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Exploits and Glitches use bugs in video games to gain advantages, such as item duplication (dupes), unlimited money, unlimited exp, god mode ect. – Exploiting can make otherwise impossible cheats possible, even in online games. – This tutorial shows you how to find working exploits for your game and how to find new ones.

How to use Exploits / Glitches to Hack any Game

  1. Exploits and Glitches get patched regularly so you need to catch one while it is active.
  2. First we need to regularly scan the internet for working exploits for our game.
  3. Use HackerBot HackFinder to scan all major legitimate game hacking communities for exploits in your game.
  4. Use YouTube to scan the general game community for exploits and glitches in your game. But keep in mind that once an exploit is on YouTube, it usually gets patched within days.
  5. Also scan places like Reddit where your game is active.
  6. Use keywords such as ‘exploit’ or ‘glitch’ or ‘dupe’ or ‘loot cave’ or ‘bug’ or ‘map glitch’ ect to find working exploits. Sort by date, post age no more than 1 month old posts.
  7. Once you find an active exploit, analyze how dangerous it is to use. Generally, the more people know about it, the more tools are used to use the exploit, and the more it breaks the game, the more likely you are to get banned for using it.
  8. Based on your analysis either use it on an alt account or your main account.
  9. Hope that the gains stick and that it will not get rolled back (undone) or accounts that used it won’t get banned.
  10. We recommend not trying to make real world money using game exploits, as it can get you into trouble and most certainly gets you banned if found out.
  11. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

How to find Exploits / Glitches

  1. See how glitches in similar games are achieved.
  2. Try to duplicate them in your game.
  3. Try tapping reward claiming buttons multiple times.
  4. Try using items in multiple different contexts at once.
  5. Try exploiting trade systems by logging out at the right time.
  6. Try glitching though walls or under the map.
  7. Try using tools, such as macros to perform actions quickly. Macro tutorial.
  8. See what past exploits existed in your game using HackerBot.
  9. Try to modify past exploits and glitches slightly to get them to work again or try different approaches and variations of past working methods.
  10. Overall, there exists no 100% proof method of finding exploits and glitches for all games, as most are found on accident, but using these techniques you will be more likely to find them.

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Do exploits exist for every Game?

Yes, they pretty much do. Considering 99% of possible exploits are probably never found, because they are too hard to find or people simply are not looking hard enough, it is pretty certain that they do exist for every game at every time. However, exploits need to be found and then shared with the game cheating community to be useful for game cheating and they need to not be patched yet, leaving us with very few extremely powerful exploits that are quite short-lived, especially in online games, but if you cat them while they are active, you might just get all the in-game resources, money, gems, items and other goodies you will ever need.

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Can Exploits enable Unlimited Money in Online Games?

Absolutely yes, while under normal circumstances cheats like god mode, unlimited money and unlimited items or EXP are impossible in online games, exploits and glitches, rather game bugs can make these cheats possible for a short time, until the developers of an online game on Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation or Xbox become aware of the exploit and fix it in the next game update. Again, one needs to be quick and check for active exploits very regularly to benefit. Especially powerful exploits such as dupes / item duplication, unlimited money and XP or invisibility will generally get fixed extremely quickly, as the completely break online games.