mod menus will usually require a premium subscription in order to get access to the full versions of these extremely powerful cheating tools.

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Ludo King Cheats

There are a variety of Hacks for Ludo King, but not all of them are actually possible: Money hacks for example for unlimited free Diamonds and Coins are impossible, especially in online matches, since they are processed server-side. However, in the case of peer-to-peer hosting, the host is able to get unlimited diamonds, coins, RNG hacks and even hacks to choose your dice roll or reroll ever time. So money cheats are only possible if you are the host of the game, such is the case in playing Ludo against an AI, local multiplayer or peer-to-peer matches, if that is the matchmaking system that connects you to other players. So with other words: The cheats and mods available to Ludo Kind players on all mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS depend not only on the operating system, but also the host of the game, the version of the game and other factors. The most popular cheats using in the game currently are by far Ludo King APK mods for android mobile.

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Ludo King Hack Features

Here are some of the hack features you can expect from any good Ludo King hack. Keep in mind that most the extremely powerful Hacks are only possible in self-hosted games, such as against the AI, being the Host of a Ludo King match lobby or local multiplayer matches of Ludo.

  • Unlimited Rerolls – You get to reroll ever time / unlimited Diamonds in match (Host-Client Only)
  • Free Diamonds / Unlimited Coins – Money Hacks are only possible during match and only if you are the host of the game. (Host-Client Only)
  • Tools for detecting Captures – Alerts you if you current roll allows you to capture someone.
  • Tools for detecting Risks and Opportunities – Odds of getting captured, calculating the best move in Win %, calculating if a Reroll is worth.
  • Automated Playing Bots – Good for farming unlimited Coins and Diamonds by automatically doing Wheel of Coins, Playing Matches, doing 7 Up Down ect.
  • Cosmetic Unlockers for Themes, Skins ect (Cleint-Side only player won’t see this)
  • Instant Win (Host-Client Only)
  • Remove / Block Ludo King Ads Hack (Online and Offline)
  • God Mode, aka cannot be captured (Host-Client Only)
  • Invisible Tokens (Host-Client Only)
  • RNG Hacks, for manipulating your won and your Opponents Rolls (Host-Client Only)
  • Choose your Roll Hack / Mod (Host-Client Only)

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FREE Coins and Diamonds

There various other little cheats and tricks that can be used in Ludo King, such as bots and macro scripts to automatically watch ads and install / uninstall apps to get free Coins and Dianmonds. However getting 999999 Diamopnds and Coins this way will take a long time. Automated playing bots can also be used to complete daily missions, play ‘7 Up Down’ the mini-game and spin the Wheel of Coins every time you get to do so for free to farm some free goodies for your Ludo King account over time. However, it is important to know that there are no Generators, hacks or tools that will add 999999 Diamonds or 999999 Coins to your Ludo king account: These sites are all Scams and will never work, as this data is stored on the game servers and cannot be hacked using any tools. Only during self-hosted games are you able to reroll your die for free / get unlimited diamonds for the duration of that match. – This will not work in online server-side hosted games at all.

Android vs. iOS Game Hacking

Generally it is easier to hack mobile games on Android than it is to do so on iOS, as it is easier to gain admin access on Android and there are more game hacking communities on that operating system. Android mods are APK files that often require a rooted android device to install properly. – However, on Android you have the option to use an Emulator instead so you can play with no rooted phone required. On iOS, modded IPA apps can be installed through modded appstores once your iOS device is jailbroken. Sadly, for iOS there are no Emulators as of this moment and you need to jailbreak your actual physical mobile device in order to install Ludo King mods and hacks. – No matter what mobile device you are playing on, it is recommended that you make a 2nd account and test cheats there, before trying them on your main gaming account for the purpose of avoiding bans.

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Exploits & Glitches

exploiting is the use of bugs in the game to gain advantages and is one of the potentially most powerful cheating methods available in Ludo King and online mobile games in general, as Exploits can potentially break all the rules as to what cheats are usually possible by circumventing server-side processing through server-side bugs. With other words: While hacks like unlimited free diamonds, coins, unlimited die rolls and free in-game purchases are usually impossible, exploits can still achieve these cheats at least temporarily until the developers hotfix the bugs that make the exploits possible. So while working and powerful exploits are quite rare, it pays to keep an eye on the relevant game hacking forums covering Ludo King to catch actie exploits before they are patched out of the game forever.


Overall, while there is certainly no shortage of fake downloads and scam generators for unlimited free diamonds and money out there, actual, real cheating software for Ludo King on Android and iOS does exist. – Apk Mods are by far the most accessible and most popular way of cheating in the game, followed by iOS mods, the use of automated farming bots and tools to help you automatically detect the best moves, get captures ect. As always we recommend using HackFinder to get working downloads from trusted and long-standing sources with proven track records, and of course playing the game with respect for your fellow Ludo King players, the game developers and the game itself in order to avoid reports and account bans. It also always pays to be acutely aware of what cheats are possible in any given game you are playing and with LK being an online game, extremely overpowered hacks, such as unlimited coins and diamonds / gems are sadly not within the realm of possibility. Stay safe and enjoy the game!