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Are there any Cheats for Hearthstone?
Yes, there are indeed: Scripts or Bots can be used to automate your farming in casual, ranked and even arena games and can be tailored to play and kind of deck from any expansion in any game mode. Bots can get you 140-300 gold a day depending on your setup. There are also various tools and hacks that will give you minor advantages in game. However, there are NO gold & dust generators, pack and card adders or Free card Packs of any kind for download. If you want these things without farming, buy them in game.


Hearthstone Cheats and Hacks

Since Hearthstone is a card game, it is very simplistic and there really isn’t a lot going on that could be influenced using hacks. Gold, Dust, Packs, Cards, Health – Everything is processed on the Blizzard servers and cannot possibly be influenced using hacks. So beware of people that claim to programs that can give you gold, dust, packs or whatever, since they are always scammers. The only way to really cheat in this card gams is by using tools that can give you very small advantages or using bots to farm gold for you and potentially saving you 100s of hours of grinding.

hearthstone farming bot 

Disclaimer: We do not argue against spending money on the game. If you like the game, support the developers by buying packs. At the time of writing this I have personally spent over 400 Euros on Hearthstone and do not regret it. We simply think that it is fair that people have an idea about the real odds when buying packs or girding for them.

- Rare = 110% to 120% (can get more than one per pack)
- Epic = 20% Chance per Pack (1 every 5 packs average)
- Legendary = 5% Chance (1 every 20 packs average)

- Golden Common = 2% Chance (1 every 50 packs)
- Golden Rare = 1% Chance (1 every 100 packs)
- Golden Epic = .25% Chance (1 every 400 packs)
- Golden Legendary = .05% Chance (1 every 2000 packs + additional inaccuracy due to the high rarity)

 hearthstone cheat auto gold farm

Hearthstone Bots

The only plausible way to cheat in Hearthstone is to use bots in order to play for you and slowly grind gold that you can then use to buy more packs. The main problem with that is that there cannot possibly be a universal bot that can play every deck in the game, for reasons that probably only someone with experience in the field can understand. In short: Bots cannot think creatively, cannot plan ahead or draw logical conclusions and apply them. So for every single deck that you want to bot in Hearthstone, a custom script will have to be written and that is a lot of work.

It is more than likely that in the future there will actually be simple bots that can play certain decks with decent win ratios (though I would not expect more than 30%) that will probably be able to beat newbies and bad players, given that you own all the cards they require. Grinding gold this way will be quite ineffective, but it will probably work and you might be able to farm a few packs per day using a bot.


Alternative Ways of Cheating
Hearthstone is one of the games out there in the free to play market that does have a pay for power aspect to it. Some (by far not all) rare, epic and legendary cards are really overpowered and are essential for anyone to move up in the ranked ladder. – Current Examples (Feb, 2014) of this are cards like: Ysera, Cenarius, Ragnaros, Deathwing and class-specific cards like: Pyroblast, Edvin VanCleef and Mind Control. These are really overpowered cards that you will simply not get without opening a lot of packs.

Of course it is possible to farm in order to get packs and if you are really good in arena, you will be able to farm gold, packs and arcane dust even faster. Still though it will take you months and months of farming to get most legendary cards you need.


 hearthstone arena bot farming


Hearthstone Deck Counters and Tracking Software
Using tools to track your deck and the cards you played is not strictly speaking a cheat, since it could also be done by writing down cards or even using your brain. – However, it is a grey area where it’s not strictly speaking fair nor is it forbidden. These tools will help you to keep track of what cards in your deck you already played or have in your hand and what cards you are likely to draw into. This is especially useful at the more competitive levels of play in ranked games below rank 10 and further up, where making the most favorable decision every single turn is vitally important to win. Trackers that let you count your cards manually by clicking them cost you more time every turn, but they do not get outdated as often. Card counters that detect your hand and played cards automatically do get outdated rather quickly and are generally less reliable. Overall a very useful tool for serious Hearthstone ranked and arena players.


Hearthstone Gold, Dust, Pack, Health or Mana Hacks / Generators / Trainers
These kinds of hacks are not possible to achieve. You have to keep in mind that this is and online multiplayer game and not all the values in the game are processed and stored on your PC, as is the case for most single player games. The most important values, such as your gold, your packs, cards, dust, health and mana (and more) are processed and stored on the Games Servers and can only be accessed and changed by Blizzard (the game developers). There is absolutely no way ever four you to change these values using any kind of tool. Not only is it impossible, but it would even be illegal to do so, if it were possible. – So don’t even try. Do not trust anyone that claims to have some kind of hack or generator, no matter how well faked their videos are. These people will let you fill in surveys and give you no hack, they will let you download viruses and adware and they will steal your login information. Please do not fall for this very old trick.


hearthstone hacks 

How many packs do I have to buy to get all the best legendary cards?
I can speak from experience here, since I really love to play this game while working and it even helps me to work more effectively, if I have to do tedious and repetitive tasks, I have spent a lot of money on this game. I bought exactly 208 packs; got pretty much all the legendries I wanted and was able to craft 2 more with the arcane dust I got from spare cards. If you wanted to, you could then disenchant all the useless legendries and epics to craft maybe 1 more legendary card.


How long does it take to farm for cards?
That really depends on how good you are at the game. If you have no life at all, then you will be able to get 500+ gold per day by doing arenas, quests and winning matches. However if you play 1h per day or less, you might not even be able to buy a pack every 2 days. Assuming you get 1 pack every 2 days, it will take you on average 40 days to get one legendary card and that one might not even be one you really want. Disenchanting that legendary card will give you then ¼ of the arcane dust that you will need to craft the legendary you really want. – With other words: Sooner or later you will spend money or quit the game.

What is the most effective way to farm gold?
Until a bot for this game gets developed, going arena runs is the most effective way to farm gold, IF you are really good at Hearthstone. You can get up to 150-200 gold profits (changing all the time (beta)) if you get 9-12 wins. However, this is not an option that the average player has, since the average player has a life and does not know all the cards, all the builds and can beat 90% of players in arena.

So what the average player is left with are the daily quests (40 gold per day) and the 10 gold per 3 wins from constructed play. So if you win 18 games a day and complete the daily quest, you can buy one pack. Yea you will probably not be able to do that in less than 3 hours, so yea. The game is a huge grind, because it wants you to spend money like any CCG. Wait for a bot, buy packs or just grind and have no life. – Those are the only options we have right now.


How effective can a Hearthstone Bot be?
At the moment a bot will still not be able to farm immense amounts of gold, even if it has more than 50% win rate. This is simply due to the fact that there is not all that much gold to be farmed. You will get  40 gold for the daily quest, after that 10 gold every 3 wins (average 6 games). Even a bot will take some time to get 100 gold by just winning games. At an average of 7 minutes per game and a 50% win rate, the bot will still take over 6h to get 100 gold. Also there are rumors that Blizzard will actually cap the amount of gold that can be gotten from winning 3 times.  So even if you are using a bot, you will still need a lot of time to actually be able to buy a lot of expert packs.


Hearthstone Arena Bots & SP Adventure Bots

While using bots to farm casual games and and in raked ones is pretty straight forward, this does not exactly apply to adventure mode and arenas and there is a variety of reasons for that: To create a working arenabot, one would have to program it to draft a working deck, which is pretty complicated. It would be possible to just take a arena tier list and let the bot draft cards according to that list, but that would in most cases mess up the mana-curve of the deck. So the only way to bot arenas at the moment is to actually draft the cards yourself and then let the bot play it. However, still the bot won’t be as effective in arenas, since it is a lot more competitive than lower-ranked and casual games. As for adventure mode games it will probably never be possible to fully automate these. The Hearthstone “raid boss gimmicks” are simply too complicated and too different from each other for an AI to handle. My personal prediction is that at some point we will see some fairly effective arena bots, as the developers progress, but never any working adventure mode botting software.


How to detect Hearthstone Bots

If you are trying to spot hearthstone bots, then there are a few very effective ways to do that if your opponent is using either cheap software of software that does not take all the safety-measures possible: First of all cheap bots will usually have a constant delay between actions, making them seem very unnatural. Secondly bots will usually not hover over any cards at all. There are only a very few advanced high-quality bots that have the card hovering figured out and seem somewhat human. We are an educational website and trying to help not only the cheaters, but also the people that feel negatively about it. We believe that cheating is part of the game just as much as counter-cheating. And if some obvious cheaters are banned from Hearthstone, that is better for the overall community anyways and Blizzard will potentially make some more money and therefore be able to improve the game even more.


Hearthstone Bots and Expansions
Blizzard already released a whole bunch of Expansions for Hearthstone, such as Curse of Naxxramas and Goblins vs Gnomes. What is important to note here is that most HS bots will have some fairly significant downtime around these updates / expansions and will most likely be unusable. Now the real danger in this is that Blizzard knows about this particular fact and will try and use it to identify bot users in order to ban them from the game. So for example if you have been playing 8 hours every day and farming max gold for months, then suddenly do not play at all while the bot is offline and start playing 8h again after the downtime, then that is a dead giveaway that you are a cheater. So we highly recommend that you keep playing manually whenever bots are unavailable. Another recommendation would be that you vary up your bot usage. Make your login patterns and playing patterns look as random as possible in order to avoid detection. Blizzard has gathered a lot of experience in pattern-matching these patterns to botting activity in World of Warcraft. So try to be as random as possible, especially around big expansion releases.