install gameguardian

This is a short Tutorial on how to install GameGuardian on a rooted device. If you want to install GameGuardian without a Root, please go to this tutorial instead.

How to install GameGuardian

  1. Download GuameGuardian APK here.
  2. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown App Soruces and turn ON installation of apps that are not on the Playstore. GameGuardian is a game cheating tool and therefore not allowed on the playstore, but it is clean if downloaded from or the official website.
  3. Tap the downloaded GameGuardian APK to install it.
  4. Ignore any warnings. It is a game cheating tool and Android therefore does not like it. Use an emulator to test if you are concerned.
  5. Start GameGuardian and allow it to reinstall itself. This will give it a random name to stealth / conceal it from anti-cheat software.
  6. GameGuardian may install a SW and HW version of itself. Generally, the two do the same, but the HW (hardware accelerated) version will perform better on most devices and emulators.
  7. Start GameGuardian and start modding your Android games. Tutorial on how to use Game Guardian for cheating here.

GameGuardian Safety

We have used GameGuardian as our primary memory editor for hacking Android games for many years and the app has always been clean: There are no ads, no notifications, no malware and no monetization whatsoever in the app itself. - The reason why the app has to be installed as an unknown source APK is because game cheating software is simply not allowed on the Google Playstore due to their policy.

Overall the app is one of the safest game cheating tools our there for Android, only beaten by HackerBot APK that we programmed ourselves and therefore know to be 100% clean.