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A CRS Racing 2 Cheat is any modification, app or method that allows players to gain unfair advantages in the game on Android and iOS. – While there are many different hacks, unlimited free gold, money and car unlocks do not exist.

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For the ultimate edge in CSR Racing 2, turn to modified apps like APK mods for Android and game mods for iOS. These versions come packed with cheats built right in, giving you an instant advantage. From speed multipliers to unlimited gold and cash, the possibilities are endless. Players can also use memory editors to modify game RAM, patchers to patch to app to remove ads and other advanced functionality, scripts and bots to automate and exploits for rare glitches that may be even more powerful.

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Auto play bots for CSR Racing 2 are like your personal racing assistant, running on your device or emulator. They handle races, events, live challenges, and more while you kick back and enjoy the game. With a top-notch bot, you can save tons of time grinding for cars and upgrades. The only catch? Setting up these bots can be tricky - but using an emulator is key. While some may search for shortcuts like mods, the best way to passively earn rewards is through macros with a quality bot by your side. Get ready to dominate the track without breaking a sweat!

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Mods & Mod Menus

Mods for CSR Racing 2 are custom builds of the game, tweaked by expert programmers by unpacking the app, reverse-engineering it, modifying it and rebuilding it into and installable APK or iOS app to unlock incredible, powerful features. While these mods are user-friendly and pack a powerful punch, they often become outdated with each app update, making finding a working version a constant challenge.

Mod menus are an even greater version of the CSR Racing 2 Mod for Android / iOS that allows the player to open up a dedicated features menu to toggle, configure and customize the hack features included in the mod menus at any time.

csr racing 2 menu features

Android vs. iOS

When deciding on the best device for modding in CSR Racing 2, your top choices are Android and iOS. Android tends to have more active modding communities, making it easier to find working hacks. Both platforms offer game tools, but be cautious and use them on a secondary account to avoid being banned. Make sure any tutorial or tool you use is reliable before using it on your main account.

Android users also have access to emulators that can be extremely useful for using controllers, joysticks and even a steerin wheel to control the game through integrated macros, making the game a lot easier.


Glitches are rare bugs that can be used to gain advantages in games. Exploiting can break the rules of what features are possible in CSR Racing 2, as server-side bugs could well result in item dupes, unlimite money and even free in-game purchases potentially. However, these exploits and the bugs that make them possible are extremely rare, extremely hard to find and are usually fixed extremely quickly after the developers become aware of the issue.

It is important to note that using 3rd party tools in CSR Racing 2 can result in penalties, such as being banned from the game. It's best to play fair and enjoy the game without risking your account.