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Dragon Ball Legends Cheats

A Dragon Ball Legends Hack is any technique or software that allows you to gain an advantage in-game on Android or iOS. – While there is a variety of cheats available, unlimited Chrono Crystals do not exist.

Possible Dragon Ball Legends Options

According to my personal experience and research, these are the features that are possible in the game:

Feature Possible Avaliable
Unlimited MoneyImpossible*Unavailable
Unlimited Chrono CrystalsImpossible*Unavailable
APK ModPossibleAvailable
iOS ModPossibleRare
Mod MenuPossibleRare
Auto PlayPossibleDo It Yourself
Private ServerPossibleUnknown

Dragon Ball Legends is an online game, which means that important data is processed server-side, making some options impossible. *Impossible means not possible outside of very rare game bugs.


Mods for DBL are game files that have been modded to include cheats right out of the box. They are usually downloaded and installed instead of the original game files, then used to play the game with cheat menus and cheating options enabled. Hacked / modded APK / IPA files for Androidd and iOS respectively can include cheats, such as speedhacks, seeing an opponent’s card choices ahead of time, other client side scripts and automation cheats, such as automated free character summons, automated farming and more.

Overall mods for Dragon Ball Legends are the easiest to use and install cheats available for the game. There are free downloads of mods available, but they are usually very short-lived due to game updates. No rooted or jailbroken device is required usually, more advanced mods might require you to edit file structure using a file manager of some sort. The overall most popular method used in modding DBL are Dragon Ball Legends APK Mods at this time.

dbl mod menu android ios

Mod Menus

The most advanced and most popular download when it comes to Dragon Ball Legends cheats is the mod menu: A mod that allows the user to access an in game menu that allows them to change settings, enable or disable mod features, customize individual trainer options and sometimes even automatically update the mod when new patches for DB Legends are released. – However, if your mod menus does not include automatic updates, you will still have to download a new version every time the game updates to the latest version and find a new working download.

Overall a great option for those looking desperately for DBL cheats, but it is hard to find free versions with enough variety of options also just like other moddded game clients, this will often require a root or jailbreak, but very rarely can be installed with no root and no jailbreak on both Android and iOS.

db legends mod free purchase

Cheats and Hacks

Hacks or specifically code modifications and be implemented in different ways: One of them is modding and that we have already discussed in depth, the other is the use of game hacking tools, such as memory editors that can be used to modify the game memory of DB Legends manually and allows for hacking the game using a different method entirely. The good thing about using tools is that the techniques and tutorials used may work across different versions of the game, but it will require a lot more work than for example installing a modded version of the game.

If you are looking for game hacking tools that can be used, please make sure to test them on alt accounts and emulators first. You can find the latest working software here: Android, iOS

dragon ball legends damage cheat exploit


Automated farming is the closest thing you will be able to make / find or download to an unlimited crystal / gems hack for Dragon Ball Legends. Automated farming bots and macros allow you to automatically perform actions in game without having to play the game yourself. Possible scripts include automated farming of training items and Zeni / money, automated jobs and adventures (sending characters on adventures all the time automatically), farming events, automated PvP, automated daily free suimmons, automated fights with statistics based card choice, card prediction, farming equipment and potentially a lot more.

Macros can be set up on any PC/Mac through an emulator. Without a PC it will be a lot harder and a lot less sophisticated, since macro recorders on mobile are very simplistic and almost unusable on top of requiring a root/jailbreak as well. The best thing to do is to bot the game through an emulator using macro software that can be downloaded for free from the internet to create your Dragon Ball Legends Bot.

Other possible Cheats

Aside from the main cheating methods, there may be game bugs in the future that may allow players to exploit the game for short periods of time. Dupes may allow for items or rewards to be duplicated, bugged rewards may allow you to level to max level in minutes, exploits may even lead to infinite chrono crystals (CC) and unlimited Money / Zeni / money, if there is ever a bug with those ect. However, exploits are usually patched quite quickly after becoming public knowledge in Dragon Ball Legends, since the developers are working hard to keep the game bug-free.

dragon ball legends game cheater hacker

Is it possible to Cheat in Dragon Ball Legends on Android / iOS?

Yes, it is possible to hack and or mod the game to activate cheats on both Android and iOS devices. Dragon Ball Legends Hacks can be downloaded for free in the form of .APK or .IPA modded game files that can be installed instead of the original game and connect to your account. Possible cheats include automated reward claiming, auto farming, leveling, auto jobs/adventure farming, auto fighting and more. However, using mods or cheats to get unlimited free Chrono crystals (CC) or Zeni / money is sadly impossible, since this is an online game and these values are processed server-side on the Bandai Namco game servers.

Exploits and Glitches

Glitching is a cheating method that uses bugs in the game to get around the rules and gain advantages in Dragon Ball Legends and potentially allows for features that are usually entirely impossible due to server-side processing of data, such as free crono crystals, free summons, unlimited zeni / money, coins and other goodies. Some of the more sought after exploits and glitches in BD Legends are duplication glitches, mod mode glichtes, damae boosts, bugged rewards and shop prices, allowing for potentially free in-game purchases and other powerful features. – So while the most powerful exploits are incredibly rare and will certainly be patched as soon as the developers are aware of them, they are incredibly worth keeping an eye out for on the relevant game hacking forums in order to catch and be able to use them before they are go forever.