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A Homescapes Cheat is any modification, tools or other means for players of the game to gain unfair advantages on Android and iOS. – While there are many different hacks, unlimited coins, stars and boosters do not exist.

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Cheats and Hacks

Cheating in Homescapes on iOS and Android is all about hacking the game for unlimited coins, lives, moves, boosters, and rewards. The most popular way to gain advanatges is through mods like modded APKs or iOS apps that give you an unfair advantage. You can also manually change memory addresses or game speed to dominate the game. The options available depend on your device and the game version you're playing. Get ready to level up your gameplay with these sneaky tactics!

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The ultimate strategy for Homescapes is the use of mods, a modified version of the game created by Playrix. Modding involves modding and enhancing the original game file to unlock cheating features, resulting in an exciting new app that can be easily downloaded and played on Android or iOS devices. A top-notch Homescapes mod doesn't require root or jailbreak and can be installed from a regular APK file or a modded appstore for iOS users. Simply uninstall the original game, install the modded version, connect your account, and enjoy playing with advanced features enabled.


Looking for updated tools for Homescapes? Avoid the downsides of modified game clients by using game tools. These tools let you manually modify the game memory and data to create your own cheats easily, with tutorials from experienced modders. Tools can edit memory to give you more money, coins, lives, moves, and even emulate store purchases for free goodies. Find download links for Android and iOS tools on our site. Remember to test these tools on an emulator or older device before using them on your main account.

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Mod Menu

Enhance your gaming experience with Homescapes Mod Menus, the ultimate app for unlimited resources like stars, lives, and coins. Easily install these mods to breeze through levels with unlimited moves and powerful boosters. Dominate the match-3 game mode with endless rockets, bombs, and rainbow ball boosters at your fingertips. Upgrade your gameplay today!

Unlimited Stars, Coins, Boosters and Moves

Avoid any generator, tool, or online cheat requesting a Human Verification Survey - they're scams. Legitimate sites sell software for a fee or require nothing. Don't fall for fake generators promising unlimited coins or lives in exchange for 'Human Verification' - they won't deliver. Remember: there are no online applications for Homescapes or Playrix games. Stay savvy and steer clear of these tricks!

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Glitching is a method that doesn't require rooting or jailbreaking on Android and iOS. It exploits game bugs to gain unfair advantages like free stars, coins, unlimited lives, and in-game purchases. These exploits are rare but can break the rules of most games. However, they only last for a limited time before developers fix them. To take advantage of these glitches, stay updated on game hacking forums for Homescapes to find active bugs while they're still available.