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Wallhacks are known by many names ‘ESP’ or ‘Extrasensory Perception’ (being able to perceive the unperceivable using extraordinary means) being one of them, ‘VAC’ or ‘Visual Assistance Cheat’ being another or simply ‘Wallhack’, by far the most descriptive and popular term used to describe this game hacking method, as it literally allows its users to see through walls and objects on Android, iOS, PC and very rarely Console games. - What are aimbots?

The use of a wallhack is known as ‘wallhacking’ and will usually allow for far more than just seeing enemy and friendly players through walls: Most of these game hacks will also display lootable items, vehicles, explosives, health bars, 2d radar hacks, name tags and more information besides the colored boxes of cham overlays to highlight players. Besides the Aimbot, wall hacks are the most popular cheat in online multiplayer shooters and used to great effect to get more kills, farm faster and progress more easily in many shooter games. ESPs are also used outside of shooter games, but more rarely.

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How a Wallhacks work

Wallhacks / ESP / VAC cheats work because of the way that all online shooters have to work in order to deliver a competitive gameplay experience: To reduce lag and latency, all graphics have to be processed on the game-client (a players gaming device), which means that the environment/map around the player has to be stored on their device and therefore can be scanned for objects, such as players, items ect. So with other words: All the information one needs to create an wallhack necessarily are available on the device. All the hack does is scan for objects in a devices graphics memory, then highlight that information is a way that is convenient to the player, such as boxes, squares, overlays / chams ect. Aimbots go one step further and use that information to automatically aim and shoot guns.

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What features do Wallhacks commonly include?

There are lots of features that can be included in ESP / Wallhacks. Anyting that can be shown or highlighted that can give a player an advantage is possible. These features may vary from game to game, but here are some of the most common ones:

  • Enemy highlight Boxes / Overlays / Chans configuration: size, color, opacity ect.
  • Highlighted Objects: players only, items, explosibes, vehicles, loot, objectives ect.
  • Show / hide player names, health bars, distance in ft/m
  • Activate/deactivate enemy view / enemy aim warning system. (Warns you if you are visible or being aimed at by enemy players.)
  • Show enemy class, equipment, hero name, character name, level ect.
  • Show skeletons. (Allows you to see where they are heading, what they are doing exactly, which is something that colored boxes cannot do.)
  • Other game-dependent important information that can give you an advantage and is available on the game Client.

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Radar (Minimap) Hacks explained

Radar hacks are basically minimap hacks: They will show you a 2D map of your surroundings and highlight enemies and allied players / NPCs on said map, allowing you to easily notice enemies behind you that the 3D wallhack is not picking up depending on your field of view. The term ‘radar’ hacks comes from the old time radar and sonar screens that scan the surroundings for objects and display it as 2D data. An advanced warning system can be integrated as well that detects if you are visible to any enemies and if they are aiming at you by analyzing their field of view. However, aim and vision warning systems are usually only included in the best quality of premium cheating software and will almost always require you to purchase a subscription to download and use.

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Wallhacks and Bans

Wallhacks and VAC software are a lot harder to detect for other players than Aimbots. Usually a good wallhack user will not necessary be able to dominate the game, depending on skill, but will do significantly better than he would without wall hacks. However, ESP cheats can still be detected by automated software scanning for overlays and patterns. Also there are some dead giveaways for the use of Wall hacks that can still easily get a player reported when using this kind of tool / software. However, among the available ways of cheating in online multiplayer shooters the wallhack is most certainly the hardest to Ban and undoubtedly the most fun to use as it does not take all of the skill out of playing a shooter or FPS game.

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How to tell if someone is using a Wallhack

  • Player is looking at walls too much. (Because they can see through walls.)
  • Aiming and/or shooting enemies through walls. (Dead giveaway.)
  • Pre-aiming corners as if they knew that someone is coming that way. (Because they do.)
  • Having insane, superhuman, supernatural map awareness and near-psychic skills. (Nuff said.)
  • Not looking around, checking corners, not using the player field of view to scan for enemies. (Because they don’t have to. They already know where everyone is or is not.)
  • Player suddenly goes from average to pro player skills within a day. (Because they bought a good wall hack.)
  • Any of the features of the aimbot. (Because a lot of the time, now always,those go hand in hand. But generally they can also be bought on their own.)

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Moral Issues

Cheating in any multiplayer online game is morally questionable, which is why these games take care to Ban anyone using ESP cheats. While this kind of tool will not make you a pro player and let you dominate whole matches, they will drastically improve your performance in game in an unfair way. Of all the cheating software for shooters, walls are probably the most benevolent one, as any good player will still be able to beat you handily through better and quicker aiming, better movement, strategy and team work. Should a player still be able to dominate games, they will sooner or later get reported and banned, since they would have to really be obvious about their use of tools to perform that well. So overall in my opinion anyone truly abusing this kind of program will get banned quickly, stopping the toxicity automatically.

My Experience using Wallhacks

In my personal experience having used VACs for many years, they are the best cheating method for online multiplayer shooters by far: They are easy to hide, generally cheaper than aiming tools, they allow you to still retain a sense of achievement, as you still need some skill and mechanics to produce high scores in any particular match and you rarely get banned when using ESPs, as they are much harder to detect and report, unless you are shooting people through walls and going absolutely crazy. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to perform better, get more kills and survive longer, wallhacks are a great solution. Especially the survival aspect is what surprised me the most as it is quite easy to hide and not get killed if you know exactly where any enemy player is at any time. Overall, if you are going to cheat in a multiplayer shooter game, then wall cheats are the best bang for your buck overall.

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Where can I download legitimate Wallhacks?

As with most cheating software, it is in my experience extremely difficult to find working downloads, especially when looking for free downloads. - This is exactly why HackerBot exists. We scan legitiamted and trusted websites for the cheats you are looking for. You can easily find and download working Wall hacks for many games using this tool: Start HackerBot Advanced. This is the advanced version of the tool that allows you to scan the internet for more kinds of cheats, such as APK Mods, aimbots, wallhacks and cheat tables.


Overall, ESP cheats are probably the most social and most fun cheat to use in online multiplayer shooters: While they do give you a significant advantage over other players, they are not unfair to the point where there is no counter play and a good player will still easily beat a bad player using this kind of feature. - While they can be detected, they are much harder to detect than alternative cheating methods and as aiming, movement and shooting still requires a lot of skill in order to perform well and survive in any match of battle royale game, Wallcheats are certainly a lot more fun than other cheaitng features popularly used in FPS games.

If you are looking for legitimate software download, you can find a guide on how to download from legitimate sources here.

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