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Cheats for Among Us are any apps or methods that allow you to get a competitive edge in the game on Android, iOS and PC. While many different legitiamte hacks exist free skins, hats and pets do not exist.

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Cheats and Hacks

When it comes to modding Among Us, we must differentiate between Freeplay (simgleplayer) versus online lobbies. – While all cheats including god mode, teleporting, walking through walls, instant tasks, instant wins, invisibility and skins unlock are possible in Freeplay singleplayer mode, the same is only partially true for online lobbies. In multiplayer Among Us Lobbies only the host of the game is able to use overpowered hacks such as teleporting, god modes, being ivisible, skin unlocks and so on, since the hosts gaming device acts as the game server in this case. – If Among Us ever switches to server-based lobby hosting, this would make a lot of powerful options entirely impossible and would limit players to ESP tools, scripts, maybe minor teleporting, noclip, speed and similar.

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Glitches & Exploits

There have been quite a lot of glitches in the game that have been patched by InnerSloth, the developers of the game, over time. However, we do expect more glitches to become available temporarily as the game is being further developed.

  • There was a glitch that allowed Windows PC players to see through walls when changing screen resolutions. – Seeing through walls (ESP or Vision) are still possible.
  • There was an invisibility glitch that imposters could do when jumping into vents at specific times with good timing. – Invisibility may still be possible, but are likely to get patched.
  • Glitching though walls has been a consistent bug that allows players and pets to get out of bounds. NoClip or Walking through Walls will probably be possible for a long time and so should speed multipliers and teleporting.
  • There have been glitches allowing players on Android and iOS mobile to hide their names, do tasks more quickly than intended and see into other rooms through walls.
  • There was also an admin / developer ‘secret was to become imposter every time’ that was coded into the game for testing purposes that make you imposter every time if you kept switching colors and hats in the lobby before the game began. (This is most likely patched now.)

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Modding in games isn't just about adding new features or community content - it's also a way to gain an advantage. Mobile gamers use modded APK and iOS files to decompile, code modifications, and recompile games. Among Us players on Android and iOS often use mod menus for easy access. To install mods, you may need to root or jailbreak your device, but using emulators is a safer option for new players looking to gain an unfair advantage. These files are versions of the orignal mobile game app that have been decompiled, reverse-engineered by professional developers and then reompiled into an easily installable APK or IOS app.

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ESP Hacks

ESP, short for extrasensory perception, unlocks a world of advantages in Among Us. From disabling the fog of war to revealing impostors and tracking player movements, ESP cheats give you an unfair edge. While part of the game's thrill lies in uncovering the imposter through deduction, competitive players may opt for tools that streamline gameplay and enhance their chances of victory. Whether it's confirming innocent players or navigating vents undetected as the imposter, ESP tools offer a strategic advantage for those seeking to dominate in Among Us.

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Skin Unlocks, Free Purchases and Hats

As mentioned before, you can't get free items like skins, pets, and hats in Among Us. However, by hosting a hacked lobby in freeplay mode on your device, you can use any skins, hats or pets you want. Be cautious of scams promising free purchases - they're likely just after your personal information. Stay safe and stick to legitimate downloads rather than falling for fake ones that won't work.

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Potential Options

This is a list of the features that are/were possible in the game, of course the game will continue to get updated and the possible modifications will continue to change from year to year.

  • See who is impostor
  • Set Kill Timer to 0s
  • Infinite vision / Line of Sight / Light Mod
  • Force Imposter (Always Imposter)
  • All Hats unlocker (single player only)
  • All Pets unlocked (single player only)
  • All Costumes / Skins (single player only)
  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings
  • No Meeting Cooldown
  • No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
  • Instant Complete Tasks
  • Colour Picker
  • Instant Win
  • No Ads
  • Chat Always Visible
  • Anti-ban
  • Walk Speed Multiplier
  • Seeing Throught Walls (Glitch)
  • Invisibility / Be invisible (Glitch, basically God Mode)
  • Walking through Walls (Glitch)
  • No Player Name (Glitch)
  • Always Imposter (Glitch)
  • Name Color Glitch

We expect the game to go to a more heavily server-sided game hosting approach in the future, so enjoy the overpowered hacks for Among Us as long as they are possible. Go here to find legitimate and working cheating software and apps for Android, iOS, PC and Consoles.