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An Evony Hack is any mod, tool, software, exploit, method, procedure of other means for players to gain unfair advantages and cheat on Android, iOS and PC with no root and no jailbrake required. – While there are many different viable cheating methods and working game hacks for Evony available to download, generators & tools for unlimited free gems (diamonds), resources, free gold (money), free VIP levels and free in-game purchases do not exist and are always fake.

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Evony Hack

The most prevalent kinds of hacks for Evony are modded game clients on Androd, iOS and PC web browsers alike the mods come in the form of modded APKs or APK mods, iOS modded apps and Flash mods or web client mods alike. – However game modding is far from the only way of cheating in Evony as farming bots and automated play scripts can be used very effectively to farm nearly unlimited gems, gold / money and resources, game hacking tools can be used much the same way as mods, without requiring updates and even exploits, multi-accounts, farms and other methods can be used to gain significant competitive advantages in both PvE and PvP alike. So overall there is quite the unexpected variety when it comes to Evony hacks, but not all the methods are equally effective and accessible.

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Generators & Online Tools

All online resource generators and tools are fake, as we already mentioned and there are no legitimate cheats for free gems, free VIP, free in-app purchases, unlimited free resources and similar overpowered cheating options. – This is due to server-side processing: Meaning that in Evony only a part of the data is processed on your physical gaming / mobile device (Android, iOS or PC), where it can be manipulated. Instead, all the important account data, such as your resources, gold, gems, VIP status, troops, research, generals, inventory, equipment, town building levels and similar data is stored on the game servers, known as server-side processing and since you do not under any circumstances have admin access to the servers to manipulate data or change your gems and resources, these kinds of cheats are for all practical purposes not possible in Envony. – While hacking game servers is technically possible, this is highly illegal, would require extreme know-how and virtually no one wants to go to prison for some virtual shiny stones.

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As games have moved from consoles and PCs to handheld and mobile devices over time, modding has become by far the most popular method of game hacking for many modern mobile games like Evony – The King’s Return. – Modding is a process in which the original game installable file, such as the APK, .BAT, .IPA or other game client files are decompiled, reverse-engineered, then modified to include cheat features, then recompiled back into installable game files, such as mod APKs, iOS mods or other hacked game clients for flash or web alike. Overall, mods offer the same capabilities that other techniques do, such as using memory editors and other game hacking tools, but with the great upside of being a lot easier for newbies and casual users to access this kind of software. While installing an Evony mod, such as a APK mod or modified iOS app, is by no means a trivial process, requiring the user to follow detailed instructions and sometimes replace system files, the download and installation process is still far easier than alternative cheating strategies, making it arguably the best cheat available to Evony players to date with the only downside being having to update the modded game client after updates.

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Mod Menus

Made by the best developers in the game hacking industry, mod menus are the most premium mods available to mobile gamers and will generally offer more varied and better features, an easier and streamlined installation process, easier and faster updates, better support, better compatibility, better chances of not getting detected and banned and of course the namesake in-game menu that allows for toggling and customization of game hack features in the Evony game app itself. While most mod menus will require users to buy a subscription to download, free or ‘like’ versions of the software are usually available to free users to download for free.

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The sleeper of all cheats when it comes to city builders and strategy mobile games, extremely overlooked and underrated, the bot is arguably the closest thing you can get to a hack for free gems, unlimited resources (stone, lumber, gold, ore ect), and money cheats, as a bot will be able to automatically play and farm the game for you, while you do other things. – A good Evony bot will be able to log into your account, or multiple accounts, farm monster and bosses, collect / farm resources, build your base / town, create troops, create marches, join rallies, collect daily free chests and rwards, play the wheel of fortune automatically, claim resources, do research, send out gathering parties, farm players and mobs, upgrade buildings, join raids, collect free gems and much more. In essence, a well-programmed bot will be able to do pretty much anything to advance your game, upgrade your generals and heroes and max out your account that you could also do yourself. – If you are interested in learning how to set up your own bot for Evony, check out this tutorial. Or use HackerBot to find legitimate and working software from providers that do all the work for you.

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Exploiting is the use of bugs in a game to cheat and especially in online games it is the only real way to break the limits of what cheats are possible: Meaning that exploits have the potential to affect server-side processed data and therefore make money cheats, unlimited gems, free resources and even VIP rank and in-app purchase hacks possible for a limited time. – However, such bugs will inevitably be patched / hotfixed within hours of the developer becoming aware of them, making exploits while the most powerful game hack in Evony also by far the most rare and temporary of them all, but requires no root and no jailbrake and therefore is also the most beginner-friendly. In order to catch active exploits before they get patched out of the game forever, it pays to pay close attention to game hacking forums and communities covering Evony, YouTube channels and even the official forums. While account bans are not very likely for exploiting, it is still recommended to use alternate accounts instead of your main account when using such techniques.

Mod Money / Unlimited Money

As we have already covered in the ‘generator’ section, money cheats for unlimited gems and resources are sadly not possible in Evony under any circumstances outside of extremely rare exploits. – However, this scientific and evidence-based fact of computer science is not stopping hundreds of shady APK mod download sites, fishy appstores, download portals of ill-repute and other less trustworthy actors from advertising their ‘mods’ and downloads with the ‘mod money’ or ‘unlimited money’ or ‘unlimited free gems’ features ect. It should go without mentioning that all of these downloads are complete scams and will never deliver on the promised features, often be entirely fake or worse might be malware or adware. Under no circumstances should one ever install these kinds of files of their actual physical Android or iOS device, rather if one had to try to see the scam for themselves, one would be well-advised to use an emulator to do so.

APK Mods

Android being by far the most popular mobile OS and the most popular OS Evony is played on, the use of mod APKs is the arguably best and most accessible method of game hacking available to players of Evony period. – Android has the biggest community of modders, the easiest platform to emulate, to gain admin access (root), require no jailbrake, is easiest to develop for and has the greater market share when it comes to mobile gaming. Such moddded APKs will generally be downloaded as an .APK file and an OBB file, both of which are necessary to install the mod correctly and get it to work flawlessly without getting instantly banned. So it pays to follow the installation instructions carefully and exactly. Overall, APK mod downloads are by far the #1 method of game cheating in the game, if not necessarily the most effective, which is where bots are the clear winners.


Overall, while 99% of game hack downloads for Evony that you find randomly on the world wide web will be fake, the real thing does exist: The best and most popular cheating methods are mods, with APK mods leading the charge, bots are even more effective at amassing huge amounts of free gems, gold / money and resources over time and multi accounts along with VPN software are probably the way to go if you are extremely competitive and want to dominate a whole server. It is always recommended that you use emulator to try any downloads before installing them on your iOS or Android device. To find working software and apps from legitimate providers with proven track-records or providing clean and working game cheating software for many years, use HackFinder and start downloading the best available Evony cheats.