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A Mario Kart Tour Hack is any modification, tools, app, method or means of gaining unfair advantages and cheats in the game. – While there are a huge variety of different methods of cheating in MKT, hacks or generators for unlimited free Rubies and Gold Coins (Money) do not exist, as those do not exist and are always fake.

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Mario Kart Tour Hack

Hacks are modifications to the game app itself, the game memory or the data sent and received from the Nintendo game servers that allow the user or player to gain a nice advantage, farm more free coins and free rubies more quickly, drive faster, get better times, more XP, better round times, unlock better cars, characters and gliders and so on. Possible Mario Kart Tour hacks may range from simple speed hacks, teleporting to item drop hacks, more rewards, challenge complete cheats and much more depending on your system OS (Android or iOS gaming system), the exact build and update of the game and other factors, such as server-side processing in single player and PvP multiplayer alike. If you are looking to download or find the latest and best working hack for Mario Kart Tour, please follow this download guide.

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Mario Kart Tour Mod

Mods are the most popular way of activating and using hacks in mobile games on both Android and iOS devices, because they are extremely easy to use. Modding is the process of decompiling, editing and recompiling a game to create a modded version of games like Mario Kart Tour that comes with highly advanced features, such as cheats that will usually be activated by default and in some rare cases can be toggled in a Mod Menu. Many Mario Kart Tour mods may be downloaded for free and some can be installed with no root on Android, but most will require a jailbroken device on iOS. While it is a lot easier and more convenient to use this extremely awesome and powerful cheating technique on Android, it is possible to do it on iOS mobile as well. If you are looking for legitimate and working mods, please go here.

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Hacks for Rubies, Coins and Unlocks

First it must be made very clear that all Human Verification Tools, Generators and Hacks are 100% FAKE. While it would certainly be nice if it was possible to simply use an online Generator to ‘generate’ free Rubies, Gems, unlocks all characters, cars and gliders, get a free gold pass, unlimited free Fire Pipes (Loot Crates / Boxes) and so on, this is sadly entirely impossible. Why is it impossible to get this cheat working? – That would be because Mario Kart Tour is an online mobile game that uses game servers owned by Nintendo to store all the important data about your account. That means that all the data kept on those game servers, like your money, unlocks and so on cannot be modded, hacked or manipulated using any kind of tool. So we recommend you do not trust people that offer you cheats that simply do not exist.

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Mario Kart Tour Bots

As we know farming in many mobile games can be extremely tredious and Mario Kart Tour is no exception here. Getting enough gold to buy a rare character or car from the Daily Selects can take days, which is why a lot of player are resorting to the use of bots or automated game play software in order to automatically complete races, farm gold and Experience, farm Rubies from the challenges and unlock a lot of stuff without the need for spending a lot of time on grinding the game. A good Mario Kart Tour bot may be able to automatically finish races and may even win against the AI, level up your characters, charts and gliders, complete coups for rewards, allowing you to simply play to enjoy the rewards, get pulls from the gotcha portion of the game and have more fun with Mario Kart Tour in general. Of course, spending money on microtransactions will do all of the above faster and you should support the game if you want, but we are talking about potentially free ways of cheating here. To learn how to create your own bot, follow this tutorial. 

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Mod Menus for Mario Kart Tour

Mod menus are the Porsche of mods and will allow you to enter a dedicated cheat menu in the game itself and enable or disable cheat features and may also include very nice advanced functions like auto updates for the latest version of the Mod to keep it working for longer. Other than that mod menus are really the same as your usual mods, but generally will include more options and more complex cheats as the apps are usually developed by the best people in the game cheating industry.

Game Hacking Tools

Mods can take a long time to update and will only work on one exact update or version of Mario Kart Tour. If you do not want to wait or look for your mod to get updated, you can always consider trying to create your own hacks using Game Hacking Tools. You can find a tutorial that will teach you the basics of memory editing and patching here. However, this great method should never be used on your main account at first and you are very much advised to follow tutorials made by people that know what they are doing if you are trying this for the first time. – The great upside of using tools is that the techniques usually do not get outdated as quickly as modded or hacked game files do.

Exploits & Glitches

exploiting and glitching are cheating methods using bugs in the game to gain advantages and break game mechanics:  The bugs that make Exploits possible are usually extremely temporary and come into existence in one single update and are gone with another hotfix or update, making the Exploit or Glitch subsequently unusable. – Despite their temporary nature, glichtes and Exploits can enable extremely powerful cheating features in Mario Kart Tour, such as free rubies, coins free in-app purchases and similar, that would otherwise be entirely impossible due to server-side checks. As always Nintendo game developers are very diligent when it comes to fixing bugs, so don’t expect track glichtes, speed gliches and game breaking bugs to stay around for too long and keep a watchful eye on the relevant game hacking forums covering MKT to catch active exploits before they are eventually fixed. – Especially as exploits are the one cheat out there for MKT that requires no root and no jailbrake on both Android and iOS.