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This tutorial will teach you the basics of memory editing / game hacking using GameGuardian in Android games. If you need help installing GameGuardian, check out these tutorials: How to use GameGuardian without root.


How to use GameGuardian to edit Game Values

This is how to hack simple known game values, such as money, skill points, items, health ect, in Android games using GameGuardian. - Please only do this in offline games that do not require the internet or on an alternate account. Use at your own risk:

  1. Download and install a legitimate version of GameGuardian.
  2. Open GameGuardian and the game you want to hack in any order.
  3. Connect GameGuardian to the game process by selecting the process with the game name and icon.
  4. Find the value in-game that you would like to change, tap the LOOKING GLASS icon. The one without question mark or number sign.
  5. Enter the value, select AUTO value type and search to begin the first scan. - This will come up with a list of memory addresses that have that value at this time.
  6. Now we most likely have a huge amount of possible values and to narrow that list down, we go back into the game, change the value by spending money, taking damage, leveling up ect. Once the value is changed we go back into GameGuardian, enter the new value and tap REFINE.
  7. Repeat this process until you are left with 1-6 values and the list cannot be narrowed down any further.
  8. Tape the value(s) to change them. Set the value to whatever you want, but keep in the range dictated by its value type. 9.999.999 is a safe bet.
  9. Congratulations, you completed your first simple money / skill point / health hack any are ready to learn more advanced methods.

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Speed Hack Tutorial

Speed hacks allow players to slow down or speed up a game, allowing for easier gameplay or faster progression respectively. This is how to enable speedhacks in GameGuardian (works for most games, but not all, especially online):

  1. Connect GameGuardian to the game.
  2. Tap and hold the floating GameGuardian icon.
  3. Arrows will appear to the left and right of the game.
  4. Tap the arrows in order to enable speedhacks. Right to speed up the game, left to slow it down. 2X speedhacks is 200% speed, 0.5x is 50% speed ect.
  5. You can now play a sped up version or slow version of your game.

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Unknown Value Scan

Scanning for an unknown value, such as a health bar without actual HP indicator works in much the same way as a normal scan, except instead of scanning for a specific number we scan the whole game memory and then narrow down the list by increased / decreased or unchanged value, which will generally take much longer:

  1. Go into GameGuardian and tap the Looking Glass WITH the QUESTION MARK to start a scan of the whole memory, tap SEARCH.
  2. You will get a HUGE amount of values.
  3. Now go into the game and either increase or decrease the value by taking damage, collecting EXP ect.
  4. Scan for increased / decreased or changed / unchanged values depending on what you did to the value, tap the option to refine.
  5. Repeat until you are left with 1-8 values and then change the value just like in the tutorial for known values.

Common Encryptions

Some games will use encryption to hide values for cheaters, such as multiplication. So a value that shows as 10 in game may be 100 in memory or 10 may be 80 or, if you are unlucky, 10 may be ‘g98d9djtoe’ in memory. – That last one is almost impossible to work out, but for the simple ones you can either try an unknown value scan (previous tutorial) or you can try scanning for the suspected encryption manually.

Savegame editing may be a valuable option as well if values are encrypted, as very often the value will be encrypted in the game memory but not in the game save files.

GameGuardian is too complicated for me, what do I do?

Memory editing can be quite overwhelming for people with no experience in game hacking. If using GameGuardian APK is too much for you, then we recommend trying to follow our Lucky Patcher tutorial instead which is the easiest way to modify Android games but is not suited for cheating and Android games a lot of the time. Our savegame editing tutorial way be even better, as it is significantly easier than memory editing, but will still work for most offline games.

Does GameGuardian work for Online Games?

Yes and no. If you want to edit your money or gems value, then most certainly not, as online games are storing that data on the online game servers. Can GameGuardian still work? Yes, but you may need to download some .LUA scripts that you can find using our HackFinder Tool, unless you are extremely advanced in using GameGuardian. Alternatively, we recommend HackerBot APK, which is the best app for cheating in Android online games.