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dislyte game hack

A Dislyte Hack is any application, software, tool, Mod, method or other means of gaining unfair advantages and used for cheating in this gacha hero collector game, allowing players to get more free Nexus Crystals / Gems, unlimited Gold, Gold and Silver Recored for esper Summons, Energy / Stamina, free in-game purchases and other advantages. – While there are several working methods for hacking the Dislyte game on both Andoird and iOS with and no root and no jailbrake, resource generators and online hacks for unlimited crystals, gems, money and summons do not exist and are always fake.

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Dislyte Hacks

The cheats used in Dislyte come in multiple varieties: Moddfied game clients or Mods are versions of the original game files (APK or iOS app files) that have been tampered with and modified to run cheating features right out of the box and can easily be installed on Android and iOS mobile gaming devices. Game hacking tools, such as memory editors (GameGuardian, GameGem ect) can also be used to modify the game manually and may be used along with scripts (.LUA) to enable trainer functionality and enable preprogrammed hacks in the game as well. Also, as is the case in any hero / esper collector game, Bots or automated farming apps can be used to farm what is in essence unlimited gold, Gems (nexus Crystals), records / summons and other goodies over time. Rare Exploits and more specialized cheats, such as damage hacks may also be available at different times, if they become possible at any point through bugs.

dislyte game mod android ios

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By far the most popular method of hacking mobile games at this time is the use of Mods, modified game files, such as APK and iOS game app files, that can easily be downloaded. However, while downloading such files may be easy, the installation process and validating that a download is up-to-date and working is not as simple and there are a lot of fake files out there, which is why we recommend using HackFinder to find files that are working, undetected and safe. – In essence, a Mod is a version of the original Dislyte game app APK or iOS app that has been decompiled, reverse-engineered and modified to offer advanced game cheating features right out of the box, implementing the hacks directly into the game, rather than injecting into the game memory after the fact, as most game hacking tools do. Overall, the process of downloading and installing a Mod is on average slightly less challenging than using tools to do the same task and will require users to follow the installation instructions very carefully. Some mods will require a rooted or jailbroken Android or iOS mobile device, some may require no root and no jailbrake. As always Emulators can be used to gain access to a rooted device without taking any risks.

dislyte modd menu download

Mod Menus

A premium version of mods that comes with advanced features, Mod Menus are the cream of the crop among mods, often not available for free download, but locked behind subscriptions. – Mod Menus will generally come with a greater variety of options and features, better performance, support, quicker updates, more powerful hacks, higher customization and of course the namesake in game menus that allows users to toggle and customize individual cheat options. Overall, well worth the price of admission if one can afford it, but there are generally lie versions with limited options available for download to free users as well.

dislyte exploit money gold cheat

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Generators & Online Hacks

While it would be positively marvelous is there was a cheat that gives player unlimited free nexus crytals (gems), free in-app purchases, Unlimited Money, infinite stamina, free summons and records, this kind of cheats is simply not possible in online server-sided games, making all online resource generators for Dislyte 100% fake and scams. – This is due to the fact that pretty much any popular mobile game these days is storing all your account data including money, purchases and currencies on external game servers that you do not control and game hacking tools and mods are only able to manipulate client-side data, meaning data and assets stored on your physical Android or iOS gaming device. Overall, it is highly recommended to stay away from any ‘tools’, websites and downloads that advertise resource or money hacks for Dislyte.

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An all too often overlooked method used to cheat in mobile games and games in general, including Dislyte, is the use of automated farming software apps or bots. A good Dislyte Bot will be able to log into your game account or multiple accounts, automatically farm the campaign, farm XP, farm bosses, farm  tower, miracles and other missions for relics, free crystals, money / gold, and even records over time by continuously spending your energy / stamina and allowing you to max out all your favorite espers (heroes) over time. So overall, using video game Bots is the closest you can get to money hack or resource cheat you can get for Dislyte, as the currency values cannot be modified using tools due to server-side processing in this online mobile game. If you are interested in running a Bot, check out this tutorial to get you started on the right track.

dislyte game hacker cheater

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Games have bugs sometimes, as any gamer will be aware of, and if a certain bug can be exploited to gain advantages, free gems or other goodies, then this is called an exploit. While Exploits are exceedingly rare to find, they are in many cases extremely easy to use, require no root and no jailbrake, no downloads and no knowledge or experience in hacking video games at all, making them the perfect cheat. On top of that Exploits are the only kind of cheating method that is potentially able to circumvent the server-side protection of gems, crystals, gold, summon records and in-game purchases, allowing for money cheats for a limited time until the bug that made the exploit possible in the first place is swiftly fixed, patched and hotfixed by the developers.

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If you should decide to be a naughty boy (or girl, or they / them / theirs) and use cheats in Dislyte, there are some recommendations to keep your account, phone, mobile device and sanity safe and intact:

  1. Never use any generators, downloads, tools or ‘hacks’ advertising unlimited free gems or money, as they are all fake, every time. Only possible exception being Exploits, which are exceedingly rare and temporary.
  2. Always use an Emulator and secondary or alt account to test cheating software first to avoid account bans for breaking ToS / game rules.
  3. When installing any Mod or using any tool, follow the installation instructions and tutorials very carefully, as not doing so may result in a Ban.
  4. Don’t annoy other players, as they will report you if you are obvious about cheating.

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The use of memory editors, data editors and other tools is a cheating method for more advanced and experienced users. Here apps, such as GameGuardian for Android or GameGem for iOS are used to modify game data in memory and on your phone storage to gain advantages. The advantage of using tools is that methods and procedures used often do not change between new updates, making it the first means of game modding to be effective after any update, but the downside is that this method can be quite complicated and one must be able to follow quite complex guides and tutorials to get it to work properly.

Mod Money

Again, money mods or mods and features that give you ‘unlimited resources’, ‘unlimited everything’ or free shop purchases are fake 100% of the time. – Of course this does not stop shady app download sites, fishy moddding portals and other malicious actors from advertising their fake downloads as such. Only use trusted websites found in HackFinder that have a proven track record of providing safe, clean and working files. Here at HackerBot it is our top priority to help people looking to cheat to find safe methods and not get scammed in the process.



Overall, cheating in Dislyte is possible on both Android and iOS, but will generally be more accessible for Android users due to easier development, the availability of working Emulators and easy root access. However, there are a lot of fake downloads out there advertising non-existent cheats, so users beware. Bots are certainly the most effective hack for Dislyte by a country mile, but mods can be quite helpful as well. Game hacking tools are recommended for more advanced users and will provide the same benefits as mods. Tod download working files and find the latest working methods, use this download method and have fun, stay safe and enjoy. Also please support the developers with your money if you enjoy the game and want it to succeed.