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A game resource hack is any modification, tool, software, method or other means of getting resources, such as food, store, water, gold, money, iron, steel, wood, silver and others through unfair means. Sadly, a lot of resource hacks and generators are fake, as they are very often impossible, such as is the case of online games. Money and resource hacks are generally only possible in offline single-player games that require no internet to play, due to server-side processing of resource and money data in online games.

Game Resources

Resources are mainly used in city builder strategy or mobile games, requiring the player to use resources, such as wood, food, stone, gold, silver, iron, steel, water and similar goodies to upgrade their town / base / city and then engage in PvE and PvP battles using troops. Generally, these games are online games and will allow players to acquire more resources by raiding mobs or players, upgrading resource buildings, completing quests or buying resources using a premium currency, such as gold, gems, diamonds, crystals ect. – As most city builder games are online games, the data for a players resources and their savegame are stored online on the game servers, making acquiring free resources using hacks, mods, tools and generators almost impossible in many cases. Automated farming bots or exploits may be viable alternatives to still get resource hacks working in this kind of game.

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How it works

Any account of player data, including currencies and resources, in any game need to be processed and stored somewhere: Generally game data is either stored on your gaming device (mobile phone, PC, console ect) known as the client-side, as is the case in offline single-player games or the data is stored on online servers, as is the case in server-sided online games. – Where resource values and data are stored makes a huge difference in term of game hacking, as any tool can only modify values on a device that it has access to and that it has administrator access on.

So any tool, hack, mod or other cheating software is only able to hack or modify data it has writing access to. – Of course in most cases it is possible to gain root access or admin access to devices that you control, as is the case in client-side game hacking using memory editors and similar tool. So resource hacks are always possible in offline single player games. However, most games featuring resources are mobile city builder online games, requiring a server connection through the internet in order to play the game correctly and will process all resources, money values, gems, troops, health and other vital account data on the game servers, which are PCs hosting the game that you have no root access to, therefore are unable to manipulate any data or hack resources on at all. This means that 98% of the advertised resource cheats for unlimited free resources are completely fake. While in theory the game servers can be hacked, this is not only ex excruciatingly complex and almost impossible task for anyone that is not an engineer or software developer, more importantly it is highly illegal and no one wants to go to prison for some virtual game lumber and rocks.

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How to check if Resource Hacks are possible

  1. Disconnect your gaming device from the internet by deactivating data usage, turning off wifi, unplugging routers, lan cables, encasing your house in lead, whatever it takes to no longer be able to access the internet on the gaming device.
  2. If your games and all its features, yes all of them, works fine, then your game is entirely client-sided and you will be able to hack game resources using memory editors, such as Cheat Engine, GameGuardian, GameGem or savegame editors and similar data editors.
  3. If your game does not work correctly or some features don’t works correctly, such as the in-game shop and most importantly your resource currencies and money, then the game processes vital data server-side and resrouce hacks are sadly not possible.
  4. If your game uses game servers to hack-proof resources, you may still be able to use automated farming bots and exploits to acquire infinite resources over time regardless, but it may be a bit more of a wait or a bit more difficult of a process to set up.

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Game Resource Generators

There are many ways of hacking video games ranging from modified game cleints, game hacking tools, bots, scripts and more. – However, one way no game has ever been hacked and no cheat has ever been activated is through an online website. So all resource generators are 100% fake and it does not matter if the game is online or offline. No website can hack anything whatsoever, as it has neither access to the game client, nor the game servers, it is simply put a scam. Never in the illustrious history of game cheating ever has a website done anything of use. With legitimate tools and mods or hacks there is always a download associated, which of course does not mean that any download must necessarily be legit, rather the opposite is the case, many downloads are fake too, but as opposed to most downloads, all generators are fake every single time. There are no exceptions and there have never been exceptions.

Sadly, a lot of gamers and even a lot of tech companies, including search engines are absolutely unable to discern possible cheats from impossible cheats and so millions of people fall prey to these fake game resource generators every day. All these tools ‘generate’ is money for the people running them. Noone ever got any resources using these tools.

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Unlimited Resource Mods

As opposed to generators, not all mods for unlimited resources are impossible, rather only the ones for online server-sided games are impossible. – However, there are thousands of shady APK download sites, app stores of ill-repute and fishy as heck download sites advertising pretty much every single one of their downloads with ‘unlimited resources’ or unlimited money mod ect. As these cheats are very often entirely impossible in the games and apps they are advertised for, we recommend against downloading any of these files, as they will at the very least not come with the features promise, very often will be entirely fake and may even infect your Android, iOS, PC or other gaming platform with adware or malware in some cases. Again it pays to be aware of what kind of game you are playing, where the data is stored and processed, in order to make a well-informed and sensible decision as to what ‘cheats’ you want to download or use and to know what kind of risk is involved.

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