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In short, cheating in any online game requiring an internet connection or any live service game can get you banned. In fact, any online game worth its salt will generally reserve the right to ban any account for any reason or no reason whatsoever. – So if you are going to attempt to use game hacks or cheats in an online game, or any game in general, caution is advised: One must always make sure to use software that is legitimate, up-to date, undetected and never abuse cheats, never be toxic and always treat other players with respect to avoid manual reports and account bans.

Game Account Bans

The way most games will ban cheaters from playing their game is by banning the game account used to play the game. In order for this to work, the game has to be online-based, a live service game of sorts, as is the case in most mobile games for example. Offline single player games cannot issue bans, as no account and online authorization is required to play the game, but they may be able to ban players from using the game store the game was downloaded through, such as Steam, GoG, the Google Playstore, Apple Appstore ect. However, generally only online games will be issuing account bans and they may also apply IP bans, hardware ID bans and game client bans on top of that.

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Are Game Bans Legal?

Yes absolutely, the developers / publishers of online games will generally reserve the right to ban anyone from accessing or using their services in their Terms of Service. What one needs to realize is that online games or ‘live service games / games as a service’ are not your traditional game purchase where you pay once and own the game forever, rather it is an ongoing business relationship between the player and the developers / publishers of a game that can be terminated by any party at any time. So yes, you may have invested thousands of bucks into your mobile game account and you may have invested thousands of hours of your time, but the developers can still terminate your account at any time and for any reason or no reason at all if they chose to. So legally speaking as a player you are at the mercy of the developers whether you are cheating or not. You have no legal right to keep having access to your account. It does not belong to you. Your account is simply a service that is being provided to you for now and that will inevitably change at the latest when the game ceases to exist.

There is no burden of proof at all. No proof is needed to ban anyone from a game. Asking developers for proof will generally not help your case at all.

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How are Game Account Bans issued?

There are several commonly used methods on how game bans are issued. Here are the most prolific ones used in most online games:

  1. Bans due to Reports are issued either manually or automatically after too many people report your account for cheating or other malicious behavior.
  2. Bands due to Red Flags are triggered after multiple suspicious behaviors are flagged, such as suspicious IPs, trades, reports and similar events.
  3. Automated Bans due to Statistics Analysis are triggered after server-side analysis of player stats and matching them to the statistics of cheaters. Example: K/D ratio and accuracy rating in shooters.
  4. Automated Bans due to detected Hacks are triggered after blacklisted code is found in the game client’s memory.
  5. Bans due to Exploiting are triggered if duplicated items and other evidence of exploiting is found on an account.
  6. Falsely issued Bans do happen a lot. Your only recourse is contacting support and being honest.

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How to avoid Bans

  1. Only use legitimate game hacks and cheating software found in HackFinder.
  2. Only use software that is up to date.
  3. Only use downloads that are confirmed to be undetected. Only because a cheat is on a legitimate site does not mean it is up to date and undetected.
  4. Respect the game, your fellow players and the developers to avoid manual player reports.
  5. Spend some money. Clearly, the developers are less likely to ban a paying customer. That’s just cold hard reality.
  6. Use the most premium software available ideally, free stuff will always be more risky as it can be accessed publicly and therefore the people trying to ban you can access the software you are using too, making it easy to detect your cheating activity and ban your account.
  7. Use a VPN to be able to claim you got hacked if it all goes wrong.
  8. Use common sense. Don’t do anything stupid, don’t take unnecessary risks.

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How to get Game Accounts Unbanned / get Back Banned Accounts

Services to unban accounts are usually scams. We recommend against trying them. You have 2 choices: Either you are honest or you claim you got hacked. Both can work. Both have a good chance of not working. If you used a VPN to play the game, claiming you got hacked is more likely to succeed, but whether or not you get your account back will be down to luck in the end, the support guy you get to talk to, if they are in a good mood, what the policies are ect. In our experience simply being honest and apologizing / showing remorse will have the best chances of success, as support people are very used to people lying to them to get accounts back.

Overall, getting banned accounts back is possible, but there are no guarantees that your game account will be unbanned. So the best way to deal with it is making sure you are not encountering the problem in the first place.