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A Galaxy of Heroes Hack (GoH)  is any tool, app, Mod, method or software that is able to give you a competitive edge over other players in the SW Galaxy of Heroes mobile game, allows you to get more free Crystals more quickly or automatically of otherwise allows you to cheat. The most popular ones are Mods, Mod menus, game hacking tools and bots in that order. Hacks for Unlimited Free Crystals do not exist and are always fake.

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Galaxy of Heroes Hacks

Hacks can be activated using 2 methods: Either one uses modded game clients or memory editing apps in order to manipulate the game code and implement cheat functionality into the game. Using this popular cheating method it is possible to manipulate data on your Android or iOS mobile device, but not on the actual Galaxy of Heroes game servers, which can only be accessed by the game developers.

Hacks may be able to speed up the game, get rid of animations, maybe even shorten your cooldowns and energy regeneration by changing the devices clock. However, beyond that there are really no hacks that could be relevant to your performance in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. If you want to unlock the coolest and rarest characters, you are probably best off spending money or be a bit more patient and use a bot instead. - The most popular cheating method is SW GOH is the use of Galaxy of Heroes Mod APKs for Android mobile.

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SWGoH Game App Mods

Mods or ‘modded’ game apps are modified app files (APK or iOS apps) that can simply be downloaded, installed and played with cheats, connecting to the same servers as the original app. If the app connects to another sever, this is called s private Server. – Mods for Android and iOS are by far the most popular cheating method on earth for mobile games including Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

While modded game apps are extremely easy to download and install, finding working ones can be extremely hard, since there are a lot of fakes and outdated mods out there, which is why we recommend using HackerBot FreeFinder to find your mods. – Mods also nees to be updates with every mainline update that the original game app receives and updating the mod will take time so it is almost impossible to get working mods at any time, especially right after updates to the Galaxy of Heroes game Client app.

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Galaxy of Heroes Bots

Bots usually read your game memory and then automatically perform simple actions like farming missions and hard mode as soon as you have the energy to do so, upgrading your gear and characters as you go and so on. Bots are easier to set up on Android, since it can be emulated on a PC, which is the simplest and most effective way of botting this particular game. – A good bot will be able to automatically farm events for materials, hero shards, ability materials, automatically fight in raids and farm the PvP arena for free crystals, do daily missions for even more awesome crystal rewards and slowly max out your account over time for free.

Bot are the most underrated cheat for any mobile game and especially Galaxy of Heroes, since the static navigation of the game makes creating bots extremely easy. If you want to set up your own farming bot for GoH, check out this tutorial. I have personally run bots for this game before and can confirm that this tutorial works perfectly for the purpose of farming free crystals, credits, shards and other goodies in Galaxy of Heroes.

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Cheats for Android / iOS

The best and most effective way of cheating in this game is to use software to automate farming for credits, crystals, shards and XP to level up your characters, your account level and improve your heroes to maximum stars by farming hard mode for character shards. Such automatic farming software is commonly referred to as a “bot” or “robot”, which is essentially a program that can automatically perform simple tasks and actions in a game like SW:GoH. Another way to cheat would be the use of simple client-side hacks that might allow you to get cool downs faster, speed up game animations and so on. However, hacks are not capable of giving you Unlimited Money, health (god mode), shards of unlocking heroes and items, because this is a multiplayer game and this kind of data is stored on the EA game servers and therefore cannot be hacked. Finally, Exploits are bugs in the game that may allow you to get unlimited XP, money and so on depending on the Exploit. Duping Exploits allow you to duplicate itmes, shards and so on, but are incredibly rare. Exploit-bugs are usually patched within days after going public and are really high-risk to use.

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Free Crystal Generators and Unlimited Crystal Hacks & Free Shop Purchases

Galaxy of Heroes is an online game. That essentially mans that your Emulator, Android or iOS device only store part of the game and the rest is stored on the game servers owned by EA. Data stored on these servers sits somewhere on a Computer owned by EA in their basement and cannot be hacked using any human verification tools, hacks, Generators or whatever. Anyone that therefore offers you ingenious ways of getting free credits and crystals or hero shards, which is not possible, is not being sincere with you. So please do not fill in their surveys or download their shady fake software. You know better… Because on the Internet anyone can claim to own a Girlfriend Generator that also gives you a God Mode for Galaxy of Heroes and unlimited money… anyone can say that, but no one can actually get you a legitimate download of it. Free Purchase tools do not exist for GoH either, since again, it is an online game.

The closest thing to getting unlimited crystals, all heroes 7 stared and maxed and unlimited credits for GoH is to use your credit card and whale this game up. If you are not prepared to do that, you need patience either farming or using a bot to farm automatically and spend you energy 24/7.

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Mod Menus

Mod menus are the Porsche of mods and will generally feature more awesome cheat options, advanced features, an in game menu to customize and enable/disable individual features and some may even be able to auto update. Galaxy of Heroes mod menus will generally offer a free version with limited cheats available and a premium version that is available only to paying players. If you want to be the elite of game cheaters in SW: Galaxy of Heroes, you will want to download yourself a premium Mod Menu for sure. It is the best actual means of cheating currently available besides farming scripts and bot software of course, which is arguably even better at farming the game more quickly and getting you free goodes.

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Glitches & Exploits

Exploits are bugs in the SWGOH game app that can be used to break the game and make usually impossible cheats possible with no root and no jailbrake required. – Especially server-sided bugs are potentially most powerful as they can potentially circumvent server-sided checks and allow players to get free in-game purchases, unlimited free crystals, shards, credits / money, free character shards and shard packs. – While such game-breaking bugs will always get patches and in many cases the worst exploiters banned from the game, they can still be used to great effect while the developers are still unaware of them. So overall it pays to keep a keen eye on the relevant game hacking forums covering SW Galaxy of Heroes to catch powerful active exploits before the developers inevitably hotfix them.

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Review of my Experience

Having tried multiple pieces of software to optimize my Galaxy of Heroes gameplay, my personal experience is that bots are by far the most effective means of cheating. Mods, while they do exist for both Android and iOS come with very limited features due to the heavily server-sided nature of this particular game, but an automated farming bot is able to generate money for you and farm hero shards forever. The only downside is that you really need to use Android and emulation to set up a good bot. To find the technique I personally used, go to this tutorial. While I was looking far and wide for exploits, mod menus with worthwhile features and other hacks, I simply could not find anything that would outperform a simple auto click bot in this game.


Overall, while most of the mods and tools for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes out there are fake or Scams, actual cheats are certainly possible and not extremely difficult at all to set up. While the process of installing tools, bots or modded apps on Android, iOS or PC Emulators will be more complex than simply pushing a button on a fake GoH resource generator, they will net you a constant flow of free crystals (gems), credits (money), hero shards and allow you to max out your team with raid gear over time, allowing you to make even more free crystals from arena battles and max out even more characters. – The most effective cheat available today is by far the use of automated farming bots which are only beaten by whaling / spending lots of money on in-app purchases.