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A Candy Crush Saga Hack is any app, modification, software, tool or other means of cheating, getting more free gold, free gold bars, money cheats, free in-app purchases, free boosters, more free moves, more free lives and gaining unfair advantages in the game on Android, iOS and Windows PC alike. – While all kinds of hacks are possible in Candy Crush Saga and though many different means, hacks and generators for unlimited free gold, money, gold bars, moves, lives and boosters do not exist and are always fake.

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Candy Crush Saga Hacks

There is a huge variety of game hacking methods and can be applied to Candy Crush Saga in Android, iOS and PC alike to gain advantages: The use of Mods or modded game clients is extremely popular on mobile and offers the same cheating options and opportunities as the use of game hacking tools, but with less work required, then there is the use of automation software, scripts and bots to automatically detect matches, the best move in any situation and even complete levels automatically, there are also Exploits that can make the most powerful cheats, such as free lives, unlimited moves, gold bar hacks and similar possible for a limited time and usually with no root and no jailbrake required. – There are also some other more rare client-side game cheating methods that can be used here and there and in Candy Crush in particular the use of guides is always recommended to beat the hardest endgame levels in the later worlds, episodes and chapters.

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APK Mods & iOS Mods

The use of modded apps, such as Candy Crush APK mods and modded iOS apps, is doubtless the most popular method of game hacking used in Candy Crush Saga by a country mile. Mods are modified versions of the Candy Crush game app that have been tampered with as to include cheating features right out of the box. – The main reason for the staggering popularity is that when compared to the alternative methods, downloading, installing and using for mods is far easier than other methods. While the installation process is not trivial, requiring the users to follow simple installation instructions in order to get the Candy Crush Saga Mod to work properly, then procedure is far easier than for example trying to Mod the game yourself of using memory editors to activate hacks manually. – While mods technically require no root and no jailbrake in order to work, the installation process usually will require users to change or replace certain system files, which is usually only possible on devices offering admin access or files access to users. Emulators can of course always be used instead of a physical Android or iOS mobile gaming device.

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Mod Menus

The most premium of modded game clients for Candy Crush Saga are called ‘mod menus’ and they are not only made by the best programmers, engineers and developers in the game cheating industry, but they also offer more and better features, a streamlined and easier installation process, faster updates, better compatibility and performance, better customer support, greater customization and most importantly an in-game menu that allows users to access options, toggle individual features and hacks on and off and even in some cases auto-update the mod from the game itself. – Most mod menus offer limited versions for free users to download. These lite versions are usually accessible publicly and can be downloaded completely for free.

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Generators & Online Tools

As we have already briefly mentioned, all hacks and Generators for unlimited free gold / gold bars / free money, unlimited life featues, infinite moves and boosters are all fake and entirely impossible. – Now as to the reasons why this is the case: In any mobile game or game in general it is only possible to modify or ‘hack’ data that you control, rather that is stored and processed on your device, the client-side of a game. – It is not possible to modify or manipulate data, values and currencies that are stored on game severs, computers far always that you connect to through the internet and that you do not control, known as the server-side of a game. Candy Crush Saga stores all of your account data including currencies, like gold bars, stats like lives, moves, in-app purchases and boosters on the game servers and therefore these cheats are impossible and there are no working generators or tools that can ‘generate’ these resources. – While game Server hacking it technically possible, it is highly illegal and no one wants to go to prison for some virtual gold bar fun bucks.

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Game Hacking Tools

While using tools to manually modify game memory is a far more challenging undertaking than simply installing a modified game app on your mobile device, it is more consistent with the methods and techniques used in the process persisting over many updates, patches and hotfixes most of the time. – Also it is nice to know that you have the knowledge and tools necessary to hack games yourself, even outside of Candy Crush Saga. The tools used are most commonly memory editors, such as GameGuardian for Android and GameGem for iOS, and they can often times also be used to run scripts, such as lua scripts that will act as trainers / mod menus though the memory editor and will function just like mods with all the up and downsides of that. – In order to start modding Candy Crush yourself, you will need some basic knowledge about memory editing and will need to follow some in-depth tutorials and guides or download scripts to take over the process for you. Overall, this method of game hacking is far more challenging than simply installing a mod, but far more rewarding and consistent overall.

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Life Requesting Groups for Free Lives

While not technically a cheat, but rather a trick or legal Exploit: There are many groups out there on social media, forums and other similar places that help active Candy Crush Saga players join up together, add each other as friends in order to request and grant lives to each other, allowing people to get essentially unlimited free lives by joining an active group of players that is dedicated enough to be online every single day. Bots can also potentially be used to use multiple accounts to automatically request and grant lives, using the help friends function in Candy Crush. Life requesting friend groups can be found on places like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, even Discord, YouTube ect. Another very essential thing if you want to progress through the levels and episodes as quickly as possible.

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Glitches are bugs in the Candy Crush Saga game app or game server that can be ‘exploited’ in order to cheat and gain unfair advantages. – This is by far the potentially most powerful cheat for Candy Crush on Android, iOS and PC, but also the hardest to find and the rarest, as it only exists for as long as the bugs that make the exploit possible stick around. glitching and exploiting have the potential though server-side bugs to make usually impossible cheats, such as free in-game purchases, free gold bars, money hacks, unlimited boosters, unlimited moves, unlimited level time, infinite life cheats and similar features possible for a limited time until such time that the developer over at become aware of the issue and hotfix the underlying bugs in the next patch / update. Another great advantage of Exploits over alternative methods is that the techniques used will usually require no root, not jailbrake and no tools in order to get the cheats working, such as is the case in many item duplication glitches.

Bots & Match Detection Scripts

Any match 3 game including Candy Crush Saga can be boiled down into a math problem: And we all know that computers are extremely proficient and fast at solving math problems, thus the use of automated bots, match highlighting scripts, booster AI and similar mods and automation tools are vible cheats to be used in Candy Crush Saga. – A proficient bot is able to complete levels using the fewest boosters possible, using the fewest moves, analyzing all candies, blockers, tiles, possible combos quickly and completing levels as fast as possible. A bot can also be used to simply analyze the level and highlight opportunities for matches or using boosters as they present themselves. Scripts can also be used to automatically use boosters, such as lollipop hammers, extra moves, jelly fish, colour bombs, coconut wheels, free switches, extra time, striped and wrapped boosters, sweet teeth, bomb coolers, bubblegum trolls, extra moves, UFOs, striped brushes, striped candies, party popper boosters and others for you.

Mod Money

As we have continually harped on at this point, it is impossible to get unlimited free gold bars or money hacks due to server-side processing in Candy Crush Saga. – However, this small and insignificant fact is not stopping legions of shady APK download sites, weird modded appstores for iOS, fishy software portals and other less reputable actors form advertising their downloads with the impossible ‘mod money’ feature. – Such downloads cannot be trusted and will never include the falsely advertised unlimited gold bars / money cheats, will most likely be entirely fake or even worse might infect your Android or iOS mobile device with Malware. So please stay safe and only consider downloading files and software that is actually possible to exist and offers features that can actually be coded and implemented into an app.