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An Arena of Valor Hack is any method, tool or app that allows AoV players to gain unfair advantages on Android, iOS and Nintendo alike. – While there are a great many different hacks available, unlimited free gems, gold / coins, infinite vouchers and hero unlocks do not exist.

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Hacks are game-changing modifications that can give you an unfair advantage, like map reveal and speed multipliers. These alterations can be manually applied using memory editing tools or already built into custom game files. Some mods require a rooted phone, while others just need a jailbroken device on iOS. By midding the game, you can gain valuable information like enemy positions on the map to significantly enhance your gameplay. If traditional cheating options aren't enough for you, consider using bots to farm gold and gems instead.

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Mods & Mod Menus

Modding is the go-to method for againing the edge in Arena of Valor. It involves using modified game files like APK or iOS app files to easily access advanced options. These mods are altered versions of the original game, which have been decompiled, modified, and recompiled into installable packages that replace the original game. The installation process is relatively simple - just download the file and follow instructions. While most mods require a rooted or jailbroken device, some can be used without these requirements. Dive into a whole new level of gaming with Arena of Valor Mods!

Mod Menus are a premium version of mods, generally coming with more features and an in-game menu that lets the user customize and toggle individual features on and off. – While most mod menus or AoV are premium downloads, they will very often offer a free trial version with less options for free users to download.

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Modding Tools

For those looking to gain a significant advantage in mobile games, game modification tools like Game Guardian for Android or Game Gem for iOS offer a challenging but rewarding option. These tools require a rooted or jailbroken device and some knowledge of game code, as well as dedication to following complex guides. The upside is that once mastered, these skills can be applied universally across different games. Say goodbye to constantly searching for updated mods with every game update!

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Unlimited Gems

It is important to not again that this is an online game and that your “save game” and account information get stored on servers belonging to Tencent Games that cannot be modded or edited through any means. Anyone claiming the existence of money/coin generators, unlimited gem / voucher tools, god modes ect is lying and probably trying to take advantage of you. Impossible cheats are impossible. – With other words: Any online tool that claims to ‘generate’ gems, money or vouchers for you is fake and impossible.

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Bots and Scripts

Farming money, hero proficiency, and levels in this game is a breeze: simply run down a lane and unleash your skills as they become available. Bots or automated software can handle gold farming, EXP farming, and leveling up your account effortlessly. Some bots are ready to download while others can be created by recording macros through an emulator on PC. Scripts automate ability and talent usage based on ingame data. For instance, scripts can automatically trigger healing abilities when you dip below 20% health, boosting your survivability in fights without any manual input. Hardcore AoV players find scripts to be invaluable tools for competitive play.

Exploits & Glitches

Cheating through exploiting or 'glitching' involves taking advantage of bugs and flaws in the game code to gain unfair advantages. These exploits, like unlimited coins, free gems, and damage hacks, are made possible by server-side bugs that can be quickly patched by developers. While glitches may be temporary and rare, staying informed on game exploiting and glitching forums can help players find exploits before they're fixed. Exploits don't require advanced knowledge or rooting/jailbreaking devices, making them accessible even for beginners looking to exploit their way to victory in games like Arena of Valor.

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Arena of Valor Ranked

Looking to dominate the Arena or Valor tiers? There's no one-size-fits-all strategy, but here are some top strategies for ranked and unranked play. Consider setting up your game on a PC emulator for smoother controls and less lag, giving you an edge over mobile players. Keep in mind, while some techniques are powerful, pentakills aren't guaranteed.